Our current drought is worse than most megadroughts, new study says

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 12 January 2019


Colorado River Behind Hoover Dam
Diminshing Waters of the Colorado River backs up as Mead Lake behind the Hoover Dam. Image by Carol Highsmith.
Diminshing Waters of the Colorado River backs up as Mead Lake behind the Hoover Dam. Image by Carol Highsmith.


Growing Megacities in the Southwestern Deserts & LA is Driving Yet More Climate Change & Intensifying the Ongoing Process of Aridification-Megadrought

Our current drought is worse than most megadroughts, new study says,
Arizona Star, January 5, 2019.


Current Disaster
“The Colorado River — Tucson’s drinking water supply — carries nearly 20 percent less water than in 2000. Bark beetles are chomping away at our forests and killing off ponderosa pines. Wildfires are rapidly growing in intensity.”

Equals Historic Disasters
“...the ongoing drought across the western U.S. rivals most past “megadroughts” dating as far back as 800 A.D. — and that this region is currently in a megadrought.”

Stop Growing Megacities in Deserts?
“The drought severity of the last 19 years is almost as bad as the worst 19-year period of the worst megadrought. It indicates that it’s very important that we develop more sustainable ways of dealing with water and allocating water across the western U.S….”

Worse than Previous Megadroughts?
“The idea that this drought is among the worst compared to past megadroughts draws support from other researchers.”

Is This Era a Megadrought?
Time Will Tell…
As We Continue to Stuff Millions & Millions of Illegals into the Southwest…
“It’s going to take more drought years before researchers...are willing to use that term this go-around.”

“...threshold for a megadrought is 35 years, although...many researchers use 20 years.”

“The drought in the Southwest is right on the cusp of technically being a megadrought...”

Earlier Megadroughts
“The very worst known megadrought in the West occurred in the late 1500s, the second worst in the middle 1100s and the third worst in the late 800s....”

“Up to four megadroughts lasting at least 35 years have struck the Southwest in the past 1,000 years...”

“...there have been at least three and maybe six megadroughts since 850 that have lasted longer than 19 years.”

Who’s Next?
Who’s Building Vast Megacities in Deserts?
”Past megadroughts are suspected of helping trigger the collapse of major civilizations...”

“...used tree rings to reconstruct Colorado River flows back to the year 762. They found that in the 1100s, there was a six-decade period of almost continuous, below average flows.”

Growing to Civil Suicide in the Southwest
Run, Lemmings, run!
“If greenhouse-gas emissions from fossil-fuel burning continue to increase at the pace they’ve risen in recent decades, there’s at least a 70 percent chance of a Southwestern megadrought in the second half of this century...”



Bottom Line

I published the research this article above is based on in December of 2017, as the, “Vegas-Style,” article below.


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