High Sierra History: Restoring Grim History. Unburning the Last Yosemite Valley Indian Village?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 December 2017



Restoring Grim History

Unburning the Last Yosemite Valley Indian Village?

Decades after it was destroyed, Yosemite’s last Native American village is returning,
Sierra Star, December 15, 2017.


A quick perusal of the grim history of Indians in California reveals slavery in the Spanish Missions and Rancheros, followed by a bounty-driven genocide sponsored by the first American government in California. Bounties were offered for proof of killing Indians, much like wolves in other areas.


Early History of California

Indian Bounty of 1854


This was to clear the land for the massive immigration that was underway, both to plunder the mineral wealth, as well as the other vast natural resources California was endowed with. Our latest massive immigration is finishing off the last of California’s resources, though this time around our contemporary greed and massive immigration are also transforming the weather above our heads as they strip out the vitality and fertility of the Earth beneath our feet. Ironically, this era's mass immigration is also stripping-out the middle class of their wealth & power as the previous episode of mass immigration drained the Indians.

It works every time...


I guess we really can’t “unburn” the Indian villages, especially as we are still in the process of finishing-off the land and ecology they loved, and that supported them so well. The fact is that exactly the same evil and greed that genocided the Indians in California way back then still runs our country today, except today our vile corruptions and greed have been institutionalized and perfected by long practice, and their destructive powers been supercharged by technology.

We have thrown aside what physical and ethical limitations we had.

We no longer have the limitations on our physical effectiveness that withheld the destructive forces of our greed in the past. Today our technology and the scale of our population are destroying the whole planet all at once, rather than just butchering it piece by piece, as we did in our low-tech past.


We have evolved our evil to an impressive level of sophistication.


High Sierra History & the Human Past




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