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Autism Increase Linked to Endocrine Disruptors in Womb

Autism Increase Linked to Endocrine Disruptors in Womb

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 August 2019




Keys to Understanding the Mechanisms of Our Degradation of Ourselves & Our Environment

High levels of Estrogen in the Womb Linked to Autism,
University of Cambridge, July 29, 2019. 


"Scientist have identified a link between exposure to high levels of oestrogen sex hormones in the womb and the likelihood of developing autism."

"...further evidence to support the prenatal sex steroid theory of autism first proposed 20 years ago."

"Today, the same scientists have built on their previous findings by testing the amniotic fluid samples from the same 98 individuals sampled from the Danish Biobank, which has collected amniotic samples from over 100,000 pregnancies, but this time looking at another set of prenatal sex steroid hormones called oestrogens. This is an important next step because some of the hormones previously studied are directly converted into oestrogens."

"All four oestrogens were significantly elevated, on average, in the 98 foetuses who later developed autism, compared to the 177 foetuses who did not. High levels of prenatal oestrogens were even more predictive of likelihood of autism than were high levels of prenatal androgens (such as testosterone). Contrary to popular belief that associates oestrogens with feminisation, prenatal oestrogens have effects on brain growth and also masculinise the brain in many mammals."

"This new finding supports the idea that increased prenatal sex steroid hormones are one of the potential causes for the condition. Genetics is well established as another, and these hormones likely interact with genetic factors to affect the developing foetal brain."



Developmental Disruption Does Not Stop in One Generation

Ongoing Multi-Generational Developmental Disruption

Mouse study finds BPA exposure has Transgenerational Effects on Gene Linked to Autism,
The Endocrine Society, June 12, 2019.


Bottom Line

Scope & Scale
This research provides a link between how our covering our planet with plastic waste, which is currently breaking down, could be directly tied to the explosion in autism we've experience over the last few decades.
This long, slow, global breakdown of plastic is producing beaches of nano-plastic sand around the world containing endocrine-disrupting plastic softeneing chemicals, which are leeching out into every aspect of our our general environment from this vast, global mass of degrading plastic.

These oceans of toxic waste plastic are likely the source of the, "oestrogens," the research above is talking about, and one of the most significant culprits behind our autism explosion are likely composed of the soup of estrogen-mimicing compounds used to soften our plastics, chemicals which have already inundated our people and planet under a flood tide of development-disrupting endocrine disruptors.

This global poisioning is likely in the first stages of being linked to the recent explosion in autism cases by pieces of research like those above and below.
A link between endocrine disruptors in the womb, and the rising rates of autism on a planet swimming in these endocrine disruptors is highlighting just one of the dangers of allowing the oil-plastic-chemical companies to so throughly bribe our parties and politicians, to poision us in their relentless pursuit of profits and power, even at the expense of our health and safety, after they so long ago drained our rights and wealth.

Fundamentals Lost
The importance of our fundamental health and safety, let alone our fundamental political rights and wealth, pale in comparison to their desires for wealth and power. In fact, "Industry," have, are, and will continue to bribe our more-than-accomodating parties and politicians to both enable and cover their health, safety, environmental crimes behind their political crimes. Bribery pays for, and covers all...

Are our Forest Burning? Is our Power On? WHY.

Very Profitable
The Dims and Repugnants suck up their industry bribes, as industry spews out vast amounts of a vast range of chemical poisons with destructive capabilities that truly boggles the mind  and imagination, as they continue their quite profitable destruction of our people and planet.

Ubiquitous Endocrine Disruption
These bribes have allowed the widespread employment of seriously dangerous chemicals, endocrine disruptors in this particular example, (and there are many examples), at a scale sufficient, upon their inevitable release from the waste plastic they are entombed within, to supercharge what scientists have already described as the, "ubiquitous," presence of endocrine disruptors in our global environment. This freak show's just getting started!

Alpha to Omega
Now, through the research above, we find that we are not only being exposed to these development-disrupting chemicals from the, "cradle to grave," but from an even earlier point, from the point of our conception and subsequent development in the womb.

Health & Fitness News: BPA in 86% of Global Teenagers

Big Round Trip
But, we likely don't have to wait for these leeched endocrine disruptors to work through our ecosystems before poisoning us. We've a head-Start!

Plastic People
That's because our constant close personal contact with new plastic products, (think about water bottle use alone), appears capable of transferring significant amounts of estrogen-like chemicals contained in the plastic we use daily, into us long before we discard them, and their constituent estrogen-disrupting poisons begin their long march of leaching and wearing out of our plastic waste into the open environment and its ecosystems, where we again come into contact with them.

Only the Beginning
So, after the fetus in the womb is exposed to excess development-disrupting hormones during their fundamental development, babies are now born into a world awash in endocrine disruptors that are very negatively affecting every stage of their subsequent development into adulthood.

Thus, we've got to clean this mess up, which, to be an effective clean-up, will have to begin by cleaning out the industrial corruption poisoning Congress, before we can clean up the industrial pollution poisoning our planet, and disturbing the development of our children. The former political clean up will be required to achieve our latter goal, a clean, safe environment.

We don't need a political crusade to rid the planet of plastic, we need a crusade to rid the planet of corrupted political parties and their politicians who's greed allowed this to happen in the first place. Then we can replace their cheap-gratification disposable society these creeps created, with a sustainable society based on ethical gratifications, rather than their system of getting everything you can steal by cheating.

One approach is bad for children, (in more ways than one), while the other is good for children in every way...

The crude approach to life pursued by our evil corporate elite and their bribed politicians has brought us down to, and is dragging us across the bottom of the barrel of life...



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Baby Products

Jan 2018
Health & Fitness, BPA: Baby Product Fireproofing Chemicals Cause Baby Development Dysfunctions


Start 'em off Young!
Baby socks found to contain traces of bisphenol A and parabens,
University of Granada, June 14, 2019.



BPA-Plastic Additives

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What it Does

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Perv Factor Alpha
What is an Environment of, "Ubiqutous" Endrocrine Disruptors doing to us?

Creating the Human Perv Factory

Unaccounted-for Mental health implications of Endocrine Developmental Disruption?


The Core of Our Problem is Ethical-Not Chemical...
Greed-Driven Corruption

Jan 2017
Industry Bribes Trashing Our Health & Environment

Greed, and Greedy People, have been put above, and have put themselves above our Rule of Law by our corrupted polity. This fact costs us more and more of our mind, body, and spirit everyday.



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2019-07-31 18:06:13

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