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Worse Idea in the World: Bicycles in Wilderness

Worse Idea in the World: Bicycles in Wilderness

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 17 June 2019



Coming to the "Wilderness Area" Near You!

Watchout Below! Bikes on Wilderness Trails is a Bad Idea.
This Will be legal in our "Wilderness Areas," if the bicycle industry's bribes pay off...enjoy dodging/dealing with bikes on the PCT & JMT... Image by, "12019," Pixabay.


Worse Idea in the World: Bicycles in Wilderness

Sen. Lee Reintroduces Wilderness Bill,
Bicycle Retailer, June 12, 2019.


The Bill
"Sen. Mike Lee...Utah Republican..."

"...Senate bill S. 1695, the Human-Powered Travel in Wilderness Areas Act..."

"...allow local managers to permit bicycles on existing trails and roads in federal Wilderness areas."

"The bill does not require creating trails or modifying existing ones to facilitate bicycling or other human-powered uses. It calls for the character of a Wilderness area is to be preserved."

Politics is for Lying Cheaters
“This bill would enrich Americans’ enjoyment of the outdoors by expanding recreational opportunities in wilderness areas.”

Moron Alert!
Ted Stroll
“The only people who will be opposing this legislation are those who question the skills of USFS, BLM, and NPS employees and think they’re incapable of regulating human-powered travel."


Bottom LIne

The Goal
If this bill really calls for, "...the character of a Wilderness area is to be preserved," as the article above indicates, then this bill would have never been created, and should remove itself from consideration under that clause, as bicycles are fundamentally antithetical to the wilderness experience.

Breaking the Wilderness
Wilderness is special. This has nothing to do with the, "skills," of Federal employees. Wilderness was preserved to maintain the most fundamental non-mechanical engagement with Nature, not to enhance, "recreational opportunities."

Wilderness: A "Recreational Opportunity?"
Hiking across untrammeled wilderness is a very special, most would characterize as a unique, "recreational," experience, to put it in the crude terms of our corporate elite, being exactly the unique environment and experience the Wilderness Act was designed to preserve.

Direct, Slow, Painful Engagement...
Opening wilderness to bicycles will destroy that fundamental, non-mechanical engagement that the Wilderness Act was designated to preserve. Thus, the "skills," of forest managers cannot preserve something that this bicycle bill fundamentally destroys.

Ancient Worlds-Ancient Resources
The wilderness experience is specifically preserved to maintain our ability to access our traditional pre-industrial natural environments. But it is not just access to the external environment that wilderness preserves. Accessing the wilderness puts internal physical and psychological stresses on the human that trigger responces and activation of various internal resources and assets otherwise unavailable.

Changing the form of access not only changes the environment and changes the experience, but it subsequently changes the requirements that Nature puts on your perception, the loads Nature puts on your body, and ultimately changes how you take, and respond to it.

We became the creatures we are walking through the wilderness.

So, we preserve wilderness to preserve access to our ability to find, see, and use the most fundamental human characteristics within ourselves that only direct engagement with Wild Nature can draw out of us, if we give it a chance. The question could be, is there any wilderness left outside or inside of the urban morons we've turned ourselves into?

Not Wilderness
I am, or have been, a bicyclist, a mountain biker, a dirt biker and road racer (BOT, Superbikes & F1). I love bikes, with or without (big or little) motors, on the dirt or on the road. And, I will beat you to the finish line. But, as a biker and bicyclist, I say that, none of that belongs in Wilderness Areas...

Not Cool
These people are trying to change the definition of wilderness to fit their desires, while success will take wilderness away from everyone, including them. If they cared. Mountain bikers have plenty of terrain in National Forests and State Parks they should be happy with, without having to subject everyone, everywhere, to bicycle traffic.

How Things "Work"
They, being various industry interests, bribed him, and now he pays their bribery back...by sacrificing the fundamental nature of our wilderness... The bottom line here is that we can't ever trust politicians that accept bribes. And, since the funding, "mechanisms," of both parties are nothing more than organized systems of corporate bribery, we understand much more about why Nature is in the state it's in...
The wilderness has been especially battered and weakened over the last few decades, and now it's being confronted by a mob of bikers with chain saws, who are stalking our Wilderness Areas, as the rest of us humans are also working on, "other," planes (yet more irresponsible growth...) to further undermine the unique juxtipositions of life we find in Wilderness Areas.

We've already grown so large as to fundamentally change the atmosphere and subsequently, the weather, leading to the bitter train of droughts, plagues, floods, and massive fires these, our ill-thought changes have brought down on us, and damaged both our internal spiritual and philosophical, "wilderness," that's triggered by the external wilderness our ignorant greed is in the process of destroying.

Removing the wild from the world ultimately removes our ability to access the wild within each of us...

Tell 'Em NO
Contact your Senator to let them know you think allowing bicycles in the wilderness is a very bad idea, among the oceans of bad ideas they advance.


Who Bribes Mike Lee?

Open Secrets, Mike Lee


Who's Trying to Damage the Wilderness Act?

"Sustainable Trails Coalition"


Words from the Mountain Bike World

Guest Opinion: Say no to the Sustainable Trails Coalition,
MTBR, Dec 11, 2015.




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