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New Level of Extinction Stress Drives Science Forward!

New Level of Extinction Stress Drives Science Forward!

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 31 January 2019


 Creatures Subject to Heat Induced Fertility Risk
Many creatures at risk of heat-related fertility-decline extinction. Image by Joaquim Alves Gaspar, Charles Sharp, Toby Hudson, and David Glass, UL.
Many creatures at risk of heat-related fertility-decline extinction. Image by Joaquim Alves Gaspar, Charles Sharp, Toby Hudson, and David Glass, UL. Caption.


New Level of Extinction Stress Driving Science Forward!

Climate change and infertility -- a ticking time bomb?
University of Liverpool, January 31, 2019.


The Death Temperature
“...most of the data on when temperature will prevent species surviving in an area is based on the 'critical thermal limit' or CTL - the temperature at which they collapse, stop moving or die.”

End of Sex Temperature
"There is a risk that we are underestimating the impact of climate change on species survival because we have focused on the temperatures that are lethal to organisms, rather than the temperatures at which organisms can no longer breed."

Extinction Temps Lower than Outright Death Temps...
“...the researchers highlight that extensive data from a wide variety of plants and animals suggests that organisms lose fertility at lower temperatures than their CTL.”

Most Vulnerable
“...cold-blooded animals and aquatic species.”

The Future will Tell...
"Currently the information we have suggests this will be a serious issue for many organisms. But which ones are most at risk? Are fertility losses going to be enough to wipe out populations, or can just a few fertile individuals keep populations going? At the moment, we just don't know. We need more data."

Thermal Fertility Limit
“...the researchers propose another measure of how organisms function at extreme temperatures that focuses on fertility, which they have called the Thermal Fertility Limit or 'TFL'.”

New Horizons of Extinction Study
"We need researchers across the world, working in very different systems, from fish, to coral, to flowers, to mammals and flies, to find a way to measure how temperature impacts fertility in that organism and compare it to estimates of the temperature at which they die or stop functioning."


Bottom Line

Our behavior is driving the scientific study of extinction to new levels of information and understanding. Let's review the flood of recent research on the unfolding mass extinction event we are in the middle of.



Image Caption
“Clockwise from top left: broadcast-spawning fish such as carp; small ectothermic insects including pollinating bees; endemic animals with limited latitudinal or elevation ranges such as the flightless cormorant; disease vectors including mosquitoes; coral species that are important to highly diverse reefs; and endemic plant species including the Scottish primrose.”


Recent Renaissance of Extinction Studies

General Extinction

Global Warming Increases the Risk of an Extinction Domino Effect

Anthropocene, Devolution or Evolution? The beneficiaries of mass extinction

Mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape extinction

Anthropocene Scorecard: When it comes to the threat of extinction, size matters

Wildlife Conservation Society: 77% of Wilderness Gone

Environment News: Biodiversity Target Missed, World Fails to Slow Loss of Animals, Plants

Fish Challenged Everywhere

Oceans Emptied as Populations Soar


Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction



Extinction Threats around the World

Shrimp Through the Ages: Human-Changed Conditions Threaten Extinction

Ash Tree and Antelope Face Extinction

Extinction Digest: End of the Line, Sumatran tiger study

Orangutan News: Towards Extinction, Borneo lost more than 100,000 orangutans

Anthropocene, 2018: Last Leopards in all Southwest Asia

Attempting to Identify, Understand, & Head-Off Global Frog Mortality

High Altitude Ecosystems Disappearing Everywhere

Bird News, Irresponsible Growth Killing Everything: Western Grebes

Lobotomizing the Web of Life: King Penguins Disappearing

Thismia Kobensis: Extinct Before Discovery

Climate Change News, Wildflowers, Mountain High Elevation Ecosystem Loss

Manzanita Bee in Trouble

As global temperatures rise, the world's lizards are disappearing



Extinction in Calfornia and the West Coast

Water News, Delta Broken: Delta Smelt & Wild Fish in California all Headed for Extinction

Delta Smelt & Wild Fish in California all Headed for Extinction

We Drive Extinction: Broad California Fishery Failure

FISH NEWS: End of Spring-Run Chinook Draws Near


All The Wild Fish in California Are Dying: No Identification of Causes, & No Plan to Stop It?

Death of Wild Fish: More Canaries in Nature's Coal mine

Water News: Too Many Thieves Doom Abalone & Wild Fish in California

Local West Coast Forest Ecosystems: Coastal Martens Fighting for their Lives

The Sad Present & Future Status of the Mountain-Dwelling Cascades Frog

2018 Fish News: Salmon Going Down, End of the Line Approaches

Salmon Decline Continues Apace Two Articles Spring Run in Feather Hurting & Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the "Eco-tanic"

Fish News, Scraping Along the Bottom of Ma Nature's Barrel: Pittance Salmon Run Causes Joy

Fish News: Endangered Killer Whales Eating Endangered Chinook Salmon

Bad News for Trees: Rocky Mountain Forests Damaged, Maybe Doomed

Scientists blame climate change for loss of pikas in Lake Tahoe



Trees Too...

No Bristlecone Regeneration: Treeline Moving Upslope

Half of Ca Trees are Dead by 2100

Tree News, Widespread Pinyon Pine Mortality Throughout Much of the Southwestern U.S.


The World Created by Humans
Animals can't live in it...

The Timing and Character of Seasons have Changed: Nature-Ecosystems-Watersheds Crash

Lobotomizing the Web of Life: Killing the Keys to Complexity

Humans are equal to The Big Volcano and The Big Rock from Space?


The Corporate Growth Machine of Death Recognized by Citizens









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