Corporations Tell America Go Frack Yourself, & we Will Frack Your Kids, Too: Fracking Degrades Infant Health

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 16 December 2017



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Corporations Tell Americans:
Go Frack Yourself,

& we Will Frack Your Kids, Too: Fracking Degrades Infant Health

Impacts of local exposure to fracking sites on Pennsylvania infants,
American Association for the Advancement of Science, December 13, 2017.


The research above says that kids living within half-mile of fracking operations are 25% more likely to have low birth weight. Evidence for negative infant effects up to 1.5 miles from fracking wells, but greatest effect on those within a half-mile of fracking wells.

The health and environmental effects of fracking & disposing of fracking wastewater have been suppressed by governmental regulation corrupted by vast industry "contributions" to both political parties, which is nothing short of bribing our politicians, which is complimented by corporate ownership of the "free" press.

Fracking Water Dangerous

Drinking Water Poisoned by Fracking & Govt-Press LIARS

It’s not just fracking. We’ve got a wide range of chemical and pharmaceutical wastes pouring into our environment, if not being put directly into the waters and soils we use for drinking and food crops.

The plastic pollution thing is also terribly underrated: it’s not the physical plastic itself that’s the main problem, thought that’s significant. The real problem is the vast amount of constituent chemicals, specifically of BPA, a potent, very dangerous endrocine disruptor that has been spread “ubiquitiously” throughout our environment as it's released from degrading plastics.

Fracking and plastic poisions are just the smallest tip of the iceberg of health & environmental damages and enduring dangers that a system run by corporate & special interest bribery produces.


What BPA is Doing to our World

Ubiquitous BPA reprogramming development of a large portion of the population


Health & Fitness News



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