Black Hole Relativistic Accretion Disk Behavior

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 26 September 2019



A Black Hole’s Warped World
A Black Hole’s Warped World, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Jeremy Schnittman.
"Seen nearly edgewise, the turbulent disk of gas churning around a black hole takes on a crazy double-humped appearance. The black hole’s extreme gravity alters the paths of light coming from different parts of the disk, producing the warped image. The black hole’s extreme gravitational field redirects and distorts light coming from different parts of the disk, but exactly what we see depends on our viewing angle. The greatest distortion occurs when viewing the system nearly edgewise. Credits: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Jeremy Schnittman"
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Black Hole Relativistic Accretion Disk Behavior

NASA Visualization Shows a Black Hole's Warped World,
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, September 24, 2019.


"Simulations and movies like these really help us visualize what Einstein meant when he said that gravity warps the fabric of space and time...”

"The visualization simulates the appearance of a black hole where infalling matter has collected into a thin, hot structure called an accretion disk. The black hole’s extreme gravity skews light emitted by different regions of the disk, producing the misshapen appearance."


Visualizing Black Holes

April 2019
Shadow of a Black Hole
First visible view of a Black Hole


Nov 2018
Researchers Create Virtual Reality Simulation of a Supermassive Black Hole
With lots of Black Hole Videos & References.



Recent Black Hole Research

Sept 2019
'Ringing' Black Hole Validates Einstein's General Relativity


Earlier Black Hole Research

Dec 2017
Early Universe Surprises, Super-massive Black Hole is Ahead of its Time




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