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My 5g Cell Phone Health Concerns Run Deep

My 5g Cell Phone Health Concerns Run Deep

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 10 November 2019


5G Phone Rollouts are, "Happening."

 a Samsung Galaxy J5 (left) and an iPhone 6S (right). Photo by Senado Federal.
Two smartphones: a Samsung Galaxy J5 (left) and an iPhone 6S (right). Photo by Senado Federa, Wiki.

Direct to Two Reference Articles

Yes it Is
All the proof you need that 5G phones are coming in 2019,
c/net, February 8, 2018.

Cities Quick, everywhere else, Slow
5G hype is coming. Don’t fall for it.
Android Authority, August 26, 2018.


Wi-Fi & Electromagnetic Radiation Research War


My Cell Phone Health Concerns Run Deep

5G Health Effects: Is This Wireless Technology Even Safe?
Dr. Axe, September 21, 2016.


“I don’t think it’s clear that there are health risks, but it’s also not clear that there are no health risks.”

"For decades, Americans were told things like cigarette smoke, DDT, Monsanto and other pesticides were safe, when we now know they’re linked to cancer and other health problems."

"Are we willing to expose millions of Americans to even higher levels of electromagnetic radiation through wireless technologies when we don’t even know what the true 5G health effects really are?"

"...there’s a strong history of rushing new products and technologies to the public without adequately safety testing in the United States."

"...we need to practice the precautionary principle when it comes to dealing with unknown 5G health effects."


Bottom Line

Our Corrupted Regulatory Framework

Zero Trust
So, the answer is yes, our bribed politicians will do whatever is necessary to advance the power, profits, and wealth of their corporate bribe-masters. Greed driving the concentration of wealth and power is the basis, not just of contemporary Federal politics, but has come to subvert, and now has finally come to replace the very notions of, "sovereignty," and, "legitimacy," our constitution is, and our country was, once based upon.

Our political legitimacy is created and maintained by adherence to a very specific set of political ethics. Ethics openly designed to thwart concentrations of wealth and power, not advancing the pursuit and gratification of those desires. Thus it has been put aside, and we’ve all suffered, except our corporate elite, and their minions.

Watching the operation of federal politics today quickly shows us that the end, means, and political process themselves are throughly corrupted by massive infusions of corporate bribery at every level, supplemented by huge doses of corporate-media propaganda, when necessary. This must be stopped for our political health and fitness, to protect our physical health and fitness. Today, we are both politically and physically threatened.

Watching the operation of our corrupted electoral and legislative processes clearly reveals that their underlaying psychological motivations (both the Dims & Repugnants) are based on the notion that human, "rationality," that the human experience itself, is defined by the pursuit of self-interest. By greed and desire, rather than ethics.
Politics, to these people, is balancing the various “forces,” of corrupt wealth and power that are bribing them, while appearing, “moral.”
Thus, the politicians of both parties sell themselves to the highest bidders of the biggest corporate interests dominating our polity, as the corporate media portrays this system of political bribery as normal, moral, and healthy. It is not moral nor healthy, but the Big-Six of our Corporate Media Machine have, "normalized," open political corruption.

We have a corporate-elite financed political class that have broken through our most fundamental Constitutional and ethical restraints concerning the corruption and capture of our democracy itself, by the very class of people our Constitution's formation was meant to dispel. Ironic, isn't it?

That's why the very psychology of our current legislative processes of, "policy formation," being based on the, “principal,” that greed and self gratification are our, “goals,” has fundamentally broken our system down to the point that, “our,” legislators can predictably be relied on to fail to protect public safety when public safety conflicts with corporate profits.

That's what happens when our country’s most fundamental political ethics, and the political restraints necessary to enforce them, have been sacrificed to the "rationality" of greed. Elevating the pursuit of wealth and power to the status of being our, “reason to exist,” rather than organizing our gratifications, “ethically,” has had two more disastrous side effects.

Replacing the mutual ethical restraints and the mutual respect demanded of all our citizens by our Constititon, with the pursuit of the power and pleasures of greed and self-gratification as the very basis of our American identity and rationality, has broken our mutual Constitutional obligations to respect and defend each other’s differing identities and private rights. Ours was a unique national bond, requiring our citizens protect each other’s private rights, even while disagreeing with them, while settling all our public policy issues within an open and democratic framework.

Today, we do neither. We strive to force ourselves, and our, “values,” on each other.

Our political elites’ open greed is used as open justification for putting themselves above our laws. We have no declared war, yet we have forces fighting everywhere. We have a, “Free Press,” composed of six mega-corporations. The American retail, “market,” is three huge internet corporations. A vast surveillance machine slurps up, organizes, and stores all our digital and communications activities, all based on some type of, “general,” search warrant that this regime has issued itself. They are above our laws, and far beyond the borders they once operated within.

These problems are all the manifestations of desires, when unrestricted by our Constitutional ethics, that are fueling and driving the corrupt practices and processes upon which those who today dominate our country and Government justify themselves. This is the blowback from our criminal corporate elite and their Evil Empire. These are the fruits of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death that’s struggling desperately to maintain its cold, greedy grip on our souls.

Our mutual constitutional values, and the responsibilities and restraints they once demanded from each of us, have no influence or effects on these criminals. Our general welfare means nothing to these people. They pursue the gratifications of greed, of power and wealth, at any costs. They are, as our Constitutional Forefathers knew, a timeless force of history, when they wrote our Constitution to restrain them. Forces that, have once again reasserted themselves, this time at the heart of our own country.

