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The Ring of Fire is now A Ring of Forest Fire: California Leads the Way to Destruction | High Sierra Backpacker

The Ring of Fire is now A Ring of Forest Fire: California Leads the Way to Destruction

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 11 December 2017



The Ring of Fire
is now
A Ring of Forest Fire

California Leads the Way to Destruction

In a warming California, a future of more fire
NYT, December 8, 2017.

The above updates this recent article below,

LA fires: Why 2017’s record wildfire season keeps getting worse

where you will find extensive links to recent research and news about the radically worsening wildfire situation over the past two decades.

The seriousness of our deteriorating weather, water, fire and deteriorating weather situation requires we identify the source of our environmental breakdown, and eliminate them. It turns out that we can ignore nature as the "source" of our problem. Weather is Nature's  “middle-man,” delivering a message. Looking closer, we can see irresponsible human growth is directly responsible for Nature's bad behavior, but looking even closer tells us even more.

Every time we pushed growth and development too far, we can find greed and corruption pushing the decision-making process to make the wrong decision, to damage and drain dry our eternal natural resources for short term profits.
We can clearly see bribery and corruption manipulating and overpowering our democratic practices & processes, making the satisfaction of a few people's greed more important than the quality of the average American's life, let alone the honor & honesty of our political system. Bribery makes greed more politically effective, and profitable to our politicians, than looking-out for our country's human or natural general welfare.

Even the most cursory look at our situation demands we change how we choose our political leadership if we want to protect either.

We’ve been having years and years of freak weather now, now with a new addition: vast December forest fires under this year’s bigger, stronger version of the massive Winter High Pressure Ridge that’s been characterizing, driving, and a product of our radically changing, drying, and warming weather patterns.

It’s not alone.

The resilient ridge, the blob, a series of freakish powerful and persistent El Ninos, the current freak La Nina, disturbed ocean and air currents are all signs of an unbalanced planatary weather system.
Now we either have freak South winds bringing warm tropical Winters, or we have no Winter at all.  We are now living under a long-term drought that emerged naturally out of our strong, long-term, multi-decadal drying and warming trends. Torrential tropical downpours now punctuate the extended gaps between our long-lost Northern storms, if and when they rarely, if ever appear.

These are all consequences of losing, no not losing, but of our driving our traditional Northern Storm Pattern away. We have literally “consumed” our traditional weather. We are living with the consequences & under all the dangerous weather manifestations of an environment our own bad behavior has deeply destabilized.

All of these are signs indicating we should immediately pull back on the reigns of unlimited growth, take the foot off the gas pedal of unlimited offshoring, and hit the brakes on our domestic and global program of endless growth of population, production, and profit, judging by the critical damages to our ecology they've brought on, so far.

Our program of the endless growth of greed has already seriously damaged everything human and natural. We have confronted over-population and over-consumption with green words, while our deeds perpetuate the destruction.

Oh, and in our society, the, “average citizen,” has not made any “money,” but only relentlessly lost income and purchasing power over the last four decades, while our "leaders" generated trillions of dollars of debt, over the last ten years, all to subsidize the people who did steal our wealth, to secure and subdize our corporate elite’s “profits,” with massive public debt, for over ten years now...

All so they could continue to drain an already destabilized Man and Nature...

Any color you paint it, or however you speak about it, our government institutions are completely captured by the Corporate Growth Machine of Death, and it will continue to corrupt the souls of men,  consume their wealth, all while draining the power and spirit of Nature until we finally remove its throughly-bribed minions from political leadership of our government.

We can only save nature by saving ourselves, by ridding ourselves of those tools of corporate greed and corruption who’ve hijacked, who’ve bribed our electoral and political processes, as well as both our political parties, into abject submission.

Until that point we MAKE POLITICAL BRIBERY A SERIOUS CRIME, our corporate masters will grow their captive population of greedy consumers as big as they possibly can, regardless of the human or natural consequences, which are both, already, catastrophic.



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