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"God's" Gong Show: Merging Black Holes Ring Like Bells

"God's" Gong Show: Merging Black Holes Ring Like Bells

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 16 September 2019



Ringing Results of a Black Hole Merger
Ringing Results of a Black Hole Merger, Maximiliano Isi/MIT.
"A supersized black hole resulting from the merger of two smaller black holes. The collision has caused the black hole to ring and radiate gravitational waves (white), by Maximiliano Isi/MIT." Big Image.


"God's" Gong Show

'Ringing' black hole validates Einstein's general relativity 10 years ahead of schedule,
Simonds Foundation, September 12, 2019.


"By reanalyzing the first black hole merger ever detected, the astrophysicists measured the gravitational wave ‘tones’ emitted following the event."

Playing Einstein's Tune
"...astrophysicists combined simulations of black hole mergers with a reanalysis of the first gravitational waves ever detected. Those waves came from the merger of two black holes. The analysis led to the identification of two independent tones emitted by the newly combined black hole. The pitch and decay rates of these tones lined up with Einstein’s general relativity."

God's Gong Show
"When two black holes merge into one, the resulting supersized black hole wobbles like a struck bell."

Hair or Not
What Affects Reality?
"The so-called ‘no-hair theory’ states that these tones — and all other external properties of a black hole — depend only on the black hole’s mass and rotation, just as Einstein’s general relativity predicts. Some scientists, however, propose that reality is hairier and that effects like quantum mechanics play a role as well."

Bald Reality
Spin & Mass Only
"The pitch and decay rates of these tones lined up with Einstein’s general relativity. The no-hair theory stood triumphant."

Black Hole Resonances
"...this is the opening of the era of black hole spectra and understanding black holes and the general relativity that sits behind them."

More Rock & Roll to Come
"...added precision will likely lead to additional detections of black hole tones and an improved understanding of the exotic objects."




The LIGO Pages

The Big Observation
With Visible Observations
Neutron Star Merger
Oct 2017
LIGO Neutron Star Merger Detection, Four LIGO Articles: Gravity Waves Shine Visible Light on Gold, Gamma Rays, and a Gravity Hole


The First Observation
Invisible to Observation
Black Hole Merger
Sept 2017
Two Reports: Three LIGOS Triangulate on Source of Gravity Wave




Data Analysis

Jun 2018
Astro-Physics: LIGO Data Fueling Advanced Analysis, Data Defines Neutron Star Size Limit

May 2018
LIGO: Cosmic Theories Ripping Apart & Coming Together, “It’s going to require new ideas.”



Background Information

The Big Show

June 2019
Star Operations, Supernova Explosions, & Neutron Star Collisions: How Elements are Created


Black Holes

First "Visible" Observation
April 2019
Shadow of a Black Hole


Virtual Black Hole: Modeling Sag A*,
With Black Hole Info & Updates
Nov 2018
Researchers Create Virtual Reality Simulation of a Supermassive Black Hole



The Bottom Line?

The Cycle of Reality: The Widest View

Nature, being the operations of the Universe on its grand and atomic scales, is a cyclic, "thing," in every aspect. Every extension and expression of reality is, has, or will ultimately be drawn back to its center, balancing its opposite. Anything making itself unable to balance these contradictions, or putting themselves outside of these fundamentally balanced contradictions, will shift to a new balance, ceasing to exist as it was.

Likewise, I see our Universe producing vast black holes at the center of every galaxy that are consuming these same galaxies, while at the same time these galaxies are themselves part of a universe that's rapidly accelerating its expansion outward. One could say It is eating Itself as It expands.

I'd postulate that the way the Universe is eating itself through Black Holes at the center of every galaxy is counterbalanced by the fact that our whole Universe is rushing rapidly away from itself, expanding at an accelerating rate, that this external expansion against internal consumption, is an inextricable part of playing out a vast, multidimensional balancing act between the rate of mass expansion in our dimensions against how much of the mass of our Universe Black Holes are, and already have, "consolidated," (one could say eaten), this same accelerating mass into, what I call, the, "ultimate dimensions," existing some unknown distance below the event horizon of every black hole. Monodimensional realities.

I believe only the effects of the upper layers of black holes, the shallow layers below the event horizon of a black hole, are directly measurable from our four dimensional space. The deeper layers are not measurable as mass from our dimensional perspective.

That ultimate dimension is likely the gravity dimension, below our measure, and below that undulates, "the superstring." Thus I measure at least two more dimensions of reality beyond our common four, if the superstring itself is considered a dimension.

The superstring is the point where quantum and relative mathematics coordinate.

I'd also speculate that all of matter and energy vibrations in our four dimensions are, "not measurable on the same scale," with the two, "ultimate dimensions," centering every black hole, that our four, "normal," dimensions are inextricable entangled with these two ultimate dimensions only found far below the event horizon.

I see the outlines of a relationship between the speed of the Universe's expansion against the amount of, and rate of our Universe's matter that's moving to, and sitting in the, "ultimate dimensions," below the event horizon of black holes. How much is, "here," or way down, "there," seems fundamental to the current status of our Universe's expansion, and where it lays upon this particular rendition, this evolution of the Universe's endless creation of time and space through a cycle of Big Bangs. I believe the last, "Big Bang," was just the last of an infinity of repeating cycles creating our true, "past," and, "future."

Thus you can see that I don't believe we are properly measuring the true mass of Black Holes. I believe the mass of black holes we see from our dimensional perspective is only a partial measure. Black Holes can be much heavier than we measure from, "here." Dark Energy and Mass are functions of our faulty observations and misperceptions about the configuration of the mass & gravity within the dimensional framwork of our Universe, and how the velocity of our expansion balances this relationship, changing over time.

So, I see the speed of our Universe rapidly expanding outward related to how it eats itself internally. I'd speculate that the next Big Bang will happen when enough of our, "surface" four dimensional mass moves into the, "ultimate," dimension(s) (Gravity Dimension?) below the event horizon of a black hole, and when enough of that mass moves further down the black hole, eventually entering the, "superstring's," dimension.
When a critical level of mass is finally sitting in the ultimate dimensions, "below the event horizon," this creates an inter dimensional imbalance destabilizing the balance of dimensions maintaining our, "reality," and that drastic imbalance causes the, "superstring," to lock up, (I'd say, "freeze"), causing all our our Universe's reality to, "Big Bang," again, all at once, everywhere.

That's what I see. Mini strings everywhere, and a superstring at the center of it all, tying it all together, all entangled within a dimensional framework we cannot yet easily see or access directly, but only infer by its unexplained effects organizing the structure of our known, seen dimensions.

Root & Branch
At the end of the day, I observe that reality is spherical, that it has layers above a core. We sit upon the face of its currently rapidly expanding surface, which thankfully, is deeply, but very subtly, attached to its core.



Astro-Physics Observations, Summer & Fall of 2019

News of Man & Nature, September 2019








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