Today, greed is not just, “above,” our laws. Today, greed is the basis of our lawmakers and the, “laws,” they produce. Actual democratic outcomes in America are a mistake, under our era’s bloody, bloody, corrupted corporate regime.

The Bottom-Bottom Line
That said, it comes down to us Americans to, again, break the link allowing aristocratic power, today in the form of our corporate elite and their minions, to dominate the American press and political processes, let alone manipulate the very nature of our culture to suit their desires. We can see how our forefathers handled these kinds of situations, of an overbearing elite wielding an Evil Empire, in their era.

They extirpated them.

Houston, We’ve Got a Problem...
Since that point in time, our own Robber Baron, “forefathers,” killed-off our Revolutionary Country, way back in the 1880s, and now the recent generations of the original Robber Baron’s progeny, their billionaire grand & great-children, have, in our generation, given birth to the Corporate Fascist State, along with its own, attendant Evil Empire, composed of corporate police states, brutal dictators, and absolute monarchies.

Just UnDo It
That’s what we’ve got to undo…The Corporate Fascist Growth Machine of Death, to restore our basic constitutional right to have enough confidence in our government to be able to trust our public health and safety regulations, let alone anything else that this, our corrupted corporate-controlled regime, regulates or does.

Only serving our Constitutional Ethics, rather than their God of Greed, can fix this mess.


5G Technology


WiFi & Electromagnetic Radiation

Wi-Fi is an Important Threat to Human Health,
Pall in Science Direct, July 2018.

Response to Pall, PDF,
Foster, University of Pennsylvania, October 16, 2018.


"Electrical Sensitivity,"

"Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health"

Public Health, Profitability, and Politics

Closer and Closer
The fact is we've got billions of folks holding more and more powerful EM transmitters up against, or real close to their heads, for hours and hours a day. When these transmitters are not up against our heads they are typically in pockets in proximity to our genitals. To those close sources and potential physical effects of absorbing the close-proximity EM transmissions from our, "smart," phones, we can then add the EM broadcasting of our and our neighbors Wi-Fi, and the plethora of cell network tower systems wrapping around us.

The Unknowns
I'd hope the research about harmful effects from EM radiation are wrong. If not, having an unknown subset of our population potentially being very vunerable to EM radiation, and having another unknown percentage somewhat affected, are factors that must be clearly discovered, discussed, and mitigated through the proper application of bio-science research and responsible political policy.

We have explored some of the physical, psychological and social consequences of what the devices themselves are connecting to.

The political side of that coin is owned by the very industries it pretends to regulate, as is our corporate media, who reports honestly on neither of these interlinked self-perpetuating systems of corporate profits reinforced and magnified by policial corruptions.

Paying the Piper
Every sector of our economy pays the political parites, both of them, dearly to have the health and evironmental effects of their operations and profits absorbed physically and financially by the American Citizenry. Our corporate overlords pay our politicians a hell of a lot of money (60% of, billions in, "contributions," to the dominant party, 40% to the minority party) to cover these, their criminal behaviors that made them so much more materially richer and much more politically powerful than everyone else in the first place.., "interlinked & self-perpetuating," as I said above...

Nonetheless, the concentrated power and wealth of our vast country in so few hands is indeed something incredible to behold, independent of the massive ecological destruction, the ethical and moral degradations, and the outright evil it has manifested across every arena of human and natural activity in this country and around this whole planet...

Empire of...
That's quite an impressive feat, the wake of physical destruction that this empire of, "Freedom," that our corporate elite's constructed. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck,...

The Precautionary Principal
The science side of the coin is both purchasable and pure. The trouble is figuring out which is which in a physical reality based on balanced contradictions. Thus I apply, and suggest we employ an approach to public safety regulation based on the, "Precautionary Principal (Wiki)."

The Protitability Principal
Unfortunatly, our corporate and political elites operate upon the, "Profitability Principal." Simply stated, if it profits them, they do it, independent of the costs to others and society generally.






State kept secret guidelines on safe cell phone use

Cell Phone Weighs Down Backpack of Self-Discovery



Oil Industry Bribery

California Democrats Must Stop Putting Oil Industry Over Water?

CLIMATE CRASHING POLITICALLY: The Governor of, and for, Endless Growth of OIL CONSUMPTION

How Much Drinking Water Has California "Lost" to Oil Industry Waste? No One Knows

Corporations Tell America Go Frack Yourself, & we Will Frack Your Kids, Too: Fracking Degrades Infant Health



Chemical Industry Bribery

Chemical Industry has put Endocrine Disruptors in Everything

Chemicals Secretly Known by 3M to be Very Bad for Health, Distributed Everywhere, Now in Everyone

Irresponsible Growth Killing and Perverting us All



Back to The Jungle
Figure it Out…

Scary Reality of US Medicines Tainted with Germs, Glass, Carcinogens & "Mystery" Particles



Case Study of Corruption
Public Utilities, PGE
Two Articles: Did Camp Fire Violate PGE Probation, and, Was Camp Fire a State Crime?

PG&E Spends $1 Million+ on Bribes to Brown, Dims, & California officials to Evade Wildfire Laws



Jerry & the Dim's
True California Legacy
Burning forests, a ruined climate, a broken middle class, poverty, and dying ecosystems


These folks have no problem ravaging Nature as they ravage humanity, in pursuit of their greedy desires.

We’ve got to control our greed to save ourselves.


“I need a new drug”
No, We Need a New Environmentalism...

It's Time to Accept We Can't maintain Endless Growth on a Finite Planet




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