New Perspectives on the Hunt for Dark Matter Particles

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 February 2019


Dark matter map for a patch of sky in a Kilo-Degree survey.
Dark matter map for a patch of sky in a Kilo-Degree survey Collaboration/H. Hildebrandt & B. Giblin/ESO
Kilo-Degree Survey Collaboration/H. Hildebrandt & B. Giblin/ESO. More: Wiki

Exploiting Ambiguities in the Standard Model: Axions

Kazan University puts forth ideas on the nature of dark matter,
Kazan Federal University, February 5, 2019.


Scale of Darkness
“...dark energy and dark matter comprise 96% of the total mass of the Universe.”

Current Guesses
“Two main hypotheses about the nature of dark matter are presently debated. One of them posits that dark matter consists of massive compact halo objects, the other ascribes this property to weakly interacting mass particles.”

Authors Here Favor WIMPS
WIMPy New Directions
“...but note that it's probable that dark matter comprises axions, pseudo-Goldstone bosons capable of interacting with photons.”

Invisible Axionic Electricity & Magnetism
"The interesting trait of axion electrodynamics is that modified electromagnetism equations allow for the existence of effects which would not be possible in the classic Faraday-Maxwell theory. One of such effects is the emergence of axion dyons, objects with parallel radially oriented electric and magnetic fields."

Axion Hunters
"We are currently directing our efforts at formulating concrete proposals for astrophysicists to help them find traces of axions in star plasma and, possibly, decipher one of the most important riddles of the modern space research - identify the particles which comprise dark matter,"




“If Axions Exist...”

“The axion is thus a dark-matter candidate, as well as a solution to the strong CP problem.”



Recent Dark Matter Research

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New Simulation of Universe Evolution: Now Including Supermassive Black Holes & Dark Matter!



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What is Matter?

Thoughts on the Composition of Spacetime



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