2018 Ocean Research: O2 Distribution Changing in World’s Oceans

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 December 2018


O2 Distribution Changing in World’s Oceans
Critters to Suffer, Krill, first victim of depleated Ocean Oxygen
Krill, first victim of depleated Ocean Oxygen credit to Stephani Gordon, Open Boat Films
Credit to Stephani Gordon, Open Boat Films

Lower oxygen levels to impact the oceanic food chain,
University of South Florida (USF Innovation), December 19, 2018.


Expanding Oxygen Minimum Zones (OMZs)
“...looked at many different types of marine zooplankton, which includes fishes and crustaceans that are essential to the marine food chain.”

“...just the slightest change in oxygen level could have tremendous ramifications on the food chain. Rising temperatures are causing mid-water regions with very low oxygen, known as Oxygen Minimum Zones (OMZs), to expand in the eastern tropical North Pacific Ocean. While some organisms in certain regions may be able to adapt, researchers found those living in OMZs likely cannot as they're already pushed to their physiological limits.”

“With the expansion of OMZs, these species may be pushed into shallower water where there's more sunlight, higher temperatures and greater risk of predators.”

“...that natural reductions in oxygen levels of less than 1% were sufficient to exclude most species or alter their distribution.”

End of an Era
The Era of Fertility, of Abundant, Complex Life
“...animals in this region had a tremendous tolerance for low oxygen, but that they were living at oxygen values near their evolved limits. Thus, small oxygen changes had a substantial impact on the abundance and distribution of most species. Further climate-related deoxygenation may dramatically alter these marine ecosystems.”



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