Sept-October 2015 High Sierra Backpacker's Observations and News of Note

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 04 September 2015

High Sierra News

September & October News, Events and Observations

         October 24

News from across the world of science spanning topics based on individual experience, such as personal health and fitness, to geological insights into just how our environment was constructed, up to the most current information on how we are smasing that environment.

Beyond the realm of science we cover all topics influencing the High Sierra and its Backpackers, especially the political, economic, social, and human cultural affects on the environment.

The latest below:


Great Show in the Sky

Orionid meteor shower peak tonight!,
October 20, EarthSky.

Downbeat forecast for this week's meteor shower,
October 20, ARegister.

Everything you need to know: Orionid meteor shower,
 Oct 14, 2015, Earth-Sky.

Saturn near moon October 15 and 16,
 Oct 14, 2015, Earth-Sky.

Mars and Jupiter closest conjunction until 2018,
 Oct 16, 2015, Earth-Sky.


Picture of the Day

Jupiter Update, Hubble Video,
 October, 13, Nasa.

Sun Erupts With Gigantic Plume Of Fire | Video,
 Oct 16, 2015,

Milky Way photo with 46 billion pixels,
Oct 21, 2015, Ruhr-University Bochum.


Hubble spies Big Bang frontiers,
Oct 22, 2015, ESA/Hubble Information Centre.

Historic Experiments tests Einstein's 'God does not play dice' using quantum 'dice,'
Oct 21, 2015, ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences

Kepler's 'Bizarre' Signal Sparks Alien Intelligence Speculation,
 Oct 16, 2015,

Next Month's Theory

Theory Index

 On this Planet

Animal Behavior & Range Changes
Large cluster of great whites surprises, concerns shark experts,
Oct 24, SF Chron.

Aggressive nonnative mosquitoes spreading across state carry disease risk,
Oct 24, 2015, LAT.

New Arctic Garbage Patch?
Plastic litter taints the sea surface, even in the Arctic,
Oct 22, 2015, Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research.

Secrets of Pollen
Scientists discover ancient safety valve linking pollen to bacteria,
Oct 22, 2015, Washington University in St. Louis.

Secrets of Fish Navigation 
Ocean heat content reveals secrets of fish migration behaviors,
Oct 21, 2015, University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science.


Plague Persists
Squirrel Tests Positive for Plague in South Lake Tahoe Area,
El Dorado National Forest, September 4, 2015.
Also See: Plague Persists, August 19, 2015.

Jerry's Folly, er bribery revealed...
California shuts 33 oilfield wells threatening water supply,
Oct 16, 2015, Sac Bee.
See Sept 4 when disgruntled patriot revealed Brown's bribery and appointment of industy hacks to pay his bribers and poison the public. Bribery = Death.

USFS: Forests Might Not Recover From Butte Fire,
  Oct 16, 2015, Capital Public Radio. (As I stated in the Backpacker Alert of Sept 13!)

Protected and intact forests lost at an alarming rate around the world,
October 15, Aalto University.

Scientists identify climate 'tipping points,' 
October 15, 2015, University of Southampton.

Scientists to discuss global threats from climate change in the Arctic,
October 13, Woods Hole Research Center.

Warmer ocean may be releasing frozen methane,
Oct 15, 2015, Earth-Sky.

Rising seas will drown mangrove forests,
October 14, University of Queensland.

Future coastal climate not cool for redwood forests,
October 16, 2015, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig.

New insights into the dynamics of past climate change,
October 14, University of Cambridge.


Study quantifies threat of rising antibiotic resistance on surgery and chemotherapy,
October 15, The Lancet.

Drug-resistant E. coli bacteria increasingly found in community hospitals,
October 13, Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America.


Tallying The Sum of All Fears
Chapman University's second annual Survey of American Fears released,
October 14, Chapman University.

September 2015 

‘Killer bees’ found in the Bay Area for the first time,
SF Gate, Sep 28, 2015.
 We are going to have to develop "killer-bee safety plans" that address potentially dangerous interactions with "killer bees" on the trail. It's just a matter of time and more heating.

