Health & Fitness: Better Body, Better Brain? Better than That!

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 06 December 2017



Health & Fitness

Better Body, Better Brain?

Better than That!

Working memory positively associated with higher physical endurance and better cognitive function,

Better than That!

What's Going On Here?
A quick perusal of the Health & Fitness Section shows that staying fit is the key to opening up every aspect of your physicality and mentality, if not whatever spirituality you can access.
Your body and its mind are your ultimate instruments of whatever task you point them at. Their status is important.

The first element in all the fitness research we find in this section is the reduction of, "death," that being fit and engaged brings, "statistically." The reduction in "death" is buttressed by the research showing better use of all your facilities during this longer span without, "death."

Fitness makes you live longer and stronger. Against what? Compared to the average "life" of a sendentary "consumer?" Sitting in a cubicle between commutes, with some couch time thrown in, for good measure?

Though living longer and with better quality are both good, that's not why I've been into "fitness," which honestly, I've never been into, for it's own sake. The whole point of "fitness" has been secondary to me, with the primary purpose being to engage the environment around us as deeply as possible, and that takes, and produces, fitness. To me fitness is a means to an end, and a product of the process, not an end itself. It's part of the gig of being an engaged human.

I know why I'm fit.

That's why I don't have many motivation problems, 'cause I'm not running, working out, and stretching just to do it, though running in the forest, working the steel, and bending the body are all deeply engaging and nourishing, I do it for the greater engagement these practices open up.

The ultimate high, submerging oneself deeply into as many aspects of the Natural World as you possibly can, requires physical fitness. This fitness brings all assets to top form. It also takes care of motivation.

If I'm not there, I'm training to get there. If I can't train to get there, I'm recovering and healing to begin training. If I'm not recovering, when I'm going down, I'm thinking about how I can get it turned around, and get it going again, as I bang into the wall on the way down...

It's an up and down life.

My compass always points to greater natural engagement, wherever it is currently located along the always undulating path of life. 

Our culture needs to tune our political and social realities to respect these natural values and engaged gratifications, to really and fundamentally increase the length and quality of all our lives, and all the life around us.

Our political and social policies, our focus on greed, irresponsible growth, and brutal self-gratifications are the central, metaphysical source of these mental health, health, and fitness problems our gross, "consumer," lifestyle has engendered.

Natural engagement can cure them all, if we let it, let alone if we help it.


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