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ECO-CRASH NEWS: One Politician Finally Admits 7 Degrees by 2100

ECO-CRASH NEWS: One Politician Finally Admits 7 Degrees by 2100

Alex Wierbinski's picture

By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 October 2018


One Politician Finally Admits 7 Degrees by 2100

Trump administration sees a 7-degree rise in global temperatures by 2100,
USA News, September 28, 2018.


The US Gov's NEW Position:
“Last month, deep in a 500-page environmental impact statement, the Trump administration made a startling assumption: On its current course, the planet will warm a disastrous 7 degrees by the end of this century.”

“…issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)...”

As I’ve Said Before:
The current trajectory of the corporate growth machine of death, of endless population growth and offshoring of manufacturing has already brought us to the point of a catastrophic change in our seasonal weather patterns.

The Trump Admin is the first to admit what the Dim and Repugnant parties have not, that their shared policies of endless growth and, “globalism,” have already doomed our planet, and all the cultures on it, to catastrophic change.

As Trump Admin Says
“The world would have to make deep cuts in carbon emissions to avoid this drastic warming, the analysis states. And that “would require substantial increases in technology innovation and adoption compared to today’s levels and would require the economy and the vehicle fleet to move away from the use of fossil fuels, which is not currently technologically feasible or economically feasible.”

(Under today’s parameters, under the current Democrat assumption of vast, endlessly growing populations spawning endless growth of production, consumption, and profits...)

No, 7 Degrees REQUIRES a New Model of Growth: LIFE
Neither the UN, nor the, “international,” corporate environmentalists, nor have American politicians, specifically Obama, Clinton, nor any of the Democrats ever acknowledged that our present situation, of facing seven degrees of global warming by 2100, have revealed that all their efforts to maintain endless domestic and international growth, while claiming they are, “environmenttalist,” are not just completley irrelevant and ineffective deceptions, but that their policies of endless growth and offshoring are in fact the causes of this easily foreseeable 7 degree increase.

This is when the Dem-Republican shared vision of an international empire of endlessly growing greed has already brought us. Neither the Dims nor Repugnants would tell us that...

Now that Trump’s finally told the truth about how severe our climate situation really is, how severe its dangers are, now we must, “adjust,” our environmental policies to finally make them effective, rather than just being, “window dressing,” being nothing more than, "cover," as our corporate elite and their greedy minions strip our world bare-ass naked through their policies of endless domestic growth and the endless offshoring of our domestic manufactures.

Effectively addressing this disastrous situation requires we end all domestic population growth, end all immigration, while we claw all of our offshored manufacturing back to clean American factories.

Last Chance
We must dissassemble the Corporate Growth Machine of Death before it finishes killing off our weather, our seasonal progression of seasons, and all the ecosystems dependent upon these traditional transitions…

Corporate Growth Machine of Death
It is the American program of endless population expansion and offshoring that, over the last fifty years, is precisely what put us directly on the fast tracl to 7 degrees of temperature increase by 2100 right now, even including all of our corporation’s, “environmental mitigations,” which are really nothing more than intentionally ineffective, "lip service."

It is this, "lip service," itself which powerfully demonstrates the failure of the, “corporate environmentalism.” The propaganda value of these fake Democrat, "corporate green," pacts designed to protect endless growth, (gee, the corporate press did not tell us that!), which have not only failed to protect our environment, but that they are also failing to provide, "coverage and camouflage" for the environmental destruction of their authors. That's a, "Fail-Fail."

We’ve already failed under the policies of, "corporate environmentalism," long before Trump came on the scene, and told us we failed...

Self-Decption & Lies
"Corporate Environmentalism," makes, "consumers," feel good to think they are, “green.” Corporate environmenalism assuages their consciouses, as the corporate elite that hijacked our country destroys its environment. Those days of self-delusion and decption are over. Our planet will heat up by at least 7 degrees by 2100... and nobody is going to be able to keep their head in the sand as it progresses.

