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Mosquito News: Dengue Effectiveness rises with Heat, & Information on Dengue in the USA | High Sierra Backpacker

Mosquito News: Dengue Effectiveness rises with Heat, & Information on Dengue in the USA

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 01 December 2017



Mosquito News
Dengue Effectiveness Changes with Heat

A Tour-de-Force of Mosquito-Dengue in USA Information

Mosquitoes more likely to transmit dengue virus in hot weather,
FRONTIERS, December 1, 2017.



This news is a bit out-of-sycn with the annual mosquito cycle ended. But good information arms us for the mosquitoes of next Spring's Thaw. The bad news is that the deadly vector of many tropical pathogens, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, has already penetrated California, and I've read reports of it spreading tropical diseases as far North up the West Coast of N America as B.C., Canada.

Tropical diseases are now on our list of mosquito concerns for the West Coast of the US, as well as the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.



Dengue, as with most tropical diseases being carred North by mosquitoes, is biologically crafted for a warming world. This means it's becoming not just more widespread with more heat, but more effective.


Information about Dengue Fever and the Mosquito that Transmits it

The Aedes aegypti mosquito transmitting Dengue is here

Zika, yellow fever, dengue, and chikungunya

Dengue in Europe

Dengue in Europe


Dengue Information, the CDC

People give it back to mosquitoes



Dengue in the United States

Dengue Fever Makes Inroads into the U.S.
Scientific American, November 15, 2015.

"leading killer in the tropics and subtropics"

The Scientific American article starts out by introducing The Myth of US "Protection."

This would be the bug world's version of "white privilidge?' The thinking goes something like, as

"a long-held belief that ubiquitous air-conditioning, few open windows and limited time outdoors protects us from dengue."

I addressed our, "1st World Myth," as I encountered it in the literature:

Zika Hot Spots & Dire US Domestic Conditions

It was not "white privilege" nor wide open air conditioning that protected us. What protected us was cold nights and colder Winter nights, which only exist as diminishing weather patterns and expanding memories. These pathogens are already kissing the bottom fringes of the great boreal forests ringing the Arctic Circle, around our warming world.

Yup, the forests around the world and Arctic Circle are burning-up on the same rising heat carrying the pathogenic Aedes aegypti mosquito here... (Boreal Burning Article)

The dengue-carrying mosquitoes are not just, "found in certain parts of the U.S," as said in the SA article above ("Tucson, Ariz., and Key West, Fla., each have had sustained populations of Aedes aegypti, a dengue-carrying mosquito, for some 20 years."), but migrated North to those "parts" of the United States on the wings of expanding global warming, and are rapidly spreading North, out from those "parts," and will continue to do so for decades, and the climate consequences of our relentless greed driving irresponsible growth play out.

We are currently building megacities in super-heating deserts during drying times.

The research at the top of the page seems to indicate the hypothesis forwarded in the SA article, that parts of the US are too hot for dengue, are not the reason for the absence of dengue.

Remember, we're just getting started with the felt effects of global warming and changing seasons, let alone the consequences. The actual consequences of what we've already done have not nearly worked themselves through our weather or biosphere, and they are already causing major disruptions to both, of which the remarkable spread of tropical mosquitoes and their diseases is just one.

I'd say our growing spread of dangerous tropical mosquitoes has been relatively free of pathogens because we've simply been lucky, that luck consisting of the fact that the first skeeters filling the expanding tropical conditions have been clean. This will change with time and changing conditions, and the mass movement of people and products. We will ship it here ourselves, if it can't make it on its own.

Nature hates a vacuum, and I'll bet dollars to dimes that Nature fills these vector-pathogen voids with every possible combo that have the potential to persist. That's how Nature operates. It will let us try to sort it out, but typically long after we'd already left the barn door wide open, and already let the wolves in to eat the cows...

That's what we're doing with global warming, allowing tropical life to spread far out of the tropics, driving temperate and frozen zones into diminishing, warming enclaves.

Spread of the Bad Bug
Aedes aegypti


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