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Pretty Pretty Gavin Newsom: How Our Financial-Political-Social Aristocracy Works | High Sierra Backpacker

Pretty Pretty Gavin Newsom: How Our Financial-Political-Social Aristocracy Works

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 05 February 2019


GAVIN: Representative of the, "People."
The Richest People in America...

Gavin's, "Working-Man," Middle-Class Home Life,
Feb 2019.

"How our Country and People were Robbed of their Natural American Resources and Fundamental Constitutional Rights."



Original Article


How Our Financial-Political-Social Aristocracy Works

How eight elite San Francisco families funded Gavin Newsom’s political ascent,
LA Times, September 7, 2018.


on the
Creation, Care, and Feeding of Our Corporate Elite

Pretty-Pretty Gavin Newsom


Gavin Newsom, like his father before him, is a footsolider in the Getty Political Family/Machine.

This article shows us how our corporate elite, “groom,” corrupted politicians as a pedeophile grooms children. Except, in this case, both of the participants are the worse kind of criminals.
These are the criminals who assault the very nature of our political principals, who show that many American’s love of our country and its most fundamental democratic principals are far weaker than their love of money and their love of themselves. Pretty Pretty Gavin and the Getty Machine are those kind of people, the, “better,” kind of people who's vast wealth earns them the rigth to rule over us from their palaces of superority and privilidige.

Kind of like how the Spanish elite rules over Mexico...

These generational financial, social, and political ties between the upper echelons of our national and local corporate aristocracy, cited in the article above, reach down, down from the richest families, foundations, and corporations, reaching down into our local parties and politicians, such as Pretty Pretty Gavin.

This is an old system of relationships stretching all the way back to the times when American politics, even our national politics, first transitioned from being regional and local affairs, to being national institutions. That transition came in lockstep with the rise of the Robber Barons, and their establishment of a national corporate aristocracy.

This shift occurred in the 1880s as the strongest of the local oil, steel, rail, chemical, and banking barons (among others!) destroyed or subordinated all their other, "local," competitors, across the whole nation, as each Robber Baron rose to nationally dominate their respective sectors of the economy, to rise as the preeminent national Robber Barons of the 1880s.

This was the initial formation of what I call, "the white-boy mafia," that still rules our country today.

Their destruction of the natural beauty of the East Coast and the draining of the agricultural wealth of the Great Plains during this economic process are what led to the vast concentration of wealth that finally led to the Great Depression, the self-inflicted economic and ecological disasters that sparked the preservation and social movements that created the National Parks and Social Security Systems.

Rise of the Corporate Parties
As national industrial empires arose dominating each of the above named sectors of the American economy, our new Robber Baron leadership required political and social institutions capable of not just effectively exerting the will and power of their Robber Baron patrons, which they essentially purchased using the vast fortunes provided by their unlimited access to cheap labor and the untapped resources of the Continental United States, but political institutions that would also be capable of transferring the power and wealth of their criminal economic, political, and social aristocracy across generations.

They succeeded in evolving their monopolies and cartels into trusts and holding companies sufficient for that task during the late 19th and 20th centuries. This is when the corporate aristocracy became the ruling class of the US. They lost significant wealth and political power across the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, which they have striven to reaccquire ever since the end of WWII.

Bigger Crooks Than Ever Before
This current wave of immigration allowed them to take that wealth back from the middle class, and provided them with the additional wealth, from offshoring our manufacturing, that has thrust this generation's great-grandchildren of the Robber Barons to heights of wealth and power not even the original crooks could have imagined.

Political Pets
Today, this is the modern version of those same processes of corruption we are watching with Gavin and the Gettys, between Gavin and the national and local, "wings," of our corporate elite, and one of their favorite political pets, Gavin Newsom.

The Life of Gavin
In the Life of Gavin we are watching exactly how a corporate aristocracy preserves, expands, and perpetuates its power and wealth across generations. Except, the difference between today and the early 1900s is that they've had a hundred years of practice perfecting their scams, of making something that's totally against our fundamental principals, Constitution, and ethics look legitimate.

The question is not, “will we have an elite or not,” as elites always arise. The question is, “what do they get,” what price do we pay for our elite?

The first problem I have with all this is just having an aristocracy that's stolen such a vast percentage of our nation's wealth, over a hundred years ago, be able to maintain and expand it over that time, which leads us to the second problem, which is the corporate participation, corruption, and control of our supposedly democratic institutions necessary to allow this criminal aristocracy to form in the first place, and then, to be able to perpetuate it's theft of so much of our wealth and power, over so many generations.

That's one of the effects of mass immigration...

Gavin's Job
Our Constitution prohibits aristocracy, and the majority of its efforts are to produce powers an aristocracy cannot abuse. The aristocracy unduly influence our democratic process. They have manipulated our democracy to put aside our Constitutional privacy protections, and to put themselves above our laws and taxes.

This level of corruption took, and still takes today, a huge population of folks who put our American principals and rules second to their personal greed and profits. Gavin's job is to attract enough votes to the, "cause," of personal greed and profits and organize them to maintain the political control of the corporate elite. Gavin and his corporate sponsors have had to, like their Robber Baron ancestors before them, import enough foreigners to both build and maintain the domestic political control necessary to subvert justice, allowing the corporate elite to monopolize our wealth and power.

Gavin essentially  trades votes for citizenship.

That criminal, "deal," means there is not a social contract operating in the US, let alone our Constitution mediating our relationship with the corporate elite or the government. There is only naked self interest and corruption operating in the Democrat Party. They have crossed the Rubicon, and have put themselves above our most fundamental laws and rules.


1898 and 9-11

After forming an illegal economic, then political aristocracy, through the late 19th century, our corporate elite then entered the United States into the pursuit of international empire in the Spanish War, and has not looked back, nor looked askew at empires, since.

