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Massive Unexpected Emissions from Melting Permafrost

Massive Unexpected Emissions from Melting Permafrost

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 15 April 2019




Massive Unexpected Emissions from Melting Permafrost

The trouble with thaw,
Harvard University, April 12, 2019.


Permafrost Melting
"Forests are falling; roads are collapsing; and, in an ironic twist, the warmer soil is releasing even more greenhouse gases, which could exacerbate the effects of climate change."

Measuring Outgassing
“...scientists rushed to monitor emissions of the two most influential anthropogenic (human-generated) greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane).”

Except N2O
“...”the threat of the third largest (nitrous oxide) has largely been ignored.”

EPA on N2O
“...the agency rates these emissions as "negligible.”

“...nitrous oxide emissions from thawing Alaskan permafrost are about twelve times higher than previously assumed.”

12X Expected Levels
“...In just one month, the plane recorded enough nitrous oxide to fulfill the expected cap for an entire year.”

Big Whoops
“Since nitrous oxide is about 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide, this revelation could mean that the Arctic--and our global climate--are in more danger than we thought.”

“According to the EPA, atmospheric levels of the gas are rising, and the molecules can stay in the atmosphere for up to 114 years.”


Bottom Line

Let the Loops Begin

The Feedback Loop
We are at the beginning of a big feedback loop of greenhouse gas driven warming triggering ever increasing further, “unexpected,” greenhouse gas emissions. These unexpected emissions rapidly speed and deepen the already ever expanding thawing, fires, dying soils and trees, and extreme runoff, which will trigger the next, "unexpected" emissions in this already cascading system of carbon releases we are trapped within.

The Start Line
We are already seeing significant disruptions in climate affecting every aspect of life, and these cascading releases are just getting started. There may be a way out.

Zero Growth
Our position in this unstable, deteriorating situation should be to at least stop expanding the activities triggering these climate changes, and furthermore, to, ”hunker down,” to provide ourselves more, rather than less, security and stability as the environment continues to degrade.
This approach starts with ending the growth of all the behaviors that have brought us to the position we now find ourselves, and are still destabilizing our environment.

Fix Domestic Life to Fix the World
The first two actions in pursuit of the philosophy of, “stop expanding the problem,” would be to end all population growth, and the second to end all importation and use of any and all products not manufactured in a strict environmentally-regulated manner, by a properly compensated, politically free middle class.

To Fix the World
These two basic policies would finally offer leadership to the whole world towards the goal of living well within a sustainable democratic republic based on the general welfare of the average citizen and their environment.

We have not shown those values to the world for a long, long time.

Race to the Top
These basic concepts of ending immigration and offshoring would turn the, “race to the bottom,” that our current unlimited immigration and offshoring policies (scams, really) are running, and turn them around into a, “race to the top.”

We’ve got to save what little we’ve got left of the wealth of our natural and social environments, and build upon them, rather than continuing to overwhelm them to destruction.

Ending immigration and offshoring would finally begin the, “race to the top,” that our country and world are crying for ecologically, socially, and economically. Ecologically, by stopping the endless expansion of mass consumption domestically (which will curb Chinese manufacturing!), while insisting on quality environmental regulations from any country hoping to trade with us.
Ending immigration will not just stop the increase of, "domestic," consumption, but will also quickly drive up wages and improve working standards & conditions, and maybe even result in labor having a chance of restoring wages, benefits, and the terms of labor, and maybe even our unions, all towards restoring a middle-class standard of life in the US, all initiated by completely enforcing our basic soveregnity and our basic laws prohibiting illegal labor.

I have a simple, "reform," of immigration: fully enforce the laws on the books.

Restored Middle Class
Want to redistribute our nation’s wealth from its current status of all being wedged-up at the top, and bring some back down to the middle and bottom? Ending immigration is the first step towards doing exactly that, while stopping the expansion of our environmental degradations at the same time… and add to ending our crazy internal growth the ending of offshore manufacturing, and American manufacturing and its middle class could quickly rebuild themselves on a quality basis of environmental and economic standards that will have the capacity to lead the world back from the economic and ecological brinks of destruction that our corrupted, corporate-bribed politcians and their vile political parties have led us to.

Corporate Traitor Parasites
Our leadership has thriven from draining American's and our environment's wealth by deploying hordes of cheap illegal labor domestically and internationally, by deploying the vast armies of China & India's near slave labor peasant populations here and there. These policies of unrestricted domestic and international greed have trashed our country and the whole world.

Broken Environment & Economy
These policies of unlimited immigration and offshoring have done a hell of a lot of damage. They have broken our whole planet’s environment and our country’s middle-class economy and polity, at the same time! These policies have got to be ended, before they finish catastrophically breaking our climate, and our country.

Fix ‘Em
The only way to fix these ecological and social problems is to end ‘em at their sources. Since we cannot dig the greed out of the, "souls," of our corporate elite, then we must strip them of their greed's most powerful tools of gratification.
Irresponsible domestic and, "international," growth (AKA "globalism") must both be ended.

Fake Environmentalists
Supposed "environmentalists" and their, "environmental," policies that do not recognize and eliminate the mass expansion of consumption and the global scam of industry without environmental regulation will be ineffective.
The policies of the corporate environmentalists are equal to putting a band-aid on a bullet wound, which allows them to avoid really treating the wounds that are killing us, and keeping them in profits and power.

Well, that what the, "Corporate Greens," do, they address the symptoms, while leaving the causes completely unmolested...as they continue to profit from their corruptions and crimes.

The Corporate Growth Machine of Death Recognized by Citizens



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