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Growing into Destruction: The Diminished, and Diminishing Western US Snow Packs

Growing into Destruction: The Diminished, and Diminishing Western US Snow Packs

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 August 2019



"California Consumers" Formed Themselves into Nature-Killing Kamikaze Weapon

Back-to-Back Low Snow Years will Become more Common, study projects,
American Geophysical Union, August 8, 2019.


Already Happening
"Consecutive low snow years may become six times more common across the Western United States over the latter half of this century, leading to ecological and economic challenges such as expanded fire seasons and poor snow conditions at ski resorts."

Get Used to It
"Across the West, we're generally losing a lot of our snowpack - in many places, low snow conditions will be increasingly consistent from year to year."

Destroying Our Natural Legacy
ALREADY Beyond Sustainable
"Every time we have a snow drought, we're delving into our water resources and the ecosystem's resources. We're drawing down on our savings without restocking the bank."

Modeling Future Prospects
Back to Back Dry Years +42%
"For 2050 to 2079, the average frequency of consecutive snow droughts - years with low snowpack - rose from 6.6 percent to 42.2 percent across Western mountains. The authors defined snow drought as low snowpack conditions that historically occurred one out of every four years. These changes were greatest in Sierra Nevada and Cascades and the lower elevations of the northern Rockies."

Snow to Rain Transition
Kiss the California Megacities Goodby!!
"The study also projects year-to-year variability of peak snowpack across the West will decrease, mostly in areas transitioning from snow- to rain-dominated precipitation."

Changing Seasons
"Snowpack historically peaked in April, but 2050 to 2079 projections predict more peak snowpacks in March or earlier."

ALREADY Happened
Fun's Just Getting Started
"...consistent decrease in maximum snowpack may negatively impact threatened wildlife, such as the wolverine; vegetation, including tree establishment and summer water stress; and fire activity. "




2018 Climate News: Radical Western Snopack Decline, 15 to 30% Average Loss since 1915


2018: New Weather Patterns Diminishing Rio Grand & Colorado Rivers




41% Sierra & Rocky Mountains Snow Pack Loss since ‘82


79% Reduction, from Today’s Reduced Pack, by 2100



High Sierra & Great Basin Transforming from Seasonal to Ephemeral Snow Pack


Water & Weather: Radically Changing Seasons, The New Normal, "Snow Droughts" During "Wet" Years



What's Up?

Stop Hitting Yourself
Clouds Departing, Heatwave & Fire Risks Growing with our Wildly Irresponsible Growth



In the Southwest

On the Water-Starved Colorado River, Drought Is the New Normal

Vegas-Style: Laying the Odds of Mega-Drought Destruction in Southwest US

Climate Change News: Whole Southwest of US Undergoing Aridification

Observing the Decline of the Doomed Forests in the Southwestern US


Bottom Line

Self-Created Situation
These ecological breakdowns we are watching develop across the Western US over the last forty years are exactly what happens when you engage in a completely irresponsible massive multiplicative expansion of domestic population growth far beyond our environment's sustainable levels, while at the very same time off-shoring our clean manufacturing to the filthy slave labor factories of China.

Point of the Spear
This global abdication of pollution-control and its costs, and the simultanous abandonment of supporting, "middle class," labor anywhere in the world, both positions represented and advanced by the US moving the world's manufacturing to China, assured that the local, domestic, corporate assaults on our most fundamental ecological resources would be backed up by global climate changes triggered by moving the world's manufacturing to the unregulated factories of China & India.

The Macro-Micro Alignment
We see the direct effects of local irresponsible population growth overtaxing local water resources being multiplied by the generalized growth of anthropogenic-caused climate change, change that this irresponsible growth itself triggered, steadily diminishing our regional snow, turning it into warm rain.

Engine of Desire
Our corporate leaders are depending on creating a situation of decreasing local supply under ever-increasing demand, where desperation will eventually force every resource to be put onto the market, to be consumed in their pursuit of wealth and power.

Rapidly expanding populations in an environment of rapidly diminishing resources creates and uses desperation to force everything onto their, "market'

Desperation & Greed
Well, if nothing else, these types of plans have always proven, "effective," at serving the interests of those who control the resources, those who are rich and powerful, and those who are willing to sacrifice everything for wealth & power.

Vortex of Greed
Man & Nature
and everything else typically gets sacrificed in the greedy's relentless pursuit of gratification, before it gets stopped by external forces or its own internal flaws, or a faction or leader emerges powerful enough to finally bring these corrupted individuals and their organizations of uncontrolled greed under the heel of our Constitution, and under the sustainable limits of our environment.


PCT Hiker

The Trend
Start dates for PCT hikers have been retreating deeper into Spring over the last twenty years, and especially the last 9.

The Problem
Average PCT start-date times have been steadily retreating, but we are still getting years that, "revert to the mean," and maintain heavy snow through, and well beyond the recent, new, early PCT start dates.
These, "normal," years could, and have caused safety problems for PCT hikers who don't carefully observe the evolution of each year's transition from Winter to Spring to Summer conditions, and time their PCT start date to reasonably suite their skills, fitness, gear, and expectations.




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