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Lying Liars Lie: The Devils's Straws, AKA; Funding, and the True costs of the Twin Tunnels

Lying Liars Lie: The Devils's Straws, AKA; Funding, and the True costs of the Twin Tunnels

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 11 September 2017


Lying Liars Lie

AP, September 8, 2017.


Audit finds improper taxpayer subsidies for Delta tunnels. Will it halt the project?
Sac Bee, September 8, 2017.



Devil's Straws:

The Twin Tunnels News

Fighting the Devil's Straws

What the Straws are All About
Continuing Massive So Cal Population Growth: The Corporate Growth Machine of Death




Sucking the Life
out of
Man & Nature

The Devil's Straws are a scam to perpetuate the irresponsible growth of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death. The lying, corrupted political cheaters staffing our government, the corrupted politicians who appointed them, and the corporate bribers who pay them all need us to subsidize the massive transfer of Northern California's water to Southern California. The goal is to both make possible and deeply subsidize their planned massive population expansion out into the Imperial Valley, San Berdo, and Riverside. That's the real role of the Devil's Straws, to lay down the fundmental infrastructure to build out a vast population East of LA.

Our corporate masters have plans for importing millions and millions of consumers to expand a massive population center East from LA, reaching out across hundreds of miles of desert towards Vegas and Arizona.

But even more importantly, only the chaos of endless growth will allow our corporate leaders to continue avoiding paying the medical, educational, and infrastructural "costs of doing business," of their present scam, by promising us that the profits of future growth will somehow pay to make up for the damages their state subsidized cheap labor force have already done and are doing to our state.

We will only finally "balance" our books and make them pay the costs of doing business when the growth machine of death is stopped, or grinds to a halt due to its own internal corruptions & flaws. Only then will our corporate masters finally pay their fair share of our educational, medical, retirement, and infrastructural costs each year, rather than loaning us the money for social operationg costs, the exact same money that they previously paid in taxes, telling us that each year's "growth" will pay last year's bills. It never does, and the middle class is left to shoulder the load once again, in further depleated services.

This policy of irresponsible growth has had the direct effect of forcing the average citizen to subsidize our corporate master's "costs of doing business," their vast and increasing profits, while at the same time forcing us to subsidize the costs of the illegal cheap labor that has gutted our wages while raising our rent and food costs to the sky, all while expanding "markets," and "profits" for our corporate masters. These are the fruits of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death's brutally irresponsible growth. The growth that was supposed to, "make us all rich."

These policies have resulted in significant degradation in middle-class wages, education, health, and quality of life. These policies have pushed our environment past many of its "tipping points."

Somehow, the profits of each year's growth never quite covers the price we pay for subsiding their massive infrastructure programs or the costs of the massive number of cheap illegal laborers they hope to build them with.
In the meantime, our corporate government and media never seem to count, or even see, the lost "oppertunity costs" for real Americans, the vast majority of whom have lost any chances they ever had to get a quality education or have a job with decent wages. Middle class education and decent wages were the first two things sacrificed, decades ago in California, under the flood tide of legal and illegal immigration, as the profits of our corporate masters grew obscenely under the policies of massive illegal immigration and offshoring.

And, somehow, rather than, "everyone getting rich with illegals and offshoring," as the corporate politicians and press have endlessly touted and shouted out over the past fifty years of lies, our corporate leaders have somehow captured the complete wealth and political power of our state and nation during the past fifty years of their uncontrolled "offshoring and illegals" programs. In the meantime, the wages and living standards of the majority of our "regular," middle class citizens have plummeted to third world levels.

"Mission Accomplished." That was the plan from the beginning, despite their open lies to the contrary, that everyone would get richer. The real objective of their program has been achieved: complete dominance of the finances and polity of the United States by Corporate Interests, who felt they had lost control after FDR instituted social welfare and taxation policies that put over half the wealth of our nation into the hands of our middle class.

Founders of the Corporate States of America: The Robber Barons

The Evolution of the Corporate Fascist State

That "split," and the Era of Middle Class America has now been ended, intentionally, after a fifty year all-out assault, led by the Democrats!

The article cited on top above merely shows us one drop of a flood tide of taxpayer subsidies for private profits in every sector of our corporate economy. Every corporate interest is subsidized and protected by the power of its bribery, flexed through vast bribes to both parties and armies of PACs and lobbyists weilding fat bribery checks, er, I mean, "contributions."

That's how our Corporate Growth Machine of Death rolls, and how it keeps itself rolling, by eating the souls of men and the spirit and body of Nature via a self-perpetuating machine of human desires (mostly greed) pursued through open corruption and always followed first by ethical, then Natural destruction...

Saving ourselves and the complexity of spirit in Nature requires we pull its plug, that we pull the plug on the Corporate Growth Machine of Death's "power supply." We must stop every one of the rich people in this country from being able to contribute one red cent more to any politician or political party than the average working Joe can afford to contribute to either, and even more importantly, to completely stop their corporations from contributing one red cent to either party or any politician.

No More Cheating!

That's the only way we can save what remains of our Natural Environment: We've gotta derail the Corporate Growth Machine of Death. That's it, our last, best hope for the future of humanity.

Added Later
Or else somebody is going to force our Bill of Rights and Constitution down your throats, it you like our system of mutual rights, or not...


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