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Colorado River 2019 DCP Deal to Save Lake Mead Agreed

Colorado River 2019 DCP Deal to Save Lake Mead Agreed

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 18 April 2019

APRIL 18, 2019

1> IID sues MWD over DCP & Salton Sea

2> What Drought? Unlimited Water Use-Growth Expanding as Fast as Possible


Original Article


Lake Mead's Crashing Level
Lake Mead's Crashing Level, Central Arizona Water Conservation District, by Tom McCann

Notice a trend here? Death of a River, Central Arizona Water Conservation District, by Tom McCann, Big Chart.


Colorado River Deal to Save Lake Mead Agreed

Imperial, the Salton Sea, and the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan,
Jfleck, March 24, 2019.


Lake Mead
Colorado System Basic Problem

“Inflow: ~9maf”

“Outflow, including evaporation and system losses: ~10.2maf”

“Use less water. DCP does that.”

“...first formal commitment from the basin states to quantified water use cutbacks of more than a million acre feet per year as Lake Mead drops.”

“...this is enough to stabilize the reservoir.”

Side Effects
“Imperial’s claims and concerns about the environmental and health quality problems associated with a shriveling Salton Sea.”

Salton Sea
“The process by which California worked out the details of its DCP agreement was relatively opaque, so it’s hard for those of us on the outside to understand exactly how this happened.” (UPDATE: IID sues MWD over Salton Sea)

Liar’s Paradise
“The problems of the Salton Sea are in significant part the result of decisions made in the early 2000s to begin bringing the Colorado River Basin’s water use into balance through reductions in Imperial. It was clear even then that one of the consequences would be a shrinking Salton Sea, with environmental and public and public health effects. Commitments were made by the state of California that haven’t been kept.”

Imperial-Salton Sea
“Leaving IID out of the Lower Basin DCP might make sense for a number of good reasons (especially with the great snowpack which reduces the risk faced by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in shouldering the DCP burden without IID’s help), the question policy makers should consider is in the long run (post 2026 for the Colorado River Basin) is such an action going to make it easier or harder to manage conflicts on a shrinking river?”


Congress authorizes Colorado River drought plan with unanimous approval from Arizona lawmakers,
Arizona Central, April 8, 2019




April 18, 2019

Imperial Shoots Legal Torpedo into Side of USS DCP

California dispute threatens plan to protect Colorado River,
AP, April 17, 2019.


IID is suing MWD over DCP

“…Imperial Irrigation District said it wouldn’t join the drought plan (Drought Contingency Plan) unless it secured $200 million in federal funding to address health and environmental hazards at the Salton Sea...”

MWD Excluded Imperial & Salton Sea from DCP
“...Metropolitan Water District, which serves Los Angeles, essentially wrote Imperial out of the drought plan to prevent delays in implementing it. It took on the amount of water that Imperial pledged to contribute to Lake Mead. With that, Metropolitan’s contribution could top 2 million acre-feet through 2026 when the drought plan expires. ”

Basis of Suit
“A California law requires state and local agencies to identify any potential environmental effects of their actions and address them if possible.”

“We are disappointed that the Imperial Irrigation District is using litigation as a tool to block implementation of the drought contingency plan.”

“The seven states and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation have said the drought plan won’t affect the Salton Sea, but the Imperial Irrigation District isn’t convinced.”

“The logic in going forward without IID was that the DCP (drought contingency plan) couldn’t wait for the Salton Sea.”

Potential DCP Breaker
“This legal challenge is going to put that logic to the test, and the focus will now be where it should have been all along, the Salton Sea.”

End of the DCP?
“...it’s unclear what would happen if a California judge sides with Imperial and prohibits the Metropolitan Water District from signing final documents for the drought plan.”




April 18, 2019

Water Use-Growth Expanding as Fast as Possible

What drought? These states are gearing up to draw more water from the Colorado.
Grist, April 18, 2019.


“...at least six high-profile projects in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming that combined could divert more than 300,000 acre-feet of water from the beleaguered Colorado River.”

“...the lower basin states have agreed to cut between 400,000 and 600,000 acre-feet of water depending on how low water levels get at Lake Mead...”

Water Use Growth Continues
“The upper basin is going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and the lower basin is going on a diet...”

“...with shortages on the horizon, the upper basin states are rushing to develop as much water as quickly as possible.”

