GMO: Creating Foods that Can Eat You, Each Other, & Destabilize Nature, Too...

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 18 January 2019


All Our Basic Staples are now GMO
Top ten Genetically Modified Foods, by Raw for Beauty.
Top ten Genetically Modified Foods, by Raw for Beauty.


Creating Foods that Can Eat You, Each Other, & Destabilize Nature, Too...

Molecules of GM food can accumulate in human digestive tract and enter cells of body,
Far Eastern Federal University, January 17, 2019.



“ the potential risks of genetically modified (GM) products. Scientists have published a review of research papers on the fate of the DNA derived from GM food and feed entering the human body and animals.”

Genetically Modified YOU
“...the DNA of GM products can survive harsh processing and digestive conditions. Some of them can get into the human body, combining with the DNA of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Scientists have discovered the presence of such DNA in the blood stream and tissues of humans and animals.”

“...we can safely say that micro-ribonucleic acid (one of the main molecules in cells of living organisms, in addition to DNA and proteins) of the plant food treated with insecticides and antiviral sprays, enters the body of its consumers and can affect genetic processes. This question would be worth exploring further."

GM Gut Bacteria, Too…
“...interested in the region of the gastrointestinal tract as the hot spot for horizontal gene transfer of GM crop DNA into gut-bacteria.”


The Bottom Line

No Clean Judges
Our politicians, who are responsible for determining the safety of, and regulating GMOs, are being heavily bribed by exactly the corporate interests who are profiting heavily, and monopolizing food markets, by creating and dispersing GMOs all over our country and world.
These same corporate interests finance university research, and own, if not influence, the corporate media that's supposed to inform our citizenery about the benefits and hazards of GMOs. All these potential advocates of public safety and the public interest have drowned under a flood-tide of corporate bribery.

What all this means is that we cannot trust industry, the politicians they, "own," through this system of bribery, nor the corporate press, who's owned, if not  being a direct subsidiary of the corporate elite that owns and runs our country.

Don't Trust Bribed Anything
We cannot trust anything, "they," our corporate elite, their bribed politicians, or their, "company-owned," "Free Press," says or does, until we've broken the links of corruption that bind them all to serving the criminal corporate elite running, "our," country.

Want Trust? Then Trust in Greed
It's What's Running Our Country (into the ground...) Today
The bottom line is the only thing we can rely upon, is that these people, our corporate elite and their associated forces of organized greed, (the Dims and Repugnants, & the corporate "press"), will use the combined power of science, bribery, lies, and the law to allow them to damage our citizenry and destroy our environment and ecology to advance the corporate elite's power and profits.
The only thing we can really rely on is the indisputable fact that our corporate elite and their minions will use every scientific, social, and political tool at their disposal to gratify their greed.

One Front
GMOs are only one front in our political economy's relentless march towards corporate control and monopolization of everything.


Another Side Effects of GMOs
Widespread distribution of their genetically-matched pesticides

Ingredient in popular weed killer going on list as cancerous


Florida Monarch Butterflies dropped 80 percent since 2005


Fruits & Veggies Full of Pesticide Residues

But, the crazies want you to, “give up,” organics, so they can stuff more people onto our planet...

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