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HEALTH & FITNESS NEWS: BPA Affects Communications for Generations | High Sierra Backpacker

HEALTH & FITNESS NEWS: BPA Affects Communications for Generations

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 19 June 2018




BPA Affects "Communications" for Generations

BPA can induce multigenerational effects on ability to communicate,
University of Missouri-Columbia, June 18, 2018.

"...how long-term effects of BPA exposure in grandmothers and grandfathers might affect offspring communication ability."

"...found that mice pups whose grandparents had been exposed to BPA, had different vocalization patterns. This, in turn, could also affect the amount of parental care they received. Scientists believe results could have important relevance to humans."

(Male mouse sounding & acting like a female? Female mice sounding & acting like male mice? Just like is happening to humans now, in real time? We are already testing massive, uncontrolled BPA exposure on the whole American population, and on the majority of  humans, on our already plastic-polluted planet...)

"There are potential concerns that developmental exposure to BPA might increase an infant's risk for autism spectrum disorder. Crying is the infant's earliest communication form and changes in crying vocalization patterns might provide the earliest diagnostic tool for autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Thus, it is important to determine whether multigenerational exposure to BPA can alter pup vocalization patterns."

"...since brain regions and hormones regulating biparental behaviors appear to be similar across species, this study likely has human implications."



"Bisphenol A is a chemical that is used in a variety of consumer products, such as water bottles, dental composites and resins used to line metal food and beverage containers. These endocrine disruptors affect the global regulatory pathways of the brain often mimicking the function of natural hormones in animals and humans during crucial stages of development."


"We found that during specific postnatal periods, BPA and EE exposed, second-generation pups demonstrated augmented vocalization responses, which could indicate that they are in distress."

(Note the human "distresses" of sexual dysphoria spreading across the USA & world...if you think that's a coincidence, you're wrong)


"...suggest that even from early postnatal life grandoffspring whose grandparents were exposed to these endocrine disruptors are showing mental distress. While more work needs to be done, the multigenerational effects observed in California mice pups could thus also have ties to human communication deficits as seen in people with autism or other neurobehavioral disorders."


Our Corporate Masters have already Poisoned Our whole Planet and People:

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Why? It's in Every Thermal Reciept & All Thermal Paper



More about BPA

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Billions are drinking water contaminated with plastic — and US has it the worst, study finds
Sac Bee, September 6, 2017.

And, the BPA seeping from this plastic is radically changing human sexual development here in the USA and around the world, while affecting animal's sexual development everywhere.




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BPA Bisphenol A perverts generations of mice as well as humans


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