Goods manufactured in China not good for the environment, study finds, University of California - Irvine, Sep 25, 2015.
Wow. I could have told you that would happen when Nixon and Kissenger went to China.

We could clearly see China's environmental destruction building in 1980's, the 90's, and up to and through our current rapidly-radically changing global seasonal patterns.
At the same time we irresponsibly expanded our population we pushed the process by sending our manufacturing to China.

We expanded domestically for the specifc reasons of breaking wages and expanding markets, while simultanously exporting our industrial base to China to avoid responsible labor and environmental regulations and costs.
This drove the wealth of the middle class to the very top of our corporate elite.

The origin and spread of 'Emperor's rice,'
American Society of Plant Biologists, Sep 25, 2015. 


Exhausted, Starving Seabirds Continue To Swamp International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center, Yuba Net, Sep 24, 2015.


Obama Administration Refuses Protection for West's Iconic Sage Grouse,
YubaNet,  September 22, 2015.

Researchers reveal when global warming first appeared,
 University of New South Wales, September 22, 2015.
Refs:Decades of Vast Ecological Changes

Research uncovers microsopic key to reducing ocean dead zones,
BYU, September 22, 2015.
Refs: Dead Zones in Water and Sky Expanding for Decades


As Fires Grow, a New Landscape Appears in the West,
NYT, September 21, 2015. (I just stated this on Sept. 13, again.) 

Long Term Effects
Emissions from melting permafrost could cost $43 trillion,
University of Cambridge, September 21, 2015. 


Long Term Effects
El Niño and La Niña will exacerbate coastal hazards across Pacific,
University of Sydney, September 21, 2015. 

One-two punch of rising seas, bigger storms may greatly magnify US East coast floods,
The Earth Institute at Columbia University, September 21, 2015.

UCLA physicists determine 3-D positions of individual atoms for the first time,
UCLA, September 21, 2015. 

Earliest evidence of ancient North American salmon fishing verified,
University of Alaska Fairbanks, UCLA, September 21, 2015.


UGA study ranks US cities based on the urban heat island effect on temperatures,
UGA, September 18, 2015. 

A new analysis and approach to watershed management,
University of Massachusetts at Amherst, September 18, 2015. 

Scientists: Let wildfires burn when prudent,
University of Washington, September 17, 2015. 


The Bugs are Coming... The Bugs are Coming 
First West Nile virus death reported in Los Angeles County,
LAT, September 15, 2015. 

West Nile case is Marin County’s first of 2015,
Sonoma Valley Sun, September 15, 2015.  

Second bird sickened by West Nile virus found in Novato,
Slowvato Retreat, August 7, 2015. 

And they Will be Bigger:
Arctic mosquitoes thriving under climate change, Dartmouth study finds,
Dartmouth College,  September 15, 2015.

Acetic acid, found in vinegar, shown to be effective against bacteria found in burn wounds, University of Birmingham, September 15, 2015.


Aggressive mountain goats close down Idaho hiking trail
Mashable, September 14, 2015.




We Are Owned and Boned:
Fired regulator: Governor pushed to waive oil safeguards

AP, September 4, 2015.  
Backup Links: BI.

Brown should be prosecuted for criminal bribery and endangering the public and nature. This is why political bribery must be rejected. He did the same thing for the utility bribers,  putting energy executives in charge of our public utilities, until San Bruno blew up. Get the connection? Bribery = Death for democracy and us, great profits for the bribers, and bigger bribes for the politicians, and plumb jobs in industry after they screw us in office, too!

  And, you get fired (Droned?) if you don't go along with our corporate program of death, as Mr. Derek Chernow, the hero of the above expose of criminality in government, proved with his job.




Peter's 24 Hours on the Truckee River, a meditation.
Peter Allspice, 2015.


Every Last Wild Population of Life Everywhere is at Risk,
Alex, saying so since I had eyes. Just saying.


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