2018 Water-Climate News: Drying Times, Colorado River in Trouble? Naw, millions of people are




Bottom Line

The DCP & Overdevelopment in the West & Southwest

Can Kickers
We have just, “kicked the can,” of even addressing the real conflict, the real problem that’s driving all these water fights, “down the road.” The real problem is that Phoenix and LA have already grown their massive populations far beyond the possible support of local, regional, and interstate water systems.

And, Phoenix and LA are massively expanding their populations every day and every year, as much as they possibly can inside, and outside our rule of law...

Root of the Problem
The real problem behind, and driving all these water problems is the fifty year long torrent of irresponsible growth of vast low income urban populations, building vast megacities in two deserts, at the very same time that the environmental byproducts of this growth are driving radical climate changes that are significantly diminishing, “recoverable,” seasonal precip in both the Sierra and Rocky Mountain watersheds.

Self-Perpetuating Cycle
These climate changes caused by our overpopulation are the foundational force that’s pushed, and is now driving the Southwestern and Western regions of the US into dramatic climatic changes, composed of steadily diminishing precipitation and warming temperatures, while our leaders continue to pursue their long policy of unlimited population growth, the policy that first triggered the radical onset of rapid climate change.

Harder & Faster
We have not stopped, “hitting ourselves,” but have picked up the speed and force with which we, “hit ourselves,” as the damages of our self-destructive behaviors visibly build up in front of us, and threatens our ability to grow ever larger. Our leaders pursue irresponsible growth even more zealously while this behavior itself increasingly threatens our very existence.

This will only stop when our corporate elite drains the whole Southwest dry of wealth and resources, causing the Natural cycles supporting the whole Colorado System to finally break. This DCP agreement barley affects the demographic growth driving this destruction, that inevitably leads to the destruction of the Colorado River System’s ability to serve the Southwest.

System Failure
The DCP has managed to provide the illusion that our corporate leaders can continue their policies of unlimited growth and development unhindered, and continue their mass movement of foreigners into the vast megacities they’ve already built in the rapidly drying deserts of the Southwest.

That’s real corporate, “wisdom,” at work...

This DCP deal protecting continued irresponsible growth in the Southwestern US only assures that Phoenix and LA, which already have far too many folks to serve during times of, “optimal,” water conditions, are going to experience a true disaster when the megadrought we are right-now in the early stages of, next rears its ugly head, which will cause at least 50 million megacity residents to wonder where their next glass of water is coming from.

End Game
There are going to be a lot of new ruins added to the layers of ancient Indian ghost towns and ruins spread across the whole Southwest, when the true nature, depth, and full extent of the climate changes we’ve already triggered finally & fully manifest themselves, but especially around the area of Phoenix, and anywhere that else multi millions of people are living in a rapidly warming, drying desert, who’s lives are dependent on, and far downstream from the rapidly diminishing snowpacks of the Rockies and its river…

Last Gasps of Greed
I give it much less that fifty years for all the Southwestern areas dependent on Colorado River water to turn into a multi-state disaster zone of historical proportions, being the last step before these desert follies finally return to their natural state, but returning to a, “natural state,” that’s radically hotter and drier than they would have naturally been, due to our long manipulations of, and attempted escapes from, the Balances of Nature.

No Escape from Greedy or Stupid
We did not escape the Balances of Nature when we built these megacities in the deserts of the Southwest, but our escape attempts themselves have collapsed Nature’s Balances, and are rapidly pushing away the natural bounty we once had, before our leaders decided to drain this, our natural bounty, for obscene profits and power, rather than preserve the balance and bounty of Nature with the social restraints required to preserve the natural balances necessary and required for good, stable, long term human living in any ecosystems, but especially deserts.

Those ships have sailed, and we’re not on ‘em.

These human-driven climate changes have been long, slow, steady, and obvious. Continuing to push the same massive population growth and environmentally destructive foreign manufacturing as we’ve watched the affects of these actions radically warm the weather, and diminish all the waters in the Southwest and Western US, will be taken as unforgivable by Nature Itself, and those who cherish It.

It’s too late to warn, “don’t fuck with Mother Nature.”

Karma Squared
I expect harsh Natural retributions on Man and his works on a scale that will far exceed the measure of damages we’ve done to Nature. Our situation has historical precedents.

“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”




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2019-04-16 13:18:06

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