December 2013 NEWS: Mosquitoes' Nose, Nature's New Seasons, Bears, New Views of Reality

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 05 December 2013

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December 2013

More Mosquito Information:

How mosquitoes are drawn to human skin and breath, UC Riverside, 12-5-2013

Mosquito Information and News

High Sierra Hiker's Mosquito Information

Insect Forum


Suburban Bear Attack:

Florida: Bear attacks woman, Dec 4, 2013.

“In March 2011, Kumar said she called FWC when a bear tried to drag the entire freezer out of her garage.”

“and found an unleashed dog was present in more than half the encounters.”

"But dogs can excite and provoke bears to the point where a bear attacks not only the dog but the person accompanying the dog as well. Quite a number of dogs were killed."

2 days Later:
Bear hunt: Florida officials search for animal that mauled woman's face, CNN, Dec 4.

1 day Later:
Bear suspected in attack captured, killed, CNN, Dec 5, 2013.

 These things always end badly for the bear. My solution is quite simple: Mandatory bear proof garbage cans for all home and business in bear territory. No Food-No Bears. With no bears dog walkers will be safer.

The thing between dogs and bears is crazy. They seriously do not like each other.

Bear Forum

Hummingbirds are even more amazing than we though:

Hummingbird metabolism unique in burning glucose and fructose equally, U of Toronto, 12-5-2013



Domestication of dogs may have elaborated on a pre-existing capacity of wolves to learn from humans, Frontiers, 12-3-2013

Forum: High Sierra HIking Dogs

Nature Dogs: Sierra Hikes for the whole pack


Backpacker’s Friends:

Beer and Coffee; Beerfee?
Coffee or beer? The choice could affect your genome, AFTAV, 2-5-3013

I guess drinking both balances things out...


No rest for the broken or weary:

Home-based exercise as rehabiltation, Norwegian U of Sci and Tech, 12-5-2013

Lots of recovery info in the news forum as well as on the guide.


Hikers Joy is a Hazard:

Shining a light on the damage that daily sun exposure can cause: Study highlights need for better sunscreens, U Michigan Health System, 12-4-2013

Backpacking Gear List

Sun protection during all seasons is vital for High Sierra backpackers.

Beam me up, Scotty…

'Spooky action' builds a wormhole between 'entangled' quantum particles:
New research indicates a phenomenon known as "quantum entanglement" might be intrinsically linked with wormholes, hypothetical features of space-time that could link one part of the universe with another. U of W, "Udub," 12-3-2013

Pretty cool heavy-duty theory stuff. The reality behind this and its expressions are even more amazing.

 It is apparent, and has been for quite some time, that one aspect of the most fundamental bit of existance is part of every other bit of existance. I don't mean that  it is related, or connected by chains of causation, but that every fundamental unit of existance each shares one dimension of its very existance with every other bit. "Entanglement" is fundamental to existance. It gets even better.

The fundamental bit of existance is alive. Not like us, not an expression of life, but life itself, its most fundamental form. 

The aspects of our material, and therefore our conscious existance are each like individual petals of a flower, all levels of various degrees of sophistication of the fundamental unit itself, meaning all that exists are expressions of the central hub, so to speak.

Life is NOT what we thought it was...

Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics, Quanta, in Wired, 12-11-13.

This insight has the potential to link classical physics with quantum mechanics, and then identify which of the descriptions of string theory explains quantum mechanics and classic physics.

This bit of insight is just what we needed to make fantastic progress on "The Theory of Everything."

The genius underlying this breakthrough is in the complete abandonment of two seemingly incontrovertable rules: That all possibilities add up to "One," and that cause and effect require proximity.

As the foolish notion of "entrophy" has died a bloody death, so to are the notions of "100%" and classic "cause and effect." This change in perspective is akin to us humans having stopped looking at the universe backwards through our telescope, finally turning it around in the correct direction.

The nature of the multidimensional reality we live in makes both of these assumptions both true and false. From our dimensional perspective there are only the sum of possibilities we can see within our dimensional framework, making the total probabilities always add up to one: Probabilities sitting in the extra dimensions we cannot yet properly count, but which are at play in high energy particles, make all total possible outcomes "One" for each set of dimensions, making the total of outcomes greater than one.

This extra-dimensional entanglement of reality makes the notion of physical proximity being necessary for cause and effect obsolete. If the first assumption is true, then so too is the second.

Wow. A new era in physics may very well be daybreaking. And it will turn out that the nature of reality is a far cry from our long held assumptions.

What the nature of reality itself is actually doing is much more magnificant than our sad explanations.



A late update to this NEWS page...

Have We Been Interpreting Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time? Wired, June 30, 2014

Has the era of offically sanctioned "magic" claimed by physicists come to an end? Are the strange behaviors described by Quantum Mechanics actually logical?

Deadly Seasons: The New Weather Patterns

Rainfall to blame for decline in Arctic peregrines, U of Alberta, 12-3-2013
The new weather will kill us after it lobotomizes the web of life supporting us.

Himalayan flowers shed light on climate change, Monash U, 21-2-2013

 The change in temps are changing the timing of nature, in that the season’s lengths and characters have changed around the world, and these changes are deepening. A new pattern has already established itself in every quadrant of the planet, but the forces of change are still greater than equilibrium, and we are far from establishing norms.

These changes have altered  the lengths of the seasons, their average humidity and rainfall. That these changes are also changing the color of Spring as well is remarkable.

Precipitation declines in Pacific Northwest mountains, USDA Forest Service, 12-2-2013 

The new weather patterns are decreasing the sophistication of the web of life. Nature will kill us by lobotomizing the web of life supporting us, rendering it incapable of producing the the life necessary to suppor our vast populations.

Undermining ourselves while thinking we are so smart indicates that our intelligence has been misdirected. All the technical power of humanity is destructive if we do not have the ethical power sufficient to balance our material power within the natural framework.


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