Salmon Decline Continues Apace Two Articles Spring Run in Feather Hurting & Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the "Eco-tanic"

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 October 2017



Fish News

Two Salmon Disaster Articles

It is a Disaster...

Salmon Decline Continues Apace

Scientists say few spring-run salmon in Feather River likely due to heat, drought,
Chico ER, October 22, 2017.

Killing off Yurok Life with the Salmon

End of Salmon & Yurok



All Talk-No Action

Massive Demographic Growth Continues Apace

Expert panel to discuss future of endangered coho salmon,
Santa Cruz Sentinel, October 22, 2017.

This group is going to address consequences of the growth ("Modifications to the rivers and streams of the central coast, including damming, logging and cutting rivers off from historical floodplains...") that's killing the salmon. I'll bet dollars against dimes that they talk about everything except stopping the wildly irresponsible demographic growth of the last fifty years that's actually creating the consequences that are killing the Salmon, along with killing about eveything else "wild" in California.

I predict that this meeting will talk about every consequence of the irresponsible growth we've experienced, while never addressing the irresponsible growth itself. That's off-limits. These folks will rearrange every deck chair on their very own ecological titanic, while never understanding it is their own underlying assumption about "endless growth" that is driving us and the salmon towards greater ecological disaster, while not doing one damn thing to actually change our nation's direct course into this, our very own, metaphorical, "ecological iceberg." But it sounds good. It feels good.

No problem. Just keep doing what you've been doing, and expect things to change, while clicking your heels together three times. Or mumbling some "magic words, like, "We're green!" That works every time! "Magic Thinking" works in the movies and in your mind, it feels good, but it does not work in the rivers and streams. Only real change, a stoppage of demographic growth in California, will save the salmon.

No More.

That is the only real foundation healthy rivers and streams can be built on.

We’ve been reporting on, talking about, and doing nothing to address the irresponsible growth that is crashing wild fish populations, for fifty years now.

Death of Wild Fish

Nothing has changed
Finishing Off California Fish


Source of our Problems
Greed & Irresponsible Growth


Methods & Consequences
Corruption, Cultural Death, & Extinction

Dead & Dying Fish
Salmon RIP?


The World’s Fish have a “Climate Problem
“End of Fish” News



Water News




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