All The Wild Fish in California Are Dying: No Identification of Causes, & No Plan to Stop It?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 30 March 2018


All The Fish Are Dying

No Identification of Causes, & No Plan to Stop It?

California’s fishing industry is drying up. We need to think big on climate change,
Sac Bee, March 27, 2018.

"California is home to 31 kinds of salmon and trout. Of those, 23 are at risk of going extinct over the next century."

"...American West is transitioning toward perennial snow drought due to climate change."


The Real Deal

This is a typical corporate media-crap article crying about how climate change is destroying our fish populations, but does absoultely nothing to identify nor address the very real "global-scale" sources of our general climate dysfunctions, nor the massive local pressures on our state's rivers, watersheds, and fish. Such as the impending theivery of unlimited Northern California water as the "Devils Straws" are being forced through all resistance.

I have watched the corporate media publish these "tracking the death of fish" articles for forty years now, without them ever targeting the massively irresponsible massive domestic demographic growth, nor the offshoring our manufacturing to Filthy China, which are the twin tap roots of our environmental degradation and destruction of wild fish stocks in California. The article above is another in that long series of failed corporate media reporting to identify or address the policies of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death that happens to own and control "our" politicians and "our" "free press."

We all know our ecosystems are crashing hard. We all know what "did" it , being the massive population increases, and shipping our manufacturing to filty China. So, how are we going to identify & "Fix" the destruction of our climate & ecology? This article says nothing about the massive irresponsible demographic growth that's devastated our state's ecosystems. This article says nothing about the massive "offshoring" of American manufacturing to filty countries like China, which have devastated our environment, and altered the world's weather.

Nothing! Our country was improving in every aspect until massive immigration was restarted in 1964 and China was "opened" in '72. Those were the two policy decisions that have trashed our state, our country, and our whole planet's environment. Those are the policies that were killing our state's fish yesterday and are killing them today.

These are the two policies that must first be identified and then reversed to even begin stopping, let alone repairing our climate and ecosystems. Neither of these policies is acceptable to our corrupted political "leadership," nor is likely acheivable without first restoring our democratic institutions. All three, our climate, ecosystems, and our democracy have all been trashed by the massive forces of material greed unleased by our massive immigration and offshoring policies.

Our inability to control our own greed and greedy people has, and will continue to kill the fish, either until the fish are gone, or we remove the greed and corruption that's killing them from our polity and our country.

The American Corporate Global Empire, the Growth Machine of Death, will finish killing-off the wild fish in California, and off its coast, if we don't stop the "international" and "domestic" forces of irresponsible growth, the forces of organized greed, here and now.




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