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KID’S HEALTH & FITNESS: Legions of Digital Crackhead Fatties...

KID’S HEALTH & FITNESS: Legions of Digital Crackhead Fatties...

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 April 2019




Engaging the Kid with Nature
Hiking the Kid. Photo Credit  Jyväskylän yliopisto, University of Jyväskylä.
I’d have that kid carrying a pack, reading the map, and consulting on route, breaks, and timing our pursuit of objectives, all while actively observing near & far… Photo Credit Jyväskylän yliopisto, University of Jyväskylä. Say that three times quickly...


Legions of Digital Crakhead Fatties...

Decline in physical activity often starts as early as age 7,
University of Jyväskylä - Jyväskylän yliopisto, April 8, 2019.


Unfit for Purpose
Fit for Consumption, Rather than Nature
“Overall physical activity starts to decline already around the age of school entry. While the proportion of physically inactive individuals rises with age there still are groups of people who manage to increase their physical activity level in adulthood and old age.”

“...using self-reported measures of physical activity reported the decline of physical activity to be initiated around the age of ten while studies using modern, objective measures of physical activity found the corresponding age to be as early as seven years of age.”

Sedentary Kids
“The results support previous findings of the relatively high proportion of persistently inactive individuals at all ages, with this proportion increasing with age.”

“Interestingly, subgroups of increasingly active participants were observed among adults and older adults.”

Natural Engagement
"In the future, special attention should be paid to these individuals who increase their physical activity, because it is important to understand how potential lifelong inactivity could be turned into activity."

Positive Attributes
“Having parental support for an active lifestyle was associated with increasing physical activity among children and adolescents, low television viewing time with persistent activity among adolescents, smoking cessation with increased activity among adults, and no chronic illnesses, a low mortality rate and good physical functioning with persistent activity among older adults. Generally, male gender, being Caucasian and having higher socioeconomic status were associated with persistent activity.”

Start Kids Engaging Nature Early
“...interventions should be targeted at children early in life before their habits become stable."


Bottom Line

Pleasure, Pain, Gratification, and Meaning

We’ve built a culture focused on experiencing as much instant psychological and physical self-gratification, with as little physical and spiritual engagement, as possible.

Pain, Pleasure, Gratification
Psychological and physical self-gratifications must be tied-in and anchored by physical engagements for a healthily balanced life. Our society has become like crackheads seeking intense instant gratifications of all types. Our culture-wide pursuit of a wide range of cheap thrills has destroyed not only our Nation’s physicality, but has driven us to even greater heights of pursuing ever-shallower psychological gratifications, and as with any other addict, our nation finds its addictive gratifications diminishing to the vanishing point as their greater pursuit and engagement of cheap thrills further dulls them.

Damaged Goods
Physical and psychological damages should not be unexpected results from these types of behaviors. A society who’s behaviors clearly put personal self gratification as their first goal of life have already shown us their damaged ethical framework. Failure of their physical and psychological frameworks are never far behind a central ethical failure.

Self-gratification is not an ethic, it is a desire. It is not the foundation for building a good person, though it is a necessary component for a complete person. Desires must be ethically controlled if one has ethics, or you and your kids will be controlled by your desires, rather than having your ethics guide your gratifications.

What’s Important?
Deeper Pleasures
Finding your first pleasure in and through our basic physical engagement with life itself makes pursuing cheap pleasures irrelevant, making our nation’s pursuit of superficial gratifications and desires much less alluring to kids and adults.
The deep beauties and pleasures of enjoying life itself, if not while hiking through beautifully difficult terrain, bring deeper and much longer lasting pleasures far beyond those shallow gratifications that can be tapped-out of a smartphone’s video game screen...



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