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4 Fundamentals of Fitness: Moving, Not Sitting, keeps Brain Active, Weed Use/Effect on Athletics

4 Fundamentals of Fitness: Moving, Not Sitting, keeps Brain Active, Weed Use/Effect on Athletics

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 02 May 2019




Four Fundamentals of Fitness Research

1>Basic Movement Good for the Gray Matter

2>Ass Surfers Bad

3>Active Senior Body, Active Senior Brain

4>Weed Wonder Drug for Extreme Exercisers?




1>Basic Movement Good for the Gray Matter

Light, physical activity reduces brain aging,
Boston University School of Medicine, April 19, 2019.


 "Incremental physical activity, even at light intensity, is associated with larger brain volume and healthy brain aging."

 "...specific activity levels optimal for dementia prevention have remained unclear."

 2.5 Hours a Week
"...greater than 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous (MV) physical activity per week is recommended for substantial health benefits."

 More Better
"...each additional hour spent in light-intensity physical activity was equivalent to approximately 1.1 years less brain aging."

 It's All Good
Even Below the Standards Cited Above
"...these results suggest that the threshold of the favorable association for physical activity with brain aging may be at a lower, more achievable level of intensity or volume."

Anything is Good!
"These data are consistent with the notion that potential benefits of physical activity on brain aging may accrue at a lower, more achievable level of intensity or volume."


Related Research

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Health & Fitness: Better Body, Better Brain? Better than That!

Exercise improves memory


Bottom Line

Movement is good. More is better.




2>Ass Surfers

How much time do Americans spend sitting?
JAMA, April 23, 2019.


"Data from nearly 52,000 children, adolescents and adults from 2001-2016 were used to examine trends over time in sedentary behaviors among the U.S. population."

 "...time spent sitting increased about an hour per day to 8.2 hours for adolescents and 6.4 hours for adults in 2007-2016..."

8.2 hours a Day of Sitting for Adolescents
6.4 hours a Day of Sitting for Adults

"An estimated 62 percent of children, 59 percent of adolescents and 65 percent of adults sat watching television or videos at least 2 hours a day in 2015-2016, with generally stable trends since 2001."

"...people who used computers an hour a day or more during leisure time increased across all age groups from 43 percent to 56 percent among children from 2001-2016; from 53 percent to 57 percent among adolescents from 2003-2016; and from 29 percent to 50 percent among adults from 2003-2016."


Related Research

Study: reduced screen time for young highly recommended for well-being

Rural Kids Experiencing Digital Destruction?

KID’S HEALTH & FITNESS: Legions of Digital Crackhead Fatties...


Bottom Line

Adolescents sitting longer than adults is a sign of a critically unbalanced society that is clearly not addressing the physical needs of its developing children.




3>Active Senior Body, Active Senior Brain

Morning exercise can improve decision-making across the day in older adults,
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, April 29, 2019.


Physical Aspects of Cog Fittness
"A study of older Australians has found a morning bout of moderate-intensity exercise improves cognitive performance like decision-making across the day compared to prolonged sitting without exercise."

"...study of more than 65 males and females aged 55 - 80 years..."

"...a morning bout of exercise combined with brief light-intensity walking breaks to frequently disrupt sitting throughout an 8-hour day can boost your short-term memory compared to uninterrupted sitting."

Brain Protein
"Central to mediating the benefits of exercise on learning and memory is brain-derived neurotropic growth factor, a protein which plays an important role in the survival and growth of information-transmitting neurons in the brain. The results demonstrated that this protein was elevated for 8 hours during both exercise conditions, relative to prolonged sitting."

Hard Exercise
"...examined the effects of acute morning exercise on a treadmill with and without brief 3 minute walking breaks during an 8-hour day of prolonged sitting, and assessed aspects of cognition and concentration including psychomotor function; attention; executive function such as decision-making; visual learning and working memory."

"...the study highlights that uninterrupted sitting should be avoided to maintain optimal cognition across the day, and that moderate-intensity exercise such as a brisk walk should be encouraged for the daily maintenance of brain health."


Related Research

Exercise Improves Thinking Skills of People as Young as 20

HEALTH & FITNESS, Just Keep Moving: Exercise Defies the Aging Process





The Classic Medicinal Finally Coming of Age?

The New 'Runner's High'? MJ Users Often Mix Weed, Workouts,
University of Colorado at Boulder, April 30, 2019.


82% Stoner Rate
"...surveyed 600 adult marijuana users in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, asking - among other questions - if they ever used cannabis within one hour before or four hours after exercise."

"Eighty-two percent said 'yes.' "

Before & After
"A follow-up question of 345 "co-users" (people who use cannabis with exercise) found they were more likely to use it after than before. But 67% said they did both."

"Eight out of 10 marijuana users in states where cannabis is legal say they partake in the drug shortly before or after exercise, and most report that it motivates them to work out, helps them enjoy exercise more and improves their recovery, according to surprising new University of Colorado Boulder research."

Benefits Cubed
"Among those who co-used, 70% said it increased enjoyment of exercise, 78% said it boosted recovery, and 52% said it heightened motivation."

