Observing the Decline of the Doomed Forests in the Southwestern US

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 December 2018


Observing the Decline of the Doomed Forests in the Southwestern US

Southwest forest trees will grow much slower in the 21st century,
University of Arizona, December 18, 2018.


75% Productivity Decline
“Southwest forests may decline in productivity on average as much as 75 percent over the 21st century as climate warms...”

Tree Core Survey Recovery
The First Hundred Cores of 20,000 lost cores, John D. Shaw, US Forest Service
“...based on a treasure trove of about 20,000 unanalyzed tree cores discovered in a Utah laboratory about a decade ago. The annual growth rings visible in tree cores reflect each year's climatic conditions.”

Photo by John D. Shaw, US Forest Service.

“The new collection of Forest Inventory and Analysis tree cores turned up when scientists at the U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station in Ogden, Utah, were moving from one building to another. The researchers were surprised to find a bunch of dusty boxes filled with tree cores that had never been analyzed.”

Average Trees -75%
Fringe Trees DOOMED
"The Joe Schmoe trees will experience a 75 percent reduction in growth and the trees on the edge--according to our analysis--are pretty much doomed."

That’s an Improvement!
“...analysis revealed that growth of the ordinary forest trees would not be reduced as much under climate change as the trees whose records are included in the (old, fringe-tree data) ITRDB.”


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