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German Butterflies Going Down: Industrial Agriculture Killing Butterflies

German Butterflies Going Down: Industrial Agriculture Killing Butterflies

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 25 March 2019



Germ Butterflies Going Down
Butterfly, German Hominy Blue, Jan C. Habel / TUM.
German Hominy Blue,Jan C. Habel / TUM


Butterfly numbers down by two thirds,
Technical University of Munich (TUM), March 20, 2019.


The Germs
“...home to roughly 33,500 species of insects”

Going Down Hard
“...but their numbers are decreasing dramatically. Of the 189 species of butterflies currently known from Germany, 99 species are on the Red List, 5 have already become extinct, and 12 additional species are threatened with extinction.”

This Study
“...examined the specific effects of the intensity of agricultural use on the butterfly fauna. ”

Agriculture Killing B-Flies
"Meadows adjacent to high-intensity agricultural areas are home to less than half the number of butterfly species than areas in nature preserves."

Environmental Differences
Nature vs. Industrial Agriculture
“In the meadows that are surrounded by agriculturally used areas we encountered an average of 2.7 butterfly species per visit; in the four study sites within the nature preserves ‘Dietersheimer Brenne’ and ‘Garchinger Heide’ we found an average of 6.6 species.”

Clear Results
Industrial Agriculture Kills Butterflies
“Our results show an obvious trend: in the vicinity of intensively cultivated fields that are regularly sprayed with pesticides, the diversity and numbers of butterflies are significantly lower than in meadows near less used or unused areas.”

Not Thinking Clearly
“Our study emphasizes the negative impact of the conventional, industrialized agriculture on the butterfly diversity and shows the urgent need for ecologically sustainable cultivation methods. Additional field studies may aid in identifying individual factors responsible for the insect die-back and in implementing appropriate countermeasures.”


Bottom Line

These scientists are not thinking clearly: Our population is massively expanding, and to support and continue this massive, irresponsible growth that is already killing the butterflies, (and all the insects), our leaders have long nsisted we must continue massive population expansion in all, “first world,” countries, which requires we expand, not diminish, all the forces of industrial production and consumption, and especially those of industrial agriculture.

These corporate growth policies are akin to fighting environmental fires with high grade gasoline...

What do you want? Megacities full of greedy people, or forests full of butterflies?
(Hint: Our corporate leaders, their captive parties, and their paid political whores, along with their, “lapdog,” free press have already decided this question long ago, and we are just now seeing and measuring the consequences of their past decisions, as manifested by our currently degrading populations of butterflies and insects, and our already ravaged forests…

Industrial Agriculture & Vast Populations vs. Butterflies
This brings up an intreresting contradiction, that contradiction between living, "good lives," of environmentally-responsibly agriculture will not support and grow ever-larger populations, that being, "green," will never, and can never support the irresponsible populations we've grown on our planet.

HEALTH & FITNESS NEWS: Organic Food Worse for the Climate?

So, either we continue our irresponsible growth using industrial agriculture, and it kills us eventually, by killing our climate and ecosystems, or we adopt sustainable practices which will preserve nature and our ecosystems, but starve billions now.

The only questions seems to be, "when do we take our medicine, and what's left after we're done?" Now, or Later? Our answer determines what of nature's left behind, after the Age of Man...



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