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Microplastics Everywhere: Found in Remote Arctic Locations

Microplastics Everywhere: Found in Remote Arctic Locations

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 16 August 2019

Colorado Airborne Microplastic Pollution



Microplastics Everywhere

Microplastics in Arctic Snow Suggest Widespread Air Pollution,
American Association for the Advancement of Science, August 12, 2019.


Microplastic Air Pollution
"...high concentrations found in snow samples from disparate regions suggest microplastics - which may contain varnish, rubber, or chemicals used in synthetic fabrics - cause significant air pollution."

Arctic Microplastics
"...used an imaging technique to analyze snow samples collected between 2015 and 2017 from floating ice in the Fram Strait, a passage between Greenland and Svalbard to the Arctic Ocean. (They visited five ice floes by ship-based helicopters or dinghies during three expeditions.)"

Euro Control
"For comparison, the researchers investigated samples from the remote Swiss Alps and the City of Bremen in northwest Germany."

Arctic Microplastic Pollution Substantial
"...while concentrations of microplastics in Arctic snow were significantly lower than the concentrations in European snow, the levels of this pollutant in the far North were still substantial. Most of the particles were in the smallest measurable size range of less than 11 micrometers; such particles are more likely to be picked up by atmospheric transport"

It's In the Air
"The high amounts of microplastics in snow, as reported here, suggest that atmospheric transport and deposition could represent a significant pathway for these materials to places far afield."



Colorado Airborne Microplastic Pollution


"Purple Rain" has turned to Purple Plastic Rain

Full Report
It's Raining Plastic in Colorado, pdf.
USGS, May 14, 2019.



Rural & Remote
"Atmospheric wet deposition samples were collected...at eight sites (see map) in the Colorado Front Range. Plastics were identified in more than 90 percent of the samples."

Airborne Fibers
"The plastic materials were mostly fibers that were only visible with magnification, approximately 20–40 times (X)."

Rainbow of Pollution
"...the most frequently observed color was blue followed by red>silver>purple>green> yellow>other colors."

"Plastic particles such as beads and shards were also observed with magnification. More plastic fibers were observed in samples from urban sites than from remote, mountainous sites. However, frequent observation of plastic fibers in washout samples from the remote site CO98 at Loch Vale in Rocky Mountain National Park (elevation 3,159 meters) suggests that wet deposition of plastic is ubiquitous and not just an urban condition."



It's raining plastic: microscopic fibers fall from the sky in Rocky Mountains,
Guardian, August 13, 2019.





Flying Plastic-Poison Pollution

Microplastics in the Air
May 2019
Land, Sea, & Now the Air: Microplastics are Everywhere!


Microplastics Everywhere

It's In YOU
June 2019
Counting Small Percentage of American Diet Finds Lots of Microplastic Consumption


On the Beach
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Clothing's Plastic Fibers Surprising Ocean & Beach Distribution


In Everything
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Chemical Industry has put Endocrine Disruptors in Everything


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Oceans, 2018: Microplastics Everywhere, Even Falklands, Ascension Is, & Southern Ocean


In Your System
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A Shitty HEALTH & FITNESS Situation: Microplastics Are Everywhere!


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Plastic Poisoning our Planet and People: True Nature and Extent of Plastic and Microplastic Threats Explored


Widespread Distribution of Microplastics
Marine Environments
Feb 2018
Health, Fitness, & Oceans: Microplastic Madness Everywhere, Plastic and its by-products Contaminate Marine Environment, Food Chains



Microplastics Contain, & Releasing a Nasty Brew of Endocrine Disruptors
August 2019
Autism Increase Linked to Endocrine Disruptors in Womb


Endrocrine Disruptors Everywhere
March 2018
Endocrine Disrupting Compounds Everywhere: Food & Environment


Corporate Coverup
August 2018
NPR Downplays Threats from Universal Distribution of Microplastics and Endocrine Disruptors




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News of Man & Nature, August 2019








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Originally Published
2019-08-12 14:15:00
August 16, 2019

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