Monkeys Face Climate Change Extinction Threat

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 19 June 2019



Guatemalan Black Howler
Guatemalan black howler (Alouatta pigra) in Belize Zoo. Dave Johnson.
Guatemalan black howler (Alouatta pigra), a New World Monkey in the Belize Zoo. Dave Johnson, Wiki.


Background of Destruction

Monkeys Face Climate Change Extinction Threat,
University of Stirling, June 12, 2019.


Global Monkey Trouble
"...a large percentage of non-human primates - including monkeys, lemurs and apes - are facing substantial temperature increases and marked habitat changes over the next 30 years."

Esp New World
"New World monkeys - which live primarily in tropical South America - will be particularly affected."

Study Group
"...looked at all 426 species of non-human primates contained within the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Red List database - and examined their exposure risk to changes in climatic and land use conditions forecast for the year 2050. The authors considered the best-case scenario...and the worst-case scenario..."

Big Changes
2050 Baseline Results
"...86 percent of Neotropical primate ranges will experience maximum temperature increases of greater than 3°C, while extreme warming - of more than 4°C - is likely to affect 41 percent of their ranges, including many areas that presently harbour the highest number of primate species."

Climate Research
July 2018
Climate Models Underestimating Scale of Change: Twice What Climate Models Predict?

Worse Case Outcome
2050 Widespread Extinction
"...the low mitigation scenario - would most likely surpass the thermal tolerance of many species."

Hurry, Says Science
"Given the timescale on which climate change and resulting impact on primate populations will occur, efforts for integrating climate change mitigation measures need to be enhanced urgently in order to be able to develop and implement appropriate actions."


Bottom Line

Who's the Monkey?
These scientists don't get it. They think our corporate elite cares. They are completely wrong. Our corporate leaders (of both parties) are pushing as much growth of populations, production, and consumption, and the subsequent growth of this ever-expanding population's consumption of fossil fuels, as they possibly can.

That's how they make more and more wealth and power for themselves, and debt for us.

Industrial Wastelands
They strive to manufacture all goods in nations with slave wages and no environmental protections, while politically protecting those nation's environmental exemptions and police state practices in international treaties, and just by ignoring them, and our own transgressions.

Irresponsible domestic and international growth, at any cost, has been the program of both political parties for the last fifty years, and it's this program that's trashed our planet's climate, and everything dependent on it, while concentrating the wealth of our nation and much of our planet, into the hands of a very, very few people.

All for Greed
Greed for All

Our leadership long ago sacrificed every one of our ethical, let alone just, "common sense," rational social, political, or environmental restraints on the growth of their already enormous greed, and the machine that feeds it. Their massive expansion of the population and disposition of our, "society," when coupled with the offshoring of our middle class manufacturing to China, is exactly the program that has already drastically unbalanced our climate, weather, and ecosystems, while at the same time this industrial machine, and these forces of environmental disorder it drives, are being, "supercharged," by our current very rapid rates of demographic growth in the US and Europe.

The Farce
Those are Dead Monkeys
As the last Scripps CO2 reading indicated, and the recent trends of drastic CO2 growth have demonstrated, we are in the middle of an acceleration of the growth of our CO2 emissions, not a reduction. Our corporate elite are not, have not, and will never voluntarily reduce the rate of expansion of their growth machine of death, so the scientists should just forget about notions of restraint. Those were a farce setup to fool the rubes, and those who wanted to be fooled, for various reasons...

June 2019
Second Fastest, Largest C02 Growth in 2019, Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit Record Peak in May

Paris Fraud
The Paris Accord did not address the source of the problem, which is the size of population growth into first world nations. What few symptoms of our irresponsible growth the Paris Accord did address were completely insufficient for the task of stopping the fundamental growth of CO2 production driven by mass migration, let alone reducing them. Addressing the source of CO2's rapid expansion can only be achieved by ending the lawless population expansions in first world countries, and lawless manufacturing in the third world.

Our corporate elite and their political minions are quite accustomed to attaining their goals through lawlessness.

April 2019
Paris Pact: Goals Not Obtainable under Current Endless Global Growth Model

Growing Down a Dead End Street
We're really growing through a set of tipping points, as our lawless growth pushes temperatures up to reaching one supposedly, "unexpected," level of warmth that, for example, melts all the permafrost, and that then releases enough CO2 to subsequently warm things up enough to, somehow, "unexpectedly" melt all the glaciers, releasing the next tranch of CO2 with enough, "unexpected," CO2 being released at each step to raise temperatures enough to trigger the next, "unexpected," tipping point.

Green Death Machine
In the meantime we keep whacking the planet with our carbon-stick of ever more irresponsible, unsustainable population growth, to make sure CO2 expansion does not miss a beat, while singing to ourselves about how green our Corporate Growth Machine of Death is...

The Corporate Greens are Killing Us and Our Planet
Our corporate elite and their politicians say they are, "green," but the ongoing and expanding environmental consequences of their program of endless growth clearly says and shows otherwise.

So screams the Doomed Monkeys!

The doomed monkeys scream that our situation demands an environmental program founded on rapid domestic population reductions here in the US, while simultaneously restoring manufacturing to our country, under the highest environmental and social standards. We've gotta bring the rest of the world up to the labor and environmental standards that our irresponsible growth programs have threatened here, by fixing them here.

So screams the Doomed Monkeys!

Main Points to take Home

Their program of endless growth is not slowing down or stopping, but accelerating...

Kiss the monkeys, and a whole lot more, goodbye by 2100!



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