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Fish & Water News, 2017 Delta Fish Survey, Wet year brings no relief for endangered Smelt | High Sierra Backpacker

Fish & Water News, 2017 Delta Fish Survey, Wet year brings no relief for endangered Smelt

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 16 January 2018


Fish & Water News
Happy Smelt?

Survival Trumps Feelings

2017 Delta Fish Survey

Will Delta Smelt Have a Happy New Year?
California Water Blog, January 14, 2018.

Wet year brings no relief for endangered Smelt.

Lowest count of Smelt ever!



Want to save the Smelt and Salmon in the Delta, and wild fish in California?

It's as easy as shutting-down half the San Joaquin Valley ag production, and sending the illegal 2/3rds of the City and County of Los Angeles'. "consumers." back to consume the resources of their own country. We need to do this to save what little remains of our natural and social infrastructures here in California.

Or, are you one of the "Progressive" idiots who say we need even more people and even less Nature than we now have in California? Are you fricking crazy? Or, just corrupted? More people? That's Lemming talk... I'm fine with that, as long as you walk the Lemming Walk, too, along with your Lemming talk. But honestly, no one who has any sense at all is following the lemmings off that cliff of continued over-population, over-production, and over-consumption. It has already trashed everything human and natural. Nonetheless, the "lemmings" are "packing-up," they are forming-up into great braying herds, as Nature collapses out from under them, and they attempt to run us all off of their cliff of unrestrained growth feeding unrestrained greed.

It's hilarious! the "Progressive" lemmings in California are the premier anti-environmentalist and anti-labor advocates who instituted and still promote the offshoring of our manufacturing to filthy countries, and fight to the death for the unlimited illegal and legal population growth that combined to crush wages, extinguish benefits, all while accelerating the destruction of our environment and open pillaging of our middle-class, and their once-best in the USA social and educational infrastructures. Poof! All Gone!

Quite a "Progressive" plan! Well, they don't call them Yuppies for nothing! All that booty ended up in sombody's bank accounts...

These "Progressive Policies" are exactly the means our "progressives" here in California used to move our middle-class's wealth and political power up to the very top of our corporate elite.

These policies and the resultant shift in where the wealth and power sits in our nation are exactly the foundation that empowered the evolution that consolidated the elements and operators of  American Corporate Fascism from out of our already obnoxious, but somewhat controlled, corporate elite, and put them in charge.

Thanks, "Progressives!"

The "resistance" of the 1960s and 70s identified our corporate aristocracy, and put itself against their international wars of empire and domestic repression. Our corporate arsitocracy responded to this resistance with mass immigration and offshoring American manufacturing to China. Importing desperation and exporting manufacturing gutted middle-class incomes, shifting any of their kid's energy that had been directed towards resistance, to survival.
The American domestic "fight" shifted from tempering aristocracy, stopping empire, and absorbing Black America into the middle-class, to just fighting to get enough to survive, as the aristocracy and its empire flourished on their fifty year flood tide of massive growth fueled by the lowest cost foreign and domestic peasant labor they could find, ever dropping interest rates, no environmental concerns in China & India, and no middle-class "overhead" to pay anywhere.

This type of irresponsible growth has great costs at every level, besides sinking the middle-class, and removing the 1960s hope that "civil rights" would lead to middle-class jobs for Blacks. Those jobs were shipped to China, or done by illegals almost as cheaply as Chinese in China... Not only did the "white" middle-class dissappear, but that's also exactly how civil rights "failed:" it never had an economic chance against the "Progressive" programs of, "globalism" and mass illegal immigration.

The "progressives" enacted policies that began the race to the bottom for everyone. Except them.

This irresponsible domestic demographic growth and offshoring to China has broken the planatary weather balances weaving all our waters, our skies, and our lands together with the web of life. This imbalance makes everything living within suffer, move if possible, adapt or degrade if not, or die. This is happening because our growth has already fundamentally changed our planet's chemistry, the planatary distribution of heat and moisture, which already changed the character of our quadrant of our planet's annual weather cycle and timing, which has caught the attention of every living thing here, one way or another.

Our behavior has knocked our weather out of the ten-thousand year pattern its been occilating within since the end of the last Ice Age. This, in turn, has stressed-out, or at least affected all the associated ecosystems we observe in our particular quadrant of this planet's webs of life, where they are all showing signs of suffering from these fundamental pressures, brought to you by, "Change you can Believe In."

No it's not.  You can't believe that at all. These destructive changes to our our weather and ecosystems, that phrase, and the "Progressive" man who spoke those lies were all brought to you and funded by the "Progressives" main sponsor, by the Corporate Growth Machine of Death.

Us humans losing control of our greed and greedy, and messing with the cycles of weather, of us allowing ourselves and our effect to get large and gross enough to change the planatary cycles of hot, cold, wet, and dry is akin to us attacking the very foundations of our own lives. Everything we humans depend on for everything biological, all our water and food, are products of the fertility of the traditional range of the cycle of our seasons.

There's a reason this era is called the Anthropocene, which I define as the Earth's sixth major extinction event, motivated by, and executed for, human greed. It's weird that we appear to accelerate our destructive anthropogenic behaviors even as we individually and collectively become more and more aware of our anthropogenic effect.  It's a sick form of "Musical Chairs."

What's Next

"Progressives" will continue to call for their unlimited illegal and legal population explosion, will continue to call for unlimited building and development to feed their realator-bribers' greed, will continue to call for greater and greater water projects and diversions to feed their ever-growing megacities of consumers into bone-dry deserts, all while calling themselves "Green."

The press will continue its, "Dead Beat," and will finally report how sad the extinction of the smelt, and all wild fish in California, and off its shores has been, with a sly, lying smile on their evil faces.


January 9
Delta Broken
Delta Smelt & Wild Fish in California all Headed for Extinction

Move coverage of the "Dead Beat," which is what I call the press' long-term, "coverage," of the extinction of wild fish in California. The press has been covering the long decline and impending extincition of wild fish in California while never identifying the political corruption and wildly irresponsible corruption-driven growth inextricably driving us to the final destruction of wild fish and their ecosystems in California.
This is understandable, as the vast majority of the press has cheer-led the last fifty years of wildly irresponsible growth, while willfully ignoring the widespread cheating and open political corruption fueling the growth, let alone its consequences, the collapse of our weather and ecology.


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