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New View of Our Universe, and Meet Al’s, “Superstring”

New View of Our Universe, and Meet Al’s, “Superstring”

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 12 January 2019



Is This what Our Universe really looks like?
An Expanding Bubble in An Extra Dimension, Suvendu Giri at Upsala University.
Our Universe riding on an expanding bubble in an extra dimension. By Suvendu Giri, Upsala University


A New View of Our Universe, and Meet Al’s, “Superstring

Our universe: An expanding bubble in an extra dimension,
Uppsala University, December 31, 2018.


“...a new model for the Universe - one that may solve the enigma of dark energy…a universe that rides on an expanding bubble in an additional dimension.”

“...dark energy and our Universe riding on an expanding bubble in an extra dimension. The whole Universe is accommodated on the edge of this expanding bubble. All existing matter in the Universe corresponds to the ends of strings that extend out into the extra dimension.”


Bottom Line

I’ve come to see the universe centered on what I call, “The Superstring.”

The Superstring, the same superstring, is what you, “reach,” at the center of every black hole in our universe. Everything, “above” the center of the Superstring exists at lower and lower energy levels, until we climb up to the outside of the black hole, where, at these lower, "normal," levels of energy, outside of the event horizon, allowing our normal dimensions and time to exist and operate.

The superstring exists in a single dimension of the highest energy level, being the mother of all dimensions, time, and space. This dimension is composed solely of gravity and the most fundamental element of matter and energy: the string. At the center of every black hole, regardless of where it is in our universe, is the same mono-dimensional, timeless superstring.

There is a balance between the highest energy level of the superstring and its external, multidimensional, lower energy level universe of dimensions, time, and space surrounding it. I believe that, “Big Bangs” happen when the superstring absorbs enough mass from its surrounding Universe to disturb this relationship between the mono-dimensional supertring, and its multi-dimensional, “envelope,” consisting of the universe we know, wrapping around the Superstring at our Universe’s center, like a cosmic tootsie-pop.

I believe the gravitational effects of, “Dark Matter,” are an artifact of this multi-dimensional character of matter, caused by each bit of matter’s direct relationship with the Superstring “Dimension,” regardless of its position in our Universe.

The superstring at the center of our universe, “blows,” into a Big Bang when there is not enough mass remaining in the surrounding, “converntional” universe to, “contain,” it, and the superstring at the center of every Black Hole, and at the Center of our Universe, is able to, once again, rapidly, “upack” itself, AKA, “The Big Bang.”

The Universe eats itself, until it blows again, just like that Monty Python bit...

The Superstring at the center of every Black Hole is not just gravitationally drawing matter and energy into itself from the surrounding Universe, but the universe surrounding the Superstring and tis Black Holes is also playing a vital role by creating, balancing, and containing it, until it does not. Then, it starts all over again.

This is an endless process.

This research above is the closest I’ve seen science come to reflecting my view of how our universe is really constructed...


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