Eco Crash News: Trad Weather Gone, Olympic Skiers Need New Sport

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 18 December 2017



Trad Weather Gone

Skiers Need New Sport

AP Exclusive: Climate change hits Winter Olympic preparation,
AP, December 18, 2017.

This "sports problem" is a minor consequence of our brutal destruction of our traditional Winter weather patterns. The rapid decline of Wintertime snow packs to feed Summertime water and crop needs around the whole world are in the process of very rapidly outpacing the "tragic losses" of out-of-season training facilities for elite Winter atheletes.
The Olympic consequences of Wintertime and its snows dissappearing from everywhere during the ski season are inconsequential if we take any kind of long view of this unfolding disaster.

Water and Crop Failures for billions at the base of the world's mountains are going to very quickly take precedence over the failure of elite sports for dozens playing on the tops of the world's mountains. Ironically, the current failure of elite Winter sport activities at the top of the mountains should warn the all the elites (not just the skiers) about the impending dangers of the water and crop failures unfolding below.

Sadly, it has not had that effect. Our whole elite is still dedicated to growing the population and consumption of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death as quickly as they possibly can, as we are all simultanously watching the consequences of our past growth melting all the snow and ice off our planet's mountains, as the elite's "ski seasons" dwindle and eventually dissappear.
Our corporate elite and their minions are our elite & minions exactly because they pushed exactly the same growth policies that broke our ecosystems & weather in the first place.

The corporate elite and their "consumers" are still pushing exactly the same policies of irresponsible growth forward as fast as they can (their social positions and gratifications all depend on irresponsible growth), while crying green tears at the dissappearance of our traditional weather and ecology (so sad!), all while claiming their Corporate Growth Program of Death is "green."

This willful ignorance and self-serving blind greed would be hilarious (think of humanity as The Three Stooges), if our traditional weather, our country, and the web of life itself were not all dying as a result of our elite, and their minion's, uncontrolled greed.



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