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FUNGI INFORMATION: About the Fungus Amungus | High Sierra Backpacker

FUNGI INFORMATION: About the Fungus Amungus

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 10 January 2018



Fungi News
Information about the Fungus Amungus

Dead trees are alive with fungi,
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ,
January 9, 2018.

This research describes the Fungi processes that both consume dead trees and maintain soil conditions for subsequent generations of trees.

As we regularly encounter a wide variety of fungi hiking from Tahoe to Whitney, I figured I'd keep this fine bit of research to fill out some of the vast blank spots in my knowledge of fungi.


The main points of this informative fungi research

"...fungus species inhabiting dead trees is 12 times higher than previously thought..."

"The diversity of fungi living in the trees was an order of magnitude greater than previously thought..."



They analyzed all the DNA they found in the dead wood, instead of relying on visual identification.
"It’s like an iceberg: you can’t see most of the fungi because they are inside the trunks in the form of a fine mycelium..."

The "...team identified 1,254..." new fungal species.

"Dead conifers generally had greater species diversity of fungi than most deciduous trees. The greatest diversity occurred on Douglas fir, larch and oak and the smallest amount of diversity on beech and hornbeam."

"...wood-inhabiting fungi prefer certain species of trees and don’t simply have a general preference for either conifers or deciduous trees, as scientists previously assumed. "

"What is fascinating, however, as Buscot adds, is that in some cases the specialisation of fungi on dead wood is greater than the one of symbiotic fungi on living plants."

"Dead wood is an integral part of forest ecosystems, which plays a vital role in the function and maintenance of biodiversity."

Nature's Processes Use Everything in Life and Death: Human Processes create vast rivers of radioactive, and including every imaginable type of toxic wastes. Toxic wastes that all kill, maim, or warp everything human and natural they come into contact with.
Knowing this, we still dump ever-increasing amounts of our toxic byproducts into the sea, pump them into the ground, and spew them into the air.

That's the difference between us and the Web of Life in Nature: All byproducts and death in The Web of Life are its own nutrients and nourishment, respectively.

The byproducts of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death are its own poisions.

We can manufacture cleanly. As soon as we attained industrial cleanup here in the US, our corporate overlords moved American industrial operations to countries where they could pollute with impunity.


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