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Half of US Population Projected to, "Have," Obesity by 2030

Half of US Population Projected to, "Have," Obesity by 2030

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 27 December 2019



Mister Creosote
John Cleese and Terry Jones in Monty Python's Meaning of Life. Must See TV...
John Cleese and Terry Jones in Monty Python's Meaning of Life. A Brit Metaphor for the Obesity of American Desire, in this case. Must See TV... Sorry...


Exercise & Deep Engagement with Nature Lost to Average American

Close to Half of US Population Projected to have Obesity by 2030,
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, December 18, 2019.


Wave of Fat Approaching
USA: 75% Fat Content by 2030
"About half of the adult U.S. population will have obesity and about a quarter will have severe obesity by 2030..."

"Have," obesity? Did they, "catch," it?

USA: 58% Fatties NOW
"...currently, 40% of American adults have obesity and 18% have severe obesity."

Costs of Our Fat (present) Future
"Obesity, and especially severe obesity, are associated with increased rates of chronic disease and medical spending, and have negative consequences for life expectancy."

We're Close Today…
"The results showed that by 2030, several states will have obesity prevalence close to 60%, while the lowest states will be approaching 40%. The researchers predicted that nationally, severe obesity will likely be the most common BMI category for women, non-Hispanic black adults, and those with annual incomes below $50,000 per year."

Weight-Poverty Relationship
Poverty Created by Immigration & Offshoring
"The high projected prevalence of severe obesity among low-income adults has substantial implications for future Medicaid costs."

A Fat Tax?
The Next Step?
"...previous research suggests that sugar-sweetened beverage taxes have been an effective and cost-effective intervention for curtailing the rise in obesity rates."

A "Heavy" Fat Tax?
"Prevention is going to be key to better managing this epidemic."

Poverty Costs
Costs Rising with Weight
"...the effect of weight stigma could have far-reaching implications for socioeconomic disparities as severe obesity becomes the most common BMI category among low-income adults in nearly every state."


Video Presentation
"Fatties Everywhere"


The Way Home
Trail Guide
Fundamentals of Physical Fitness


Which Came First?
The Chicken or The Egg?
Sept 2019
Physical Fitness Correlated with Intellectual Fitness


The Bottom Line

Our "Moral" Leaders
The Ultimate Sin Tax?
Since half our polity finds it fun and easy to make laws and raise mobs against any words, actions, people, or behaviors they find politically, "in-correct," I look forward to watching our moral and ethical political, "leaders," especially our Dim politicians, seeking to impose the latest in, "sin taxes," and, "behavior control," through imposing taxes directly on fat people. Kind of like a super-duper, "soda tax!"

Kill the Messenger
These advocates of social control through legal punishment and taxation can station scales in subways, airports, and hospitals, (and our borders?...), to begin with, where they can start by weighing and taxing the fatties for the extra strain they put on all these systems. For a start...

Kill the Source
A real start would be to stop the irresponsible illegal population growth that destroyed the quality of life for our ex-middle and working classes, driving them into desperation, homelessness, addiction, and very bad eating, all of which are the consequences created by this mass-multidecadal illegal importation of poverty and obesity into our country, assisted by the simultanous, "deportation," of our manufacturing industries, in the first place…
Our leaders created this environment of poverty, desperation, and physical degradation.

Stop Hitting Yourself
(And Feeding Our Social and Individual Dysfunctions)
The sources of our physical and ethical dysfunctions are quite clear (greed-desire). But, as with climate change, addressing the sources of our problems is the ultimate in, "political incorrectness," while ignoring the sources and targeting the consequences of our ethical and physical breakdowns, let alone our environmental problems, while maintaining and expanding the sources of all these problems, is the ideal expression of complete Democratic political "correctness."

Pretend Solutions
Obesity Taxes, Paris Accord, etc...
Pretending to address the most superfical expressions of our problems, while maintaining and feeding their sources, is all our, "leaders," are capable of. They garner much too much wealth and power pursuing irresponsible growth to abandon them.
Therefore this physical, "ballooning," of our polity will continue until the greed & corruption ruling our, "leaders," is finally replaced by the honest ethics and rules of our Constitution.

Or we pop, much as Mr. Creosote does above, but as a nation...

Obesity will continue expanding until we stop feeding the greed at the top and center of what remains of American Culture. Feeding greed and desire was never our country's legit goal or role. We've been hijacked by greed and the greedy, and the consequences are degrading our people.

We Have Two Sets of Forefathers
Revolutionary Forefathers vs. Corporate Fascist Forefathers

Our Job
Stopping the Corporate Growth Machine of Death and reversing its fifty year long attack on, and destruction of the American Middle-Class, is only the first step on the way back to restoring ethically and physically healthy Americans. We've got to readjust our goals and motivations back to ethics, rather than the gross gratifications, "consumers," pursue today. American Ethics defines us as citizens, not, "consumers." Or does it?

Citizen or Consumer?
Are you a citizen of this constitutional republic, or a consumer of this corporate fascist state, and its attending empire?

Foundation Points
Until we reach that point of distinction in our spirit, our minds, bodies, and environment will continue to deteriorate. We are far distant from the centerpoint of American Ethics today. Nonetheless, our service to desire over ethics is a problem that is in the process of solving itself, one way or the other...

Our Final Answer
We Need a New Environmentalism




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