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Bribed Dems Make Us Pay PGE to Burn Us Down

Bribed Dems Make Us Pay PGE to Burn Us Down

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 October 2019

Important Note
For our Public, Personal, and Financial Safety and Stability
We Must
Convert PG&E into to a Ratepayer-State Owned Public Utility



Bribed Dems Make Us Pay PG&E to Burn Us Down

Newsom Authorizes $21 Billion Fund to Protect Utilities From Fire Costs,
SF Chron, July 12, 2019.


Demon Corporate Rats
"AB1054, which overwhelmingly passed both chambers of the Legislature..."

Public Funded Private Profits
"...a new wildfire fund for claims associated with future blazes started by power lines, mandates safety investments from the major utilities and changes crucial aspects of how the state regulates them, among other provisions."

MASSIVE Corporate Subsidy
"The fund is expected to be $21 billion, with half of that coming from utility customers through the extension of a charge on their bills that would have otherwise expired. Lawmakers anticipate that the three major utilities will cover the other $10.5 billion through shareholder profits, not rate increases."

Bought & Paid For
"...I couldn’t be more proud,” Newsom said..."

Bribed Out of Bankruptcy?
"...the legislation pushes PG&E to get out of bankruptcy and resolve victims’ current claims — without raising rates — by the end of June next year."

The Masters Speak
Dems Jump
"Wall Street took the deadline seriously, threatening to downgrade the credit ratings of Southern California’s major investor-owned utilities if Sacramento did not make substantial changes to utilities’ wildfire liabilities..."

Democrats On Bended Knee
Newsome responded, and served-up his billionaire bribers at least a 10 billion dollar subsidy, for nothing assured in return...


How PGE Bribes Democrat Politicians in California

After Avoiding Safety Upgrades, PG&E Hired Lobbyists and Public Relations Instead,
The Intercept, October 11, 2019.

Describing a few apects of PGE's deep fiscal relationship with the Democrat's Corporate Bribery-Influence Peddling Machine in California, as well as PGE's, "renting,"of national Dem political clout...



Bottom Line

PG&E's State-Subsidized Bonfires
The real question would be, "Why are we subsidizing these, the private profits of the Democrat's political briber's, after they were, "earned," by deferring the needed maintenance (again...) that led to the destruction, death, and disaster of the Camp Fire, among many other dire fires?" (and other disasters)

More Money
The profits of the deferred maintenance and inferior oversight sparking these fires went into their own pockets... for years.

Money Go-Round
This question answers itself. This whole cycle of disaster was funded and fueled by corruption, by our corporate elite buying off Democrats, from the very beginning to this bitter, fiery ending, and back again, to this, this new beginning of a, "corporate welfare," gift of billions, by the Democrats to their Wall Street Masters.

Why should the public subsidize anything PGE does?

Burned Again
Our corporate masters make money by owning our municipal utilities, with which they use their political bribery to affect politics and law to screw us with outrageous rates (re: "privatization"), and even greater profits by deferring maintenance, and yet even loftier profits, and now with the great help of Newsom and the Unified Democrats, by burning us down.

Openly Burned Again
Well, at least from now on, when they screw us with fire everyone knows that we, the private citizens & ratepayers, are going to pay at least half the costs of the private utilities burning us down in their quest to squeeze greater and greater private profits out of our most basic public needs. We're going to help them...


A New Beginning

Self-Funding Purchase
We, the public ratepayers, could and should have, "assured," PG&E's credit ratings by buying them out of bankruptcy, back into customer/municipal ownership, then funded the wildfire fund with our own ratepayer money, out of our own future utility payments. Just to be responsible for our actions, which PG&E never has been, as a private company.

Make My Day
Wall Street downgrading their credit ratings would have lowered public costs for us to purchase and munipilize them, making PG&E cheap for us to buy, "us" being the public, citizens, & ratepayers.

Restore Ethical Operations
Then we could do what PG&E was unable to do, to reduce their outrageous fire costs and, "profits," by channeling appropriate funding back into the proper maintenance of the system, followed by dedicating the rest of each year's, "profits," to annual rate reductions, and nice bonuses for the workers, depending on how efficiently they operated our electrical system that year. That will depend on how we run it.

Professional Responsibility
Therefore, after we municiplize PG&E, we should run the utility with a professional management team, (zero politicians-political apointees, only qualified engineers & utility managers), a team clearly instructed to maintain the long-term integrity and reliability of the system, rather than strip it down for irresponsible profits, as the recent private owners have, to our great detriment.
At the same time we direct our excess funds, what were once Wall Street's private profits, be used for maintaining and expanding PG&E's fine professional in-the-field team back up to levels sufficient to accomplish all of PG&E's necessary maintenance, without hiring non-union contractors employing cheap illegal, yet still state-subsidized labor, as they do now.


Political Independence
A public-owned PG&E must be an independent entity that has Zero Connection to the throughly bribed state legislature and state budget, except for a reformed safety and maintenance regulatory role, reformed once the pernicious influences of PG&E's political bribery and public propaganda is removed from the political playing field by their municipalization.

Rebuild Time
It's time to stop our corporate leaders and their captive political parties from stripping us down any further, and we began rebuilding ourselves, our physical infrastructure, and our environment, back up again.

Perverse Incentives
Instead, Newsome and the Dims passed a law that indeminfies utilities for power line fires. I see a lot more deferred maintance in our future, now that the public is liable for half the fire damages of PG&E's irresponsible quest for profits.

This subsidy may double fires, rather than reducing them.

Ethical Operations
These interrelated political-utility problems will continue until we can break the link of bribery between our corporate & political elites, and restore ethical operations to our polity.
Until then, our politicians are just embarassing, and ethically unsuited for the requirements of their jobs, by the nature of the system of bribery funding them.


Dec 2018
Save the Sierra? Stop the Corporate Growth Machine of Death

PGE’s path to profits first runs through political corruption of the Democrat Party, so it can run us through massive disasters and the graveyard, on their way to bank their corrupted blood-money profits.


Bought & Paid For

Pretty Pretty Gavin Newsom: How Our Financial-Political-Social Aristocracy "Works"


Recent PGE/ Democrat Corruptions

PG&E Spends $1 Million+ on Bribes to Brown, Dims, & California officials to Evade Wildfire Laws

Bribed Legislators work for PGE, rather than Citizens




SB 901 Signed: Bribe-O-Crats Serve their PG&E Corporate Bribe-masters

Jerry Brown, Bribed Corporate Tool, UPDATED: Limit PG&E’s liability for Fire Damages

The Power companies Flex their Political Muscles: We Blow Up & Die, We Burn & We Die & Then YOU Pay

PGE PARASITES: Drain them of Irresponsible Profits then Convert them into a Public Utility


Two Articles: Did Camp Fire Violate PGE Probation, and, Was Camp Fire a State Crime?



Two Sets of American Forefathers
American Revolutionary Forefathers vs. Corporate Fascist Forefathers




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Originally Published
2019-07-12 19:23:11

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