Scary Reality of US Medicines Tainted with Germs, Glass, Carcinogens & "Mystery" Particles

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 12 January 2019


And Our Corporate Elite’s “Global” Supply Chain...

“Scary” reality: Meds tainted with germs, glass, carcinogens, mystery particles,
"Our drug quality is probably not what we think it is."

Ars Technica, January 7, 2019.


Medical Poisons
"An investigation by Kaiser Health News...reveals a frightening record of medicines in the US being tainted with dangerous bacteria, mold, glass shards, rubber bits, cancer-causing chemicals, mysterious powders, and worrying metal particles....medications with too much or too little ingredients—or simply the wrong ingredients entirely."

The Politicians are Bribed into Submission
“FDA records and lawsuits suggest that drug makers can easily game the inspection system, mislead inspectors, lie about where drugs are manufactured, or outright sabotage inspections.”

Where Your Drugs Come From
Corrupt Manufacturers in Japan, India, and China...

“...made in overseas facilities, which are often feared for being the source of safety and quality issues.”


Bottom Line

The, "Scary Reality," is that we've slid back into The Jungle.

Back into The Jungle

Third Worlded
We now have third world mass populations, working conditions, wages, education, and now, even third-world, “medicines,” in California, and the majority of major US cities, just like those first created by the Robber Barons to seize control of the US, which created the desperation and focused greed into the brutal behaviors and cheating that typified Upton Sinclair's era and his writing.

Our corporate elite has again succeeded in, “Third-Worlding,” California and the United States generally. This was achieved using their, “global,” programs of endless offshoring our manufacturing to third world nations with no political rights, labor protections, or pollution control laws, while at the same time stripping all three down here in the USA by importing tens of millions of third-world unskilled laborers into the United States as they simultanously offshored our best manufacturing jobs to environmentally and politically Filthy China.

Those are the, "one-two punch," policies that broke the American Middle Class, and consolidated the wealth and power of our nation into the hands of the very tip-top of our corporate elite.

The Corporate Growth Machine of Death
That pre-destined result was clear from the beginning of these policies of organized greed. These policies predictably moved the vast majority of our nation’s middle class wealth and political power into the hands of our corporate elite, and into the hands of their fully-owned, completely bribed political servants of both parties.

The parties who so well serve the corporate elite that ruins our country, who’s shared policies of endless domestic (Dems import them, Repugs hire them) and foreign, “growth,” have succeeded in unbalancing our environment while impoverishing our people, as the raw greed and corruption motivating and operating their system, respectively, have sucked the spiritual, ethical, and material aspects of our country, and most of the world, dry.

The Fruits of Corruption
Americans social and economic welfare, as well as our American Environment have ALL been throughly ripped-off by, “our,” corporate elite and their foreign minions’ putting their greed and self-interest above and before our most Fundamental Ethics and Rules of Law.

Their greed trumps our laws and ethics. That's how we got Trump.

Fruits of Corruption
Cheater's Paradise
These subsequent tainted-medicine corruptions are exactly what happens when you put greed before ethics, or put, "the cart before the horse," as we've done for so long in California, that cheating our country has become normal and acceptable for huge groups of illegal foreigners and Democrats resident in our country.

Breaking our laws are how they maintain their wealth and power.

Thought Criminals
Opposing cheating is unthinkable to Democrats and their minions, while supporting our fundamental rule of law and the borders that go along with our rule of law, can get you physically attacked on the streets of California by the Dems, while being villified by society and the press, as business partners recoil from the slightest whiffs of, "Political Incorrectness," here in California.

Either you agree with their breaking our most fundamental laws, or they break you. And today's corporate NAZIS use digital, as well as physical mobs, to enforce their religion on non-belivers.

Until the tainted medicine, food, or water poisions your family. Then maybe you will realise why standing up for the honest shared mutual values of our shared constitutional pact is much more important than breaking them to satisify greedy people's individual desires.

First Things First
A Nation of Laws?
comes understanding and accepting our values, rules, and responsibilities spelled out in our Constitution and history, as Americans, then, after those ethical fundamentals are covered, comes the material rewards of being American.

Privileged People
Unless you are a Democrat or a Mexican. Then your material desires come before complying, or even understanding, our constitutional values or the most basic laws of our country, as unnecessary, as Mexicans and Democrats are above all of them, according to them...

That's the central ideological poison that makes all of their other adulterations possible.



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