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Grim News about The Future of the Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018

Grim News about The Future of the Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 13 April 2019



Grim News about The Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018

Simultaneous Heatwaves Caused by Anthropogenic Climate Change,
ETH Zurich, April 10, 2019.


Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018

“Multiple places around the world experienced heat so severe that people died of heatstroke, power generation had to be curtailed, rails and roads started to melt, and forests went up in flames. What was truly sobering about this heatwave was that it affected not only one area, such as the Mediterranean region, but several across the temperate zones and the Arctic simultaneously.”

One Reason: Humans
“...the only explanation of why heat affected so many areas over several months is anthropogenic climate change.”

"Without the climate change that can be explained by human activity, we wouldn't have such a large area being simultaneously affected by heat as we did in 2018."

Whole Northern Hemispehere
22% Agriculture & Population Affected
“...on an average day from May to July, 22 percent of agricultural land and populated areas in the Northern Hemisphere were simultaneously hit by extremely high temperatures. The heatwave affected at least 17 countries, from Canada and the United States to Russia, Japan and South Korea.”

Hemispheric Heat Waves
Common Now
Unheard Of prior to 2010
“...large-scale heatwaves first appeared in the northern hemisphere in 2010, then in 2012, and again in 2018. Prior to 2010, however, the researchers did not find any instances of such large areas being affected simultaneously by heat.”

The Bleak Future
Every Year will Feature a North Hemispheric Heat Wave

+1.5 degrees of Warming
Every 2 of 3 Years will feature a N Hemispheric Heat Wave
“Should global temperatures rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, then one-quarter of the northern hemisphere will experience a summer as hot as the summer of 2018 every two out of three years...”

Two Degrees Already Baked In

+2 degrees of Warming
Every Year will feature a N Hemispheric Heat Wave
“...If global warming reaches 2 degrees, the probability of such a period of extreme heat rises to almost 100 percent. In other words, every year extreme heat will affect an area just as large as the 2018 heatwave did.”

Four Degrees Rise by 2084

“...is alarmed by the prospect of extreme heat hitting an area as large as it did in 2018 every year if global temperatures rise by 2 degrees: "...this would have severe consequences."

Racing to the Bottom Together
"If multiple countries are affected by such natural disasters at the same time, they have no way to help one another."

Serious Food Threat
“The food supply situation could also become critical: if broad expanses of areas vital to agriculture are struck by a heatwave, harvests could suffer massive losses and food prices would skyrocket.”

“...try harder. At present, we are on course for a temperature increase of 3 degrees.”


And Now, for Something Completely Different...

Really? "Try Harder?!" I believe the situation we have grown ourselves into requires we try something completely different.

How about we start by acknowleding that the redonkulous concept that our country or our planet can handle the, "endless growth," our criminal corporate, "leaders," have already subjected them both to, requiring we end our fifty year long surge of irresponsible growth, along with ending the acceptance of any products whatsoever, from anywhere, that are not manufactured under the highest of environmental standards, from nations with high enough political standards, that they are effectively free.

These two simple policies would incentivise decent behavior, rather than our current policies of rewarding cheaters while punishing our people and our whole planet.


Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018

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The Models are Far Worse than the Scientists doing the Heat Wave Research leading this page represents them...

Four Degrees Rise by 2084


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Bottom Line

Our heating will continue to greatly exceed the model’s averaged predictions for warming, and much more rapidly than even the worse models are anticipating.

Climate Research, 2018: Extreme Heat Expanding with the End of Cold




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