This report just admits what the Democrats won’t: That our present trajectory of irresponsible population growth and offshoring over the past fifty years are exactly what brought us to this point, of rapidly slipping over the very edge of disastrous ecological and climate destruction we stand at today, solidly on our way to 7 degrees of heating by 2100.

Neither the Demonrats, the Repugnants, nor any of their associated, “Corporate Environmentalists,” were even going to tell us that, that the world is going to burn under their current programs of, “endless population growth and globalism.”

As Hansen said, "Paris is a Fraud."

Hansen Calls Paris "A Fraud"

Climate Change Skeptics? No, Skeptical of Corporate Fraud Environmental, "Pacts."

Irresponsible Growth
No, all of our corporate, "leaders," in Congress are continuing to push exactly the same policies of massive legal and illegal population growth, and the offshoring of our manufacturing that brought us to this point of ecological, economic, and social collapse, while at the same time telling us that, “It’s Our Fault,” for eating meat and driving cars. No, it’s their fault, for tripling our population while industrializing China, while moving our clean manufacturing to filthy China, over the last fifty years.

Our Straight Road to 7 Degrees
That, these shared, “endless growth,” policy initiatives of the Dims and Repugs, are exactly what’s put us on the road to 7 degrees of warming by 2100.

Irresponsible Power and Wealth
The Dims and Repugnants have been hiding just how dire our planet’s situation is behind their fake, “accords,” accords, like Paris, that don’t address the root causes of our environmental destruction, let alone their consequences, effectively, because to do so threatens the very Global Corporate Growth Machine of Death that maintains the illicit wealth and power they have snatched from us.

The Globalism and Immigrant Scams
None of the Democrats or Corporate Green have done a damn thing to address the central immigration and offshoring sources driving our environmental breakdown, during this fifty year period of the largest immigration in US history, while they shipped our middle class manufacturing base to the environmentally unregulated China, which has super-charged our planet's environmental breakdowns, as well as the wealth and power of our corporate elite that pulled it off.

Thus the Democrats have poorly targeted the, “symptoms,” of global warming, purposely not targeting the filthy manufacturing of China and India, precisely to maintain the vast profits generated by their fully-subsidized illegal-immigrant, and offshored profit centers.

The Dems, the corporate sponsors of the Dems, and their foreign minions all profit greatly from their completely irresponsible, when not completely illegal, programs of Offshoring and Immigration that are destroying our planet.
Oh, and they don’t have a thing to say about our invading third-world countries, as long as we give them, and their foreign supporters in these broken-by-invasion countries, “citizenship,” in this empire of greed and corruption that destroyed these countries.

Refilling the "Tory" Component
People who betrayed their own countries in the face of our completely illegal invasions are, “My fellow citizen?” Really!?

The Evil Twins
Immigration and Offshoring are protected by the corporate elite because these are the policies assuring the continued corporate dominance of American Politics, Economics, and Society, executed under the, “leadership,” of, “their,” completely bribed Democrat and Republican Parties.

Honestly Ugly
At least Trump admits it, as his admission of 7 degrees by 2100 is an admission that this Dim-Repugnant, “corporate coalition,” that's ruled us for the past hundred and fifty-plus-years has already effectively destroyed our traditional, ancient weather and ecosystems, after just fifty years of their instituting their corporate masters's wildly irresponsible programs of endless population growth and offshoring, and you likely helped them do it...

These are the policies that’ve impoverished the whole world. Now’s the time to end them both, before it’s too late, if it’s not already too late...

Repeat After Me
"I won't be fooled again..."

Refreshing Truth
Trump’s admission is refreshing, as both the political parties either lie about the real situation we are facing, or ignore it. The Democrats lie about how they protect and advance the immigrant and offshoring causes of global warming, and lie about how dealing with the symptoms, rather than the cause, will effectively terminate climate change. It will not. We must, and will eventually, choke-off these foundational immigration and offshoring sources of the pollution triggering the global changes we are experiencing

The Machine of Lies and Liars
On the other hand, the Republicans lie about global warming's very existence. Both parties lie for the same reason, to maintain their shared structures of predatory power and wealth perpetuated through the process of using offshoring and immigration to steal the wealth and political power of the American middle class.