Aristocracy and Empire were the foremost opponents of our Revolutionary Forefathers, now, ironically, their country is foremost in both. That's a cruel joke.

Imposing corporate authority on others internationally comes easy for our corporate elite, after practicing and evolving it here, in the US, for a century.

Having a corporate aristocracy running a global empire is exactly the opposite of what our Revolutionary Forefathers dreamed of, or would want to see transpire.

Today's, "dreamers," are a disgrace to the legasy of our Revolutionary Forefathers, but are good little minions of the corporate fascist elite that rules us today.


The End of History

It should not be surprising that this very same corporate aristocracy that has been in charge of our government for the last hundred and forty years since then, the folks who've striven so hard for so many years to violate American strictures against nobilities and standing armies, and after working so hard to put aside a Constitution designed to thwart these illegal concentrations of power, that they would next openly attack the Constitutional Amendments thwarting the application of arbitrary government power on individual citizens.

The Corporate Fascist State
"Stop & Firsk?" Unwarrented searches? Faked secret warrants? Thousands of, "secret." warrants? Only in Corporate-Nazi America...

Search, privacy, "belief," arms, and speech and assembly rights are all now under direct governmental, public, and private assaults.

In many parts of the country people who do not genuflect to political correctness or display the proper, "anti-rascist." and, "anti-nazi," mantras are not just denied their right to believe, assembly, and speak as they will, but are physically attacked for exercising these rights themselves.

Smarter than US
That a corporate nobility has formed in the United States, that it has taken the reigns of government, and that it strives to curtail the most basic functioning of our democracy, our free press, and our individual rights as citizens says a lot about the wisdom of our Revolutionary Forefathers in seeing how greed organizes itself into political powers, and their designing a system intentionally designed to thwart those specific concentrations of wealth and power, and the imposition of beliefs or practices on individuals.

Cheaters Always Rise
It's as if our Revolutionary Forefathers anticipated the rise of the, "aristocratic," motivations and methods that our modern, "Robber Baron," forefathers would use to subvert our democratic institutions and our individual rights.

Yet, I don't believe our Revolutionary Forefathers anticipated the power that the confluence of an continent full of untapped natural resources, coming under attack by a massive, 100 year long unrelenting flow of hungry, desperate peasants, with these vast flows of human and natural resources coming together at exactly the time that the development of industrailism was also just coming up to full speed, would have.

Who could have anticipated that?

Consolidation of the Corporate State
By the 1890s the mass immigration into an arean of untapped natural resources, the US, sparked an internal economic and political, "war," for economic dominance of the US. I'm not talking about the Civil War, I'm talking about economic wars across the expanding US from 1865 to the final establishment of the National Robber Barons in the 1880s, a war which was won by the Robber Barons who rose nationally, and who, after, "rationalizing," the American economy, then re-organized our democratic republic into a corporate state of industrial serfs ruled over by the richest men the Earth had yet seen, who then looked to use the power of our once revolutionary, anti-imperial government to expand their reach internationally.

Forefathers of Industrial Greed
It was at this point in time that the Robber Barons displaced our Original Revolutionary Forefathers as the forefathers of today's corporate fascist state, being the true, "parents" of our contemporary corporate parties, our corporate politicians, corporate politics and our throughly corrupted political structures.

Pretty Pretty Gavin
Amazingly, Gavin's patrons are literally the great-grandchildren of the original Robber Barons who betrayed our Country and Constitution, and created the system we live in today. These unlimited greed and growth policies are what brought the excesses of the Gilded Age to a bloody end in World War, brought on the Great Dust Bowl, brought on the Great Crash, which brought ten years of dire Depression until the last Great War propelled our corporate elite into leadership of our own Global Empire as the moribund English Empire collapsed upon itself.

Full Circle
Now we've come full circle, from our Revolutionary Forefathers bravely throwing off the shackles of the last, greatest colonial empire of the Brits, to our Robber Baron's Corporate Elite imposing the choice of, "dominance of our corporate empire, or death," on the whole world, kind of like the Romans...

Though our Revolutionary Forefathers manifested an advanced form of social, economic, and political freedom, and tried to institutionalize these specific ethics into the archectecture of the spirit and body of the United States, they failed.

Our Revolutionary Forefathers were facing forces of demography (unlimited immigration), psychology (greed), and technology (industrialism) that would allow the Robber Barons to shatter and overwhelm the Republic by the 1880s, and guide our country to where it is today, to the position where we are watching them grooming Pretty Pretty Gavin for a run at the presidency.



For a real eye-opener…

The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty,
David Horowitz, March 30, 1976

This was written after the author was given full access to the Rockefeller Family Archive, after some of the Rocky family did acid in the '60s, and the story that comes out of the Rocky Archives about how our country was hijacked will blow you away. After this bio was written, I can assure you that No One will ever get full access to the Rocky Archives ever again….

The truth hurts bad...

When you read the text, take note about how Rocky began transfering from building oil wealth to building social institutions. Rocky built universities, schools, and institutions where he could control access to social and academic success, as well as his control of all American oil, and a huge chunk of America's capitol.

The Gettys, DuPonts, and Morgans, along with all the major Robber Barons, all did the same, together, creating the social and political aspects of their corporate elite to well compliment its economic foundation.

This created a political and social system that could not displace them, these corporate parasites, from the centers of power. It's brilliant, in an evil sort of way...



February 2019


Serving the Corporate Elite as a Pro Politician is Very Lucrative

California Gov. Gavin Newsom selling $5.9M Marin County home,
SF Gate, Dumpster-Fire News, February 5, 2019.


The Bottom Line

Serving the most powerful elite to ever rise on this planet, The American Corporate Elite, hath its privilidges...





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