The Timing and Character of Seasons have Changed: Nature-Ecosystems-Watersheds Crash

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 13 April 2018


Timing and Character of Seasons have Changed

Are Still Chaning as Nature-Ecosystems-Watersheds Crash

Extreme climate variability destabilizing West Coast ecosystems,
Oregon State University, April 13, 2018.

"...extreme climate variability over the last century in western North America may be destabilizing both marine and terrestrial ecosystems."

"Climate is increasingly controlling synchronous ecosystem behavior in which species populations rise and fall together..."

“There has been a tremendous amount of research on climate change, but almost all of it has been focused on trends in average conditions, such as rising temperatures,” Arismendi said. “However, climate is also predicted to become more variable and very little research has addressed this issue. Our study found that extreme variability is synchronizing processes within and among ecosystems at a level not seen in the last 250 years.”

I've been saying the relationship between weather and ecosystems has been breaking down, and a better signal of climate change than temp measurements for well over ten years.

"An increase in the synchrony of the climate could expose marine and terrestrial organisms to higher risks of extinction."

We've already crossed that tipping point. As this research points out;

"The researchers documented that the North Pacific High has become more variable over the past century, and that these trends have been imprinted on physical and biological indicators from the continental slope to the Sierra Nevada and beyond. There are more dramatic and frequent swings in this winter climate pattern, and not only has variability increased, but so too has the synchrony among diverse ecosystems."

“We’ve found that land, rivers, and oceans are all strongly related to a winter climate pattern off the western coast of North America, and that climate pattern has become more variable over the past century.”

"More frequent and larger changes in the North Pacific High appear to originate from rising variability in the tropics and are linked to the record-breaking El Niño events in 1983, 1998, and 2016 and the 2014-2015 North Pacific Ocean heat wave known as “The Blob.” "




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