Ice Research: Half of Euro Glaciers Gone by 2050, the remainder by 2100

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 April 2019



Gorner Glacier
Gorner Glacier, by M. Huss, European Geosciences Union.
Gorner glacier at the end of the summer of 2017. The glacier is located in the Monte Rosa massif and is the second largest glacier of the European Alps. Wiki. By M. Huss, European Geosciences Union.


Euro Glaciers Gone by 2100

More than 90% of Glacier Volume in the Alps could be Lost by 2100,
European Geosciences Union, April 9, 2019.


Euro Glaciers
"...all glaciers in the Alps, around 4000."

Half Gone by 2050
"...from 2017 to 2050, about 50% of glacier volume will disappear, largely independently of how much we cut our greenhouse gas emissions."

"The Alps would lose about 50% of their present glacier volume by 2050 in all scenarios."

Post 2100
"After 2050, the future evolution of glaciers will strongly depend on how the climate will evolve."

Realistic Assumptions
95+% Gone by 2100
"Under the high-emissions scenario, corresponding to RCP8.5, emissions would continue to rise rapidly over the next few decades."

"In this pessimistic case, the Alps will be mostly ice free by 2100, with only isolated ice patches remaining at high elevation, representing 5% or less of the present-day ice volume."


Bottom Line

Why we are On Thin Ice

Greater & Greater
The politicians and scientists keep advocating and pushing massive population increases in first-world countries, growth assuring massive increases in these contries consumption, which are, and will continue to drive even greater energy consumption and CO2 production in these first-world countries. But it gets even worse.

Growth First
This irresponsible growth is simultanously feeding the out-of-control CO2 production in China and India, where the industrial and consumer products for these growing first-world populations are produced in completely environmentally, socially, and politically unregulated countries. Supporting this system is morally reprehensible to anyone who actually respects our constitution and our climate, or either one, if not both...

But don't worry, it's all, "OK," as our corporate elite is green, and have a, "pact!"

Engine of Ethical and Environmental Filth
China has millions in concentration camps while producing our industrial products in environmentally unregulated factories with what is near, if not actual, peasant-slave labor. That's, "why," our corporations and politicians are so hot for, "globalism." It allows them to avoid responsible environmental and labor costs.

Bad Economics
It is, "bad for the economy," if they cannot screw us, and out environment.

Fantasy Island
These contradictions between the truth, basic ethics, and the environmental and cultural destruction of our planet have created a kind of Fantasy Island for Fake Environmentalists, with the lapdog press, in its cute litte white tux, pointing and shouting, "Look Boss, The Pact, The Pact"

Licence to Kill Nature
"Globalism," gives them a, "global," licence to brutally exploit peasant labor and bypass environmental regulations everywhere, by allowing them to completely avoid the responsiblity of paying the environmental and social costs of doing business in the USA, while allowing them to freely import the products produced by their environmental and labor abuses. This will go on for as long as we don't characterize the conduct of these, "policies," as the crimes against man and nature that they are.

In fact, our corporate elite and their political minions will say and do anything to pocket as profts what should be their environmental and social costs of doing business. They've pocketed the wealth of our nation without any sembelance of any responsibity to our people or our environment, as both continue crashing, while having the gall to call themselves and their empire of greed, "green."

Are you really buying any of their BS?

Mission accomplished!

Our corporate leaders are, "there." They have already long used, "globalism," and mass migration to blow their environmental and labor expenses out of the water, and make themselves richer than any imperial elite in our whole world's history, even the NAZIS!

Bad Times Behind
That was their original plan and goal for, "globalization and mass migration," and they do not want to go back to the, "Bad Old Days," when they had to operate under American environmental regulations while paying the wages necessary for supporting an American Middle Class. Being environmentally or socially responsible would seriously cut into the profits and political powers that are now fueling their quasi-royal lifestyles, rather than supporting a prosperous middle class.

That's why our climate is changing so rapidly, and the reason why the American Middle Class is gone; Corporate Greed actualized by Political Corruption.

"Good" Economics
That's the whole role of globalism and mass migration, to serve the powers and profits of our corporate elite by eliminating their most basic costs of doing responsible business.

Corporate Victory brings Death
They've already won their war imposing globalism and mass migration, and now the consequences of their, "victory," being the crashing of our global climate, and the cultures directly dependent on it around the world, with both man and nature falling into an interrelated existential crisis. But no worries! Our Corporate Growth Machine of Death assures me, all the time, that it is, "Green!"

The Corporate Greens
Steamrolling Man & Nature is Green!

That our whole global environment and our citizen's social and economic lives have been crushed by our corporate elite's greedy global-sized manipulations and allowing so many people to cheat our country means nothing to these people, because, as they always tell us, they and their policies of unlimited growth are, "Green."

I've never figured out how killing our climate & our country are green...but it sure does sound good!

Beween the Causes and their Effects
Because of this, "disconnect," between the true causes of our environmental and social breakdowns, of the effects of mass migration and, "globalism," leading directly to the disruptive effects they are having on our climate and cultures around the world, I anticipate that the Alps, and most of the world, will be largely and dangerously free of snow and ice by the 2070s, at the latest, if we allow these politicians and scientists to continue to lie to us & continue advancing their irresponsible Corporate Growth Machine of Death policies.

These policies of unrestricted first-world demographic growth fueled by the, "globalization," of the third-world's environmentally unregulated slave-labor factories are the causes of our human and natural worlds degradations. Their, "victory" simply ignores that fact that the death of nature and the debasement of man is their ultimate effect.

Almost There
They just have to keep doing what they've done for the past fifty years, for the next thirty, and our traditional climate and ecosystems will be assigned to the dustbin of not just human history, but in the geological time-scale of history, too...

Bet on 00
I doubt that individuals in America, styled, "consumers," nowadays, can control themselves and their desires, with the ethics necessary to see through these lies, and bring themselves to stop the Corporate Growth Machine of Death.

Restrain is not what, "consumers," do. The chances that the elite group of greedy people controlling our political, press, and business worlds will restrain themselves with ethics, or allow themselves to be restrained by the ethical, is currently nil. Their point of control (of being controlled by ethics) will only come, "externally," when the natural and human systems they are abusing so badly, and have abused for so long, finally breaks. We are very close to those interrelated human and natural breaking points here in the USA and around the world.

Then the troubles truly begin.

The Table is Set
These are the environmental and social policies that've, "set the table," we are going to be eating at for a very, very long time into the future, and we are not even done with the appetizer. The main course of this climate and cultural clusterfuck our corporate elite has grown us into is going to be epic, and it will be served-up in a world without much ice.

Bon Appetit, we've a lot of Karma we're going to eat.


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