Minaret Summit Road, Highway 203, Reds Meadow to Open Thursday, July 4, 2019

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 05 July 2019



Backpacker Access to the High Sierra

Minaret Summit Road Shuttle
Minaret Summit Road Shuttle to JMT at Reds Meadow and PCT at Agnew Meadow.
Only access to and from JMT to Reds Meadow, PCT to Agnew Meadow, & Devils Postpile

Minaret Summit Road, Highway 203

Reds Meadow Pack Station, Devils Postpile, JMT-PCT Trailheads Access into the sweet hiking, scrambling, and climbing terrain of the Ansel Adams Wilderness.

Reds Meadow to open Thursday, July 4,
Sierra Wave, July 1, 2019.


"...made the decision to open the area to the public with the provision of the mandatory shuttle and the placement of restroom facilities for day-use visitors."

"The Reds Meadow Shuttle is scheduled to operate seven days/week through Wednesday, September 4, 2019."

"Backcountry hikers can purchase shuttle tickets from the bus driver in the valley."

"Due to the winter storm impacts and required infrastructure repairs, no campgrounds are open in the Reds Meadow area."

Shuttle Service Information

Reds Meadow/Devils Postpile Shuttle Information,
Devils Postpile National Monument, Park Service.

Eastern Sierra Transit

About Reds Meadow and Mammoth Lakes for Backpackers



What This Means
Backcountry Opening
Reds and nearby Mammoth Lakes are a major resupply stop along the routes of the Pacific Crest and John Muir Trails.
Most everyone at least picks up their resupply package they sent to themselves at Reds, while a significant percentage of hikers head over the mountain into Mammoth to use the Von's, hit the killer restaurants, (Roberto's being my personal favorite, with the BBQ place next to Motel 6 coming in second...) and maybe spend a night or two of luxury in a bed at the Motel 6...

High Sierra Backpacker Magazine
Red's Meadow and Mammoth Lakes
Backpacking Resupply: John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails

Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide

Red's Meadow and Mammoth Lakes Resupply

Into the Ansel Adams Wilderness on the JMT-PCT South out of Yosemite



Current Status

High Elevation Snow Travel Terrain Hazard

Dangerous Cold, Deep, & Quick Fording Conditions

Spring Thaw of 2019

High Sierra Backpacker's Calendar



Access to Ansel Adams Wilderness
Ansel Adams Wilderness through Agnew Meadow.
Trailhead at Agnew Meadows along the PCT


Trail Notes

Three Routes to & from Thousand Island Lake
Southbound hikers see where the unified PCT-JMT route South from Tuolumne Meadows ends their association, with the PCT swinging off to the East, off onto the barren volcanic Eastern Flank of the Canyon cut by the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River below, while the route of the JMT proceeds South from 1000 Island Lake through the complex granite terrain making-up the sweet Western Flank of this massive upper headwaters canyon of the Middle San Joaquin.

Finally, we can split the differences between the granite beauties of the John Muir Trail route along the West Flank of the Middle San Joaquin's Canyon, and the Pacific Crest Trail's line along its East Flank, by turning our feet down the River Trail, which quickly drops down to the Middle San Joaquin on the floor of the canyon, following the river down to Agnew Meadows, and then Reds Meadows, on the lowest, softest, shadiest route between the High & Hard routes of the PCT & JMT on the canyon's precipitious walls. There is something for everyone, here!


Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide

Miles along the Three Routes from Thousand Island Lake to Minaret Summit Road

Standing at the 1000 Island Lake Trail Junction
(Unfinished, coming ASAP)

Agnew Meadow
The route of the Southbound PCT first hits the Minaret Summit Road through the Agnew Meadows Trailhead, while local hikers use Agnew Meadows to more directly access Shadow Lake along the JMT, across the Valley, and up the canyon wall a bit, from Agnew Meadow.

Northbound hikers on both the PCT and JMT first access resupply at Reds, and access to the even greater resupply resources at Mammoth Lakes via the Minaret Summit Road Shuttle at Reds Meadow, now that the road's open and, and the shuttle's running.

Agnew Meadow Trail Sign
Access to Shadow Lake & JMT, PCT North & South, from Agnew Meadow Trail Head.
Fun in Every Direction! Access to Shadow Lake & JMT, the North and Southbound PCT, from Agnew Meadow Trail Head.

Natural Loop North
A great hike North from the bottom of Minaret Summit Road is to hike to Thousand Island Lake via the PCT, then turn South to return via the route of the JMT.

Sweet Loop South
A great hike South from the bottom of Minaret Summit Road is to hike to VVR via Fish Valley & Goodale Pass, then return via the route of the JMT. That's a fine trip!


Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide
Hiking Maps

30 minute map

15 minute map


High Sierra Road News

Highway 120, Tioga Road Fully Opening July 1, 2019

Highways 108 & 4 Open by June 3




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