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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 January 2020

Air Pollution Causes Significant Childhood Brain Degradation

Childhood Air Pollution Linked to Schizophrenia

Pollution feeds Childhood Brain Degradations



Megacity Morons of Mexico City

Air pollution in Mexico City is associated with the development of Alzheimer disease,
IOS Press, December 21, 2018.


Relentless Alzheimer's Pathology
“...concerns over the evolving and relentless Alzheimer's pathology observed in young Metropolitan Mexico City (MMC) urbanites.”

“Metropolitan Mexico City is an example of extreme urban growth and serious environmental pollution and millions of children are involuntarily exposed to harmful concentrations of PM 2.5 every day since conception.”

Alzheimer’s in Two Decades
“Non-P-Tau exhibited significant increases with age, an important finding in a young population where axonal changes are present and AD hallmarks are evolving steadily in the first two decades of life. Non-P-Tau is potentially an early biomarker of axonal damage and AD axonal pathology in highly exposed young populations.”

Building our Own Third-World Shitholes
“In the USA alone, 200 million people live in areas where pollutants such as ozone and fine particulate matter exceed the standards.”

Reverse the Population Growth in the USA
Grow only in Quality, not Degraded Quanitity
“The international team of researchers stated efforts should be aimed to identify and mitigate environmental factors influencing the development of Alzheimer's disease and neuroprotection of children and young adults ought to be a public health priority to halt the development of Alzheimer in the first two decades of life.”


Some Good Advice

Refuse Irresponsible Growth
Stop building megacity shitholes everywhere in the whole world, but first, let's start by draining LA back down to a safe size for its legitimate residents, down to a level where its  population is no longer damaging our whole region's environment.

The Way Home
We've got to bring ourselves back within the restrains of our Reason and Ethics, from exploring the environmental, let alone the social, political, and economic limits of our Greed and Desires.

That'd be a 180 degree change in not just our direction, but our motivations...


 Mexico is Going in Exactly the Opposite Direction...

Mega City Morons of Mexico City.

How to Screw EVERYTHING.




Bad Air Makes Bad Kid Brains

Keep Growing Megacity Idiots, Idiots....

High air pollution exposure in 1-year-olds linked to structural brain changes at age 12,
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, January 24, 2020.

Main Point

Polluted Brains
"...significant early childhood exposure to traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) is associated with structural changes in the brain at the age of 12."

Stupid is Created Geographically
By Your Corporate-Political "Leadership"
"...where you live and the air you breathe can affect how your brain develops.."

"Normal" Retardation
"While the percentage of loss is far less than what might be seen in a degenerative disease state, this loss may be enough to influence the development of various physical and mental processes."





Air pollution in childhood linked to schizophrenia,
Aarhus University, January 7, 2020.


For each 10 μg/m3 (concentration of air pollution per cubic metre) increase in the daily average, the risk of schizophrenia increases by approximately twenty per cent. Children who are exposed to an average daily level above 25 μg/m3 have an approx. sixty per cent greater risk of developing schizophrenia compared to those who are exposed to less than 10 μg/m3,"



November 2019

Pollution Associated with Childhood Brain Degradation

Prenatal Exposure to Pollution Linked to Brain Changes Related to Behavioral Problems,
Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), November 6, 2019.


"The findings show that prenatal exposure to particulate matter, especially during the last trimester of pregnancy, can induce structural changes in the corpus callosum in children between the ages of 8 and 12 years. Specifically, an increase of 7 μg/m3 in PM2.5 level was associated with a nearly 5% decrease in the mean volume of the corpus callosum."

"...because brain structures are forming during this period, and because damage caused by exposure to high levels of pollution can be permanent."

"Knowing what brain damage occurs during the prenatal stage could be very useful in predicting and treating behavioural problems that are often diagnosed later in childhood."





April, 2018

Health News, Megacity Filth: Megacity Pollution Gives Babies Alzheimer's


Feb, 2018

HOW TO CRASH YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Mega City Morons of Mexico City
 (And the growing Megacity Morons flooding into LA, Phoenix-Tuscon, The Valley, Portland, Seattle... )


Feb, 2018

Global Proliferation of Urban Crapholes: The Megacity


Jan, 2017

Megacity in the Desert


Dec, 2015

The height of Irresponsible Growth:
Kill Everything: The Megacity



Another Blow to Children's Physical and Mental Development

The Smart Phone
Retarded Childhood Physical & Social Development

Study: reduced screen time for young highly recommended for well-being


Rural Kids Experiencing Digital Destruction?



Technologically Retarded Kids

HEALTH NEWS: Weak Fat Children Around World, & 88% of American Adults Metabolically Unfit


2016 Costs of Obesity Exceeded $1.7 Trillion 



Lost Worlds of Potential

Natural Exposure makes kids Spiritual
Cell phones make them idiots...


Health & Fitness: The Kids Need to Backpack the Sierra , Vigorous Exercise Required for Health


The Chemical Threats to Children

Health & Fitness News: BPA in 86% of Global Teenagers

Environmental Estrogens Penetrate Placenta


Find their Potential
Health & Fitness News: Children are as fit as endurance athletes



The Bottom Line

We've used massive legal and illegal immigration to grow California far beyond our environmentally-sustainable limits for fish, trees, air, and water, just like they've done in Mexico City with their own domestic over-population.

Because of these combined irresponsible behaviors, both here in California and in Mexico City, our ecosystems are collapsing in filth, which is destroying the mental, physical, and social potentials of our children.

This type of irresponsible growth and, "development," is really, really bad for our kids, as well as our environment, and what's left of our ethics...




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 Originally Published
2018-12-21 23:28:44

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