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Too Many Eggie-Weggies Still Bad for You - But Not Too Bad...

Too Many Eggie-Weggies Still Bad for You - But Not Too Bad...

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 07 June 2019



Love Them Eggs
Three chicken eggs
Three chicken eggs, Timothy Titus.
Three chicken eggs of contrasting colours. From L to R, WHITE (white leghorn hen), RED (speckled)(Marans hen), and TINTED (Rhode Island Red hen). Wiki, Timothy Titus.


Too Many Eggie-Weggies Still Bad for You - But Not Too Bad...

Study: Cholesterol in Eggs Tied to Cardiac Disease, Death,
University of Massachusetts Lowell, June 4, 2019.


Eggs Bad
"...cholesterol in eggs, when consumed in large quantities, is associated with ill health effects..."

"...high cholesterol levels..."

US Diet Guidelines
"...no more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day."

Egg Semi-Reprieve
"...saturated fats (other sources of cholesterol) were the driving factor behind high cholesterol levels, rather than eggs."

Eggs OK
One large egg
200 milligrams of cholesterol, which is less than daily diet guideline for cholesterol.

Too Many Eggs
"...large quantities...associated with ill health effects..."

Too Many Eggs
Hatching a Brood of Destruction
"...each additional 300 milligrams of cholesterol consumed beyond a baseline of 300 milligrams per day was associated with a 17 percent higher risk of cardiovascular disease and an 18 percent higher risk of death."

US Consumption

279 eggs per year

254 eggs per year

Expert Advice:
Two Over Easy
"...I recommend people avoid eating three-egg omelets every day. Nutrition is all about moderation and balance."



Bottom Line

Enlightened Moderation
Too much of everything is bad for you... but diet is best tuned to your level of engagement with your environment. Low levels of engagement requires low levels of calories, while high levels of engagement demands food.

Yikes Survival
Between Extremes
Metabolic efficiencies can reduce food needs to scary levels even under the harshest environments, while folks who, "run hot," are burning off excess calories while at rest! The key for your average, healthy individual is having a reasonable physical engagement with Nature that makes your diet work. Reward yourself with regular eggs, if you feel the need for those amazing energy bombs!

Finding Balance Point
Putting in regular road work, stretching time, and strength training for your specific body type and metabolism will help find & maintain your metabolic balance, with the workload putting specific diet needs on your physical systems, requiring you find the diet balance best suited to your tastes and activity level. A few eggs a week? None? It's up to you.

Recent Research
April 2019
Two Fitness Research Summaries: Power and Protein

Same Game, Different Levels
On the other side of the grocery aisle, we have sedentary life demanding the opposite, demanding serious caloric restraint. No work, maybe not even one eggie-weggie for the sedentary you!
In either case, being fully active or fully sedentary, the key lays in adjusting our diet to our workload. There's no escape. Following this balance point is the only way we can stay most basically healthy, and adjusting our diet to our changing physical load requirements is how we maintain, if not optimize, one of the basic foundations of our health and fitness, our diet.



Diet-Health "Revisions"

Nov 2018
Health Effects of Dairy, Salt, Sugar, and Now Protein Consumption Revised-Clarified

Aug 2018
Salt not a Health Issue, with Egg-Diet Revision

Aug 2018
Rise and Fall of Diet Mythologies: Dairy not as Bad as Thought



Hilarious Irony
Diet, Science, and Human Behavior Part Company...

Diet Science
Jan 2019
Lancet wants to Starve Us so they Can Continue Overpopulating Our Planet

Human Behavior
Nov 2018
Tomorrow's Population will be Larger, Heavier and Eat More

Future Prospects
Jun 2017
The Future Diet of, "Consumers," in the Corporate Growth Machine of Death:
The greed-driven irresponsible massive population growth forced upon us has already forced us into the emergency conditions demanding we consider forcing our citizens to Drink Toilet Water & Eat Insects, all to maintain our corporate master's growth of outrageous populations and profits that've already forced us to consider drinking toilet water and eating insects as, "palatable," consequences of growth.

Clearly Insane
These wonderful corporate political and media propaganda, "campaigns," designed to sell us on the, "virtues," of drinking toilet water and eating insects are clear signs of a deeply corrupted, sick society.




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