"Given that these are all recognized barriers to exercise, it is possible that cannabis might actually serve as a benefit to exercise engagement."

Lazy Stoners?
"There is a stereotype that cannabis use leads people to be lazy and couch-locked and not physically active, but these data suggest that this is not the case."

Stoners Exercise More
"Notably, those who co-used also got about 43 minutes more exercise per week than those who didn't."

Beyond Pain
"There is evidence to suggest that certain cannabinoids dampen pain perception, and we also know that the receptors cannabis binds to in the brain are very similar to the receptors that are activated naturally during the runners high."

"Cannabis is also anti-inflammatory, which could aid recovery."

"...stresses...is in no way recommending using cannabis as an adjunct to exercise."

"The evidence is not there yet...But I am also not convinced it is harmful."

"...the World Anti-Doping Agency prohibits cannabis use in sporting competitions due to its potential to improve performance."

"...epidemiological studies show cannabis-users tend to be leaner, less prone to diabetes and have healthier blood sugar levels."

Beyond Guilt
"...the survey has limitations, in that it looked only at people who use cannabis regularly and focused on states which have already legalized it."

Tell Me About It
"As we get older, exercise starts to hurt, and that is one reason older adults don't exercise as much. If cannabis could ease pain and inflammation, helping older adults to be more active that could be another benefit."


Related Research

Yeast Converted into THC Factories, & Weed Good for Senior Citizen Medical Issues


The Bottom Line I

Centering and Relaxation

Run, Lola, Run
I've always enjoyed endurance activities, obtaining more joy the longer and deeper into Nature I go. Once I finally understood the level of fitness that would be required to explore my potential in Nature, and how I had to maintain it between backpacking trips, I had already been putting together sets of standards for training. I'd found I could predict the nature of my experience on a hard Winter trip by how fit I was before beginning the trip.

Eventually, Summertime backpacking became training for Wintertime backpacking, and all were supported by the home training program, of which a significant element was long distance jogging. I've had a substantial knee injury that took years of rehab to get working again, and it was troublesome.

Nonetheless, I found the ideal program for me was long distance running, more like, "trotting," around a 7 mile basic route up, down, and around a 1000-foot elevation coastal ridge behind my place, which became my preferred endurance activity, and the ultimate measure of my fitness before trips. I can vary the training by adjusting the weight in my training pack up to 75lbs, at the top end, for inuring my, "frame," for field conditions by trotting under load, down to unburdened speed runs, to sharpen fitness to a fine point.

The seven mile ridge run was performed every other day, between weightlifting days. This level of activity could generate significant mental and physical stresses, if I didn't monitor and regulate output, with an eye on sufficient periods of rest and recovery to avoid injury, reinjury, and/or burnout. This is exactly where weed fits in.

Weed acted as a focus point for establishing mindset, operational baseline, decision-making, and grit factors by assisting the combination of these factors by drawing them all together in a ritualized, sacred framework of getting, "high."

Nice Driver's Seat
Add to these, "mental," aspects of self-awareness the interface of the psychological aspects of yourself to your physical ability to relax, reduce and control physical, "tension," (under stressful circumstances), all to be able to focus yourself to trotting up a coastal ridge with a fifty pound backpack at the lowest levels of energy consumption, physical stress, and inflammation possible.

Weed acts as both a mental and physical anti-inflammatory agent. Physically, weed appears to act as both a muscle relaxant and an anti-inflammatory agent. Mentally, weed can actually diminish pain at its source, and at its point of perception. As such, I found it the perfect training tool for pursuing ideal performance.

These are the optimal roles weed can play as a medicinal drug for the long distance endurance-style athlete.

Weed is an ideal tool to create a mental and physical, "focal point,' with which you can regulate and control all your physical and mental tools during extreme activities, or extreme training, while having analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

I hate to sound like a fan-boy, and I hate to advocate behaviors that can have serious potential downsides, but I've broken a hell of a lot of critical bones, torn a lot of delicate soft tissues, and I've got to admit and assign significant credit to the wonder drug cannabis for assisting my more-or-less recoveries from all of these disasters.


The Bottom Line II

The above research, excluding the weed info, show us that weaving light activity into our daily routines, such as starting our day with stretching, splitting our mid-day with a nice walk or jog, and finishing our day with some weightlifting and a final, relaxing stretch, all combine to offer the active user of their body with a wide range of instant mental and physical benefits, while substantially improving their long-term health outlook and trajectory.

Comfortably Competent
And, I am not talking about any kind of rigorous stretching or exercises, just comfortable movement into resistance. The gradual extension of your efforts into greater and greater levels of, "resistance," will happen gradually and naturally, until what once caused, "pain," will become a source of pleasure. You can gradually work yourself to the top of your, "mountain."

Engaged is the Key
I am not advocating anything except physical engagement in and with Nature. What it takes to get & keep you engaged, and how you organize it are both up to you, ultimately. I would suggest that a life of physical engagement with Nature while stoned creates better mental and physical outcomes than physical disengagement with Nature while, "straight."

My Biz
Personally, I'd rather hang with the stoned angels who fly straight, than any straight devils who presume to tell me what I can or can't do to myself, as I look for my, "mountaintops."



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