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Abstract Bird Communication Skills

Abstract Bird Communication Skills

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 26 September 2019



A passerine bird in the crow family, by Guill McIvor.
A passerine bird in the crow family. Wiki. By Guill McIvor.


Abstract Bird Communication Skills

Jackdaws Learn from Each Other about 'Dangerous' Humans,
University of Exeter, September 24, 2019.


Smart Birds
"Jackdaws can learn from each other to identify "dangerous" humans..."

Warning: Bad Humans
Jackdaws Identify & Remember You
"The jackdaws that were played a warning call on seeing a new human returned to their nest boxes more than twice as quickly (53%) on average when seeing that human again, whereas birds that heard contact calls took longer to return to their nest (63% on average)."

"Though jackdaws returned to their nests more quickly after seeing a human associated with a warning call, the calls did not appear to influence how long birds took to enter their nest box or how long they spent inside."



Animals are engaged with their environment and each other. The nature of their engagement is self-characterized, in that they ascertain the character of their situation. Is the situation good, bad, or unknown? After observing and analyzing, animals take what they consider to be the appropriate action.

This could be freezing in place, fleeing, or attacking. It could be emitting the proper vocalization characterizing their situation, which informs their mates and neighbors.

Simpler animals typically have smaller ranges of observation and analysis, while the more complex animals have larger ranges of observation backed by a more sophisticated system of analysis providing a wider range of potential responses and communications.

The more sophisticated animals can not only ascertain the motivations of their potential threats through observation, determining if they are aggressive or passive, but communicate their observations to their mates and their neighbors, while listening to, interpreting, and responding to their mate's and neighbor's vocalizations.

There's a lot more sophisticated observation, analysis, and action going on, "under the hood," of the forest than the typical human thinks there is, until we open up some of the most fundamental parts of our own consciousness and sensory networks that we share with the birds & squirrels. 

Our, "responsive," sensory systems are still in there, though surrounded by complex networks of abstraction, composing our self-reflective capacity. The key is to isolate our most basic nature and tools from our sophistication. To be ultimately sincere.
This isolation between our responsive and abstract aspects allows us to both act & interact sincerely with the birds and squirrels in the most simple terms, which they well understand, while at the same time gaining the greatest self-reflective pleasure from these most simple engagements.

Once the birds and squirrels trust your basic nature, many really enjoy the articulate emotions carried by our, "sweet talking," them, through us using the abstract assets offered by our reflective capacities, to highlight theirs. And so do I.




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