Fish News, Scraping Along the Bottom of Ma Nature's Barrel: Pittance Salmon Run Causes Joy

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 19 November 2017



Scraping Along the Bottom of Ma Nature's Barrel

Pittance Mokelumne River Salmon Run Causes Joy

Fish-friendly measures steer Central Valley salmon run near record,
Mercury News, November 17, 2017.

What we see in the article above is the last pittance of our natural legasy, an environment that our overdevelopment has so overwhelmed, that we have to take extreme measures to even preserve this pittance, this pathetic remnant of once mighty Salmon migrations, while we are at the same time, still pushing exactly the same irresponsible domestic and offshore growth programs that killed the Salmon, as fast and far as our criminal corporate leadership and their criminal foreign minions can possibly get away with.

The other option to taking these extreme measures described in the article above is the total wild fish death in California's rivers, which is rapidly happening anyway, due to our vast overgrowth & overdevelopment. We have already moved the environment out of the range necessary to support Salmon.

We need to shut down half the fields in the Valley, turn off the Tracy Pumps, and begin the process of shrinking-down the size of our megacities on the West Coast and Southwest of the US by at least half.

This greed & growth driven, "race to the bottom," for Man & Nature is almost over, and everyone, ultimately, are all losers in this particular kind of race to the bottom.

We are far past the "tipping points" of decent social or natural behaviors.

No more cheaters, and no further cheating of Nature or of our fundamental Rules of Law can be tolerated at the top or bottom of society, if we want to retain any elements of our traditional weather & ecology, let alone any semblence of our Constitutional political values. 

All three are nearly completely gone...



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