A Glacial Scorecard Since 1961

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 April 2019



Regional Share of Glaciers in Sea-Level Rise from 1961 to 2016
Regional share of glaciers in sea-level rise from 1961 to 2016, by Zemp, University of Zurich.

Credit to Zemp, University of Zurich, see the full size map


A Glacial Scorecard Since 1961

Melting Glaciers Causing Sea Levels to Rise at Ever Greater Rates,
University of Zurich, April 8, 2019.


Digital measurement of glaciers, “...with geodetic satellite measurements.”

Human measurements by...“World Glacier Monitoring Service from its worldwide network of observers...”

A Comprehensive Look at Global Glaciers
“...able to reconstruct changes in the ice thickness of more than 19,000 glaciers worldwide.”

“...we can estimate how much ice has been lost each year in all mountain regions since the 1960s,"”

“The global mass loss of glacier ice has increased significantly in the last 30 years and currently amounts to 335 billion tons of lost ice each year.”

“…lost more than 9,000 billion tons of ice since 1961...”

Glacial melting feeds, “...an increase in sea levels of almost 1 millimeter per year.”

Glacial melting, “...resulted in global sea levels increasing by 27 millimeters in this period.”

“...melted ice of glaciers therefore accounts for 25 to 30 percent of the current increase in global sea levels.”

Big Glaciers Losing Big
“...glaciers in Alaska, followed by the melting ice fields in Patagonia and glaciers in the Arctic regions.”

Small Glaciers Losing, too
“...the European Alps, the Caucasus and New Zealand were also subject to significant ice loss; however, due to their relatively small glacierized areas they played only a minor role when it comes to the rising global sea levels.”



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Future Trajectory of Global Warming

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Sea Levels

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