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More Coordinated Global-Scale Heatwaves in Our Future

More Coordinated Global-Scale Heatwaves in Our Future

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 November 2018


More Coordinated Global-Scale Heatwaves in Our Future

Study shows regions increasingly suffer hot, dry conditions at the same time,
Stanford's School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences , November 28, 2018.


Coordinated Climate Chaos
“...the kind of hot, dry conditions that can shrink crop yields, destabilize food prices and lay the groundwork for devastating wildfires are increasingly striking multiple regions simultaneously as a result of a warming climate.”

“...we find that before anthropogenic climate change, there were very low odds that any two regions would experience those really severe conditions simultaneously,"

Four Times More Often
"...that before 1980, there was less than a 5 percent chance that two region pairs would experience extreme temperatures in a year that was also dry in both regions. However, in the past two decades, the odds have increased to as much as 20 percent for some region pairs."

Heatwave Heaven
"So, what used to be a rare occurrence can now be expected to occur with some regularity, and we have very strong evidence that global warming is the cause."

Future Failure BAKED-IN
“...a future in which multiple regions are at risk of experiencing low crop yields simultaneously. That's because, while some crops can thrive in a warm growing season, others - particularly grains - grow and mature too quickly when temperatures rise, consecutive dry days pile up and warmth persists overnight. As a result, hot-dry conditions tend to produce smaller harvests of major commodities, including wheat, rice, corn and soybeans.”

The New Abnormal
“Those same hot, dry conditions can also exacerbate fire risk, drying out vegetation in the summer and autumn and fueling intense, fast-spreading wildfires like those that burned through more than 240,000 acres in California in November 2018.”

Extremes Becoming Normal
“They found that within a few decades, if the world continues on its current emissions trajectory, the odds that average temperatures will rise well beyond the range normally experienced in the middle of the 20th century could climb upward of 75 percent in many regions.”

The New Abnormal
"...our research shows that assuming that...historical probabilities will continue into the future doesn't accurately reflect the current or future risk."



Bottom Line

Get ready to rock and roll. 2018 brought a coordinated heat wave across much of the Northern Hemisphere, and this BBQ is just getting started-up.



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global regions suffer increasing coordinated heat waves


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