Endocrine Disrupting Compounds Everywhere: Food & Environment

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 14 March 2018


Altering Childhood Sexual Development

Endocrine Disrupting Compounds Everywhere: Food & Environment

Babies fed soy-based formula have changes in reproductive system tissues,
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, March 12, 2018.

"Infants who consumed soy-based formula as newborns had differences in some reproductive-system cells and tissues, compared to those who used cow-milk formula or were breastfed..."

"...soy protein contains high amounts of genistein, an estrogen-like compound. Like other estrogen-mimicking chemicals found in the environment, genistein can alter the body's endocrine system and potentially interfere with normal hormonal development."

"Soy formula contains high concentrations of plant-based estrogen-like compounds, and because this formula is the sole food source for many babies in the first six months of life, it's important to understand the effects of exposure to such compounds during a critical period in development."

"Compared to girls fed cow-milk formula, those fed soy formula had developmental trajectories consistent with responses to estrogen exposure. Vaginal cell MI was higher and uterine volume decreased more slowly in soy-fed girls, both of which suggest estrogen-like responses. The study team found similar patterns in differences between soy-fed girls and breastfed girls."


We have at least two sources of chemicals distorting childhood sexual development. BPA & Soy based products both deliver estrogen mimicking compounds to America's children. The rise and distribution of plastic pollution mirrors the rise of gender confusion in Nature and in children & adults around the world.

We have a vast population that's had its sexual development, an element of a person's basic identity, modified by the vast chemical distribution of BPA in plastic pollution breaking down around the whole world, and the rise of soy consumption around the world.



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