Effective Deflectors of Environmentalism
The Democrats are more effective at deflecting environmental criticisms, as they form fake accords to defend and protect their environmental crimes, while the Repugnants deny these changes, and the crimes that created them, even exist.

Imperial Political Liars
Liars all… with each, “side,” lying about and defending different aspects of these grand, “asset-strippings,” of the American population, our environment, and our rights they are carrying-out.
The combined actions of our political elite, their lies, have allowed the American Corporate and Political Elites to concentrate the power and wealth necessary to torment our whole planet, using immigration and offshoring as their main tools to concentrate the domestic power and wealth necessary to realise their desires of virtually unlimited global power and wealth.

Those goals have motivated a lot of political abuse, political liars, and their lies over centuries of human, "civilization."

These motivations are older than Rome, and they are rapidly bringing us to the same end, but without the environmental resources to ever recover. Each of our growing, "circles," of imperial power over the course of human history have gotten larger and larger over time, as have the damages wrought by their destruction.
Today, the reach and expanse of our imperial power is global, but the reach of our destruction will not be measured by the damages done by and during its fall, but by the environmental damages engendered by its regular operations themselves,

Fix It?
The Dems Cover it Up!
Do you want ant to save our environment, to, “address,” this global warming and ecosystem destruction? Then work to completely stop all mass migration here in the US, and around the world. Argue to stop moving first world manufacturing to third world countries who are using zero pollution controls and near slave labor, if not slave labor itself.

Turn It Around
Start working to bring the rest of the world up to American Standards, once we can restore them, rather than continuing the policies of immigration and offshoring that dragged the US down to third world standards of life and living, as the Democrats have successfully done.

Mr. Trumps words and policies are the first steps towards that goal in over fifty years.

US Corporate System of Pollution, Poverty, and Profit
Our corporate masters have made huge profits from their program of unlimited massive population expansion, from, “third-worlding,” the US, from a type of growth which pumps up consumption for their products, all of which are now manufactured in filthy China or India, in their globalized corporate system of environmentally unregulated slave labor industrialism, as it drained the wealth of the American middle class.

Organized Greed
The forces of organized greed in American politics, the Democrat and Republican Parties, along with the corporate elite who finances them both, these are the main political problems that must be reformed, so we can have any chance to honestly confront our warming weather and crashing ecosystems with honest policy, rather than their policies of greed and corruption forced onto us, while listening to the endless soundtrack of their endless lying propaganda, always justifying the same policies of endless growth and globalism that got us into this mess in the first place.

Honestly Ugly
Thus Trump admits what the Democrats and other Corporate Greens would never tell us, the TRUTH, being that the fundamental operation of their corporate program of endless growth, their, ”Corporate Growth Machine of Death,” has already assured that we are going to experience drastic, extreme global warming and ecological destruction, (at least 7 degrees by 2100), even under the full operation of their worthless, “Paris Accord.”

Well, go on and shoot the bearer of bad news...

“This week, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres warned leaders gathered in New York, “If we do not change course in the next two years, we risk runaway climate change. . . . Our future is at stake.”

Of course, this is Trump's fault, like everything else done over the past fifty years...

All of this destruction was achieved under the past 100 years of not being ruled by Trump, but by the Democrats, mostly, who are nothing more than representatives of the corporate elite, and who’s answer to everything is, “more growth, more population, more, “globalism.”

That was the wrong answer fifty years ago, and its the super-wrong answer, today...

Omen of Destruction
That’s what Trump’s report is really telling us… that our environment has been screwed long before Trump showed up. He’s more of an, “omen,” about where corporate party politics have brought us, than being one of the political party player shills who've brought us to this point… which is nothing short of hilarious, in a sick sort of way… I’m thinking our party-corruption has created its own, “anthisis,” being Trump, who is in the process of, ‘outing,” and destroying corrupt party influences, as it destroys itself.

One can’t help being a, “Dreamer!”

Long Fraud
The Paris Accord is one piece of a long fraud perpetuated by the Corporate Greens, who are exactly the same interests promoting and defending endless domestic population growth, who are exactly the same corporate minions proming the endless offshoring of all our manufacturing to states with no pollution control or labor standards whatsoever, under any of their, “accords.”

China and India are, and have been, exempt from all the limitations of all the fake, "climate accords," of the fake corporate, " greens," who have looted our planet and its people. These are the same folks who moved our manufacturing to China & India, to avoid American wages and environmental protections...

Fake Fixes
These, fake, and ineffective accords are no more than excuses used to justify and maintain our corporate master’s core program of endless growth… none of these, “accords,” will do a damn thing to mitigate our environmental breakdowns as they radically expand population, production, and pollution.

What a fricking farce they are...

They, together being the Dims and Repugs, are deceivers, being traitors to both America and Mother Nature that no climate accord can balance. Neither party have the honest good will necessary for the survival of Man or Nature. They are both traitors to both. They have both beem corrupted and compromised to not recognize the destruction their own greed has wrought.

We’re already there...

Back to the NHTSA Report
Worse Case Temp Rise Expected by Govt
"A rise of 7 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 4 degrees Celsius, compared with preindustrial levels would be catastrophic, according to scientists. Many coral reefs would dissolve in increasingly acidic oceans. Parts of Manhattan and Miami would be underwater without costly coastal defenses. Extreme heat waves would routinely smother large parts of the globe."

“...the NHTSA document projects that if the world takes no action to curb emissions, current atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide would rise from 410 parts per million to 789 ppm by 2100.”

NO Action?
Our corporate leaders are striving to rapidly expand the population in California and the United States, as rapidly as they possibly can! They are driving nails into our coffin while shouting at the top of their lungs how, “green,” they are, as our ancient weather and ecology finally dissolves around them!

Proper Adjustments
Trump is foiling both immigration and offshoring. Now, we American Greens merely have to adjust the terms of these international trade restrictions to focus them on instituting high CO2 manufacturing standards everywhere that ships product to the US, along with the prohibition of importing slave-labor produced products. Add a 100% tariff for tyrannical states that restrict free speech, press, religious, gun, and assemby rights, and I'm ready for vigiorus levels of global trade...

That, coupled with ZERO domestic population growth will create the conditions necessary to begin reviving our planet's weather, and the American Middle Class, too...

It's a, "win-win!"

A New Direction
Either we take this thing seriously, and we terminate its fundamental causes, or not at all. Treating the symptoms of our self-created climate problem without terminating the causes has not, and will not, "work." America’s position as the, “leader of the world,” now gives us the chance to lead the world from destruction to reconstruction on much better terms for both man and nature.

Either we close the borders to more population growth, and claw back our manufacturing to the highest levels of pollution control here, in the USA, under solid American middle-class wage and labor standards, while demanding these standards from all nations, or we continue to go down in a flaming wreck of greed, poverty, corruption, and ecological destruction that the Democrat and Republican corporate-corrupted and controlled parties, these parties of organized greed, corruption, mass immigration and grossly irresponsible offshoring, have led us down.

This is a rapidly failing path.

Trump had and has had nothing to do with the ecological position we are currently in, that we have grown into over the past fifty years of irresponsible growth.
Trump has been, and still is, actually against the path of unlimited immigration and offshoring down which the Democrats and Republicans have led us to environmental destruction.

The Choice was Ours, if we save our environment, or continue the practices destroying it the Republicrats have charted..

Well, it will be our, “choice,” if, when, or if we ever, finally, have honest democratic elections not tainted by vast, “outside,” money-power influences… which is nothing less that open bribery and corruption.

Don’t hold